''If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.'' - Wayne Dyer

Wayne Dyer has been a powerful mentor of mine for over two decades. I was about to join him on a two week cruise through the Holy Lands this time last year when I received word that he had passed away. What an amazing man and legacy. His words and profound wisdom are forever etched in my heart. His teachings have touched the lives of so many.

Today, I would love to chat with you about the subject of perception. When we shift our perspective on a situation, the situation can’t help but look differently. It’s one of the most powerful capabilities that we all have the ability to utilize. I recall a conversation with a brilliant medical intuitive, Laura Bruno. I refer to her as an “Empowerment Coach” but she could be more accurately described as the woman to kick your ass at just the right time. And, let’s just say, the bell clearly tolled for me. I wasn’t in a good place. I was tired, frustrated, and I wanted to check out. I had spent a year bedridden with daily seizures preventing me from even the most basic things like taking a shower. Most days were spent with endless full body seizures, completely debilitating me and preventing me from functioning in any normal capacity. Laura wouldn’t have any of it. She said to me, “you’re a creator and you need to create!” “What the hell are you talking about” would be my usual response. I was angry and I truly had no idea what she was talking about. “Did you know Matisse created his greatest works of art from bed while completely bedridden?” Well, that was an instant paradigm shift and it was just what I needed at the time.

Shifting our perceptions and perspective in life is an easy way to alter our reality. Haven’t we all experienced that Oprah “Aha” moment in our lives? That moment when we literally feel a seismic shift in our internal world. That moment when we make a conscious decision to look at a situation differently. It seems the older we get, the more “Aha” moments we have and the more interesting life becomes. Over the years, I’ve been trained in a variety of modalities and I’m a Reiki Master Teacher. I have always been fascinated by energy and the truth is, everything is energy. The coolest thing about it is that we are in complete control of our energy even if it feels like we aren’t. Our thoughts are real and they have massive energy behind them. When we change our thinking, we have the ability to completely change our lives. Yes, it truly is that simple, but it doesn’t make it easy.

The tricky part lies in our thoughts, emotions, patterns and behaviors. When we think a thought over and over, it literally creates grooves or “samskaras” which are our neural pathways in our brain. Retraining our brain and releasing old patterns to allow space for new, healthier patterns is a powerful way to affect change. The truth is that we have immense power within. We have the power to change our thoughts and when we change our thoughts, we can then begin to alter our patterns and behaviors. We have the ability through neuroplasticity to create new neural pathways that serve us rather than working against us.

Back to that conversation with my friend and coach, Laura. In an instant, my thinking had expanded. Not soon afterward, I was having a conversation with my daughter. As I could barely walk, I had slipped into a deep depression. I had basically given up. My daughter asked me “Mom, what would you do if you were well?” Without thinking, I told her I would travel the world. With that one thought, my energy shifted and my perspective completely opened up. Rather than researching Lyme protocols, I flipped into creating bucket lists. I began visualizing, dreaming and scheming. I saw myself traveling the world, attending yoga retreats and creating a blog to share my story. Now, keep in mind that my reality had not shifted one iota yet everything had changed because I had changed. I made a decision inside of myself and I committed to that decision. I began focusing all of my energy on positivity, health, wellness and joy. I stopped focusing on illness. My energy shifted and my life began shifting. Miraculous shifts began taking place.

Just over a year later, my outer world began to match my inner world. Initially, I began with baby steps. Taking a little longer walk around the block. Returning to physical therapy to get my strength back. Committing to a superfood nutritional cleansing system that rocked my world and restored my energy. I grabbed an iPhone and created an Instagram account that quickly morphed into a Fashion/Lifestyle Blog. After seven months, I launched CatherineGraceO.com and began mentoring women to help them empower themselves and to adopt a beautiful mindset. It’s all about the inner mindset. The key to true beauty is “putting on your Infit before you put on your outfit.” Take a long look in the mirror. Begin to cherish and embrace you. Begin to shift your perspective, particularly the one about yourself. Change the stories you tell yourself about yourself. If you desire to look more beautiful, tell yourself that you’re beautiful. Look deeply into your eyes and tell yourself how amazing you are and mean it! Yes, it feels awkward at first. Ok, more than awkward, but it works!

Having spent most of my life unconsciously beating myself up on the inside, I had had enough. I made a declaration to myself that I was done. I intended, I committed, and I continued to stay focused on the goal until I had achieved my intention. In less than a year, my life was dramatically different. My thinking had changed and my life changed from there. So, what are you waiting for? Are you tired of your old patterns and behaviors? Tired of a certain way of being? I hear you! Now, it’s time to do something about it. I love helping women to see their true selves and their inner beauty. I’m passionate about sharing the miracle of superfood nutrition with others. The mind body spirit connection is real and we must address all parts. What’s stopping you? I know I’m not letting my thinking stop me any longer. I’m consciously taking control of my thoughts and creating a new reality. Your dreams are truly only a perception away. Now, shift that perception and watch your new life come into focus.



A fab blog post! Thanks for sharing x


You are an excellent writer! So few are. Very interesting article. The advice ‘you’re a creator and you need to create!’ resonates
more than you know. Easy for the world to want more mundane things from people/ from us. Creative sorts don’t always
have it that easy nor do they make bags of cash right at the start. And that’s when the messaging has
to come from within. Last year at this time I was finishing a second novel but on January 1st 2016 some things changed
and I panicked about money. Spring of 2016 was about the worst Spring I had had in 30 years. Things are somewhat
better now and what I couldn’t have known a year ago was that learning how to make film would set me free.

–love all that you do! You are an inspiration. (to many!) Also feel that my love, okay my obsession, with fashion is validated through your work!
Color, fabric, cuts, styles- so much creativity goes into making beautiful clothing- I always like to think about the designers behind the finished
product. Bright lights like Emilio Pucci and say, Betsy Johnson transmit joy through their color choices and playful cuts. Too me a great outfit
can also have the same high as a great song. –It’s sometimes all about hoping for the switched-on moment and the capturing of perfect vibe. Cheers to you, Catherine– Cindy


You never cease to surprise me with the beauty and truth in your words. You teach me so much. So much love and respect!! Karen


What a great blog Catherine. I truly believe that our brains can create new pathways. My mom and I have done quite a bit of work with neuroplasticity. It’s incredibly amazing what our brains can do. I’m curious as to what super food diet you followed ? I hope you can let me know. I’m in the midst of a new challenge in my journey to get better and I know the food part is something I’m lacking but not too sure what pathway would be best for me? I love to hear what works for others and I try to incorporate a little bit of everything since we are all so different.

It brakes my heart to read your struggle. I know all too well what it’s like to be bedridden and not be able to funtion. I’ve been at this for a long time( over 12 years )and my poor mom has been at if for over 35+ years. We are lucky to have each other and take on every day like a brand new one where we will continue to fight and never give up. Thank you for being so brave to share your story. You’re such a wonderful woman with a heart of gold.

Please email me or DM some info on the superfoods cleanse that ” rocked your world ” when you get a chance.

Sending love , light ,peace & joy ❤️


Wonderful piece of inspiration! Thank you for mentioning our work together. Love you so much, and yes, I always knew you were a beautiful, badass creator!


Wowa Catherine! You never seem to amaze me

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