“Speak to your children as if they are the wisest, kindest, most beautiful and magical humans on earth, for what they believe is what they will become. – Brooke Hampton

It’s challenging times we live in. Much like A Tale Of Two Cities; “It was the best of times. It was the worst of times.” Polarity exists for a reason. At all times, there are two sides to every coin, yet there are a multitude of ways we can choose to look at any situation. It’s been an interesting week to say the least. It feels as though almost everyone has been touched in some way by this election. The voting is now behind us and we must deal with our current reality. I happened to see this quote today posted on a dear friend’s wall on Facebook. What a lovely way to view not just our children, but the entire world around us.

One aspect of my work helping others improve their lives, involves working with people on health, wellness and nutrition. Recently, I was listening to a call the by one of our company’s trainers. He was quite vulnerable in his sharing and talking about how his beliefs were shaped by his family and society. Like so many of us, he spent most of his life judging others. The sight of someone successful, driving a fancy car or dressed in designer clothes, would tend to bring out in the worst in him. It would trigger those insecurities and he would end up silently venting and raging against the world. Making assumptions about others that had no basis in reality. If we are brutally honest with ourselves, many of us have harshly judged others without actually knowing anything about that person or their struggles.

Why do I bring this up and what does it have to do with the recent turn of events? Most of us live our lives unconsciously. We are witness to that in the political arena playing out in front of our very eyes. We have two people trapped in a world of inner darkness, yet completely unconscious to their unhealed wounds. We’ve been privy to hideous allegations, name calling, and a host of negativity being projected onto one another and into the world at large. We are all impacted by this negativity. You can see it all over social media like a virus spreading.

What most people don’t realize is that they have massive power within to affect the course of events; to change not the outcome of the election, but perhaps the outcome of the elected. Most of us are aware of negative projections. Yet the opposite is also true. We have the ability to utilize our thoughts, our words and our voices to uplift rather than to harm. That’s the gift of a positive projection. Most of us are shaped by our families, society, social mores, environment and much more that’s outside of us. We have had so much projected onto us by others that many of us have lost ourselves.

Did you know that you truly have the power within to change the world? You can choose to use your thoughts, words and voice to project positivity into the world and onto others, directly affecting the course of their lives. Many of us have weak energetic boundaries. When our boundaries are weak, others have the ability to impact our thinking, particularly about ourselves. Projections have the ability to make or break someone with weak boundaries. Haven’t you ever said something to someone that was unkind and watched the impact on the other? What we don’t see is the emotional scar that is buried and carried within; this is the seed of how our beliefs our formed.

It doesn’t matter where I’ve been in the past week: at my yoga class, the grocery store, or in business meetings. I’m watching this election rip this country apart. I’m watching a division happening. What if we were to take a step back and look at this another way? If we, as a country, continue to go down the path that these political candidates have, by sowing darkness and negativity, aren’t we guilty of the same thing? My point is this: If two people can injure the psyche of a nation through spewing out such vicious negativity, cannot a nation heal those wounds by consciously changing our thoughts toward positivity together?  Are not the thoughts of 300 million people more powerful than that of 2?

No matter how much darkness we have inside of us, there’s always a glimmer of light. That’s just the truth of who we are. We are powerful souls trapped in these human bodies. What if we were to join together in an experiment to project massive positivity to potentially change the course of events going forward? How does it make you feel to project negativity versus positivity? Now, I’m not saying to become a Pollyanna as I was guilty of that in the past. What I am suggesting is to be very real, vulnerable and authentic in sharing your pain yet not remaining focused on the pain. The way we change our reality is not to focus on our current reality, but to embrace our ultimate vision.

We have collective power and we can choose to band together to heal this world or divide this world. We must allow each other the space for our own opinions in a respectful way. If we want to see politicians change, then we must change. Where in our lives are we showing disrespect, anger, frustration and resentment? Are we helping to make the world a better place by becoming better human beings in our own lives? I’m doing a lot of inventory in my own inner world. I’m not perfect by any means. I make mistakes like anyone else and I’ve hurt people with my words. The difference is once we wake up, we can no longer become unconscious to our actions and behavior. It is my mission to leave this world a better place. It is my mission to be the best person that I can possibly be. It is my intention to uplift my thoughts, my words and my voice and to project as much positivity into this world until I return home. Blessings beauties. Remember the truth of who you are and hold that vision. Now, go out and join me in making this world a little bit brighter.




This is a very inspiring article. I agree with you on all accounts. I made the decision to stop being sucked into the negativity that has been swirling around all of us worldwide due to this election. I find that I feel lighter and more at peace by focusing on the positive and what is beautiful in this world and in people. Thank you for once again inspiring others to do the same. xo


Good decision babes.

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