Redondo Beach, California

“Some socks are loners. They can’t live in pairs.” – Wendy Cope

Outfit Details:
Mini Skirt, Fedora, Leggings, Bra Top, Knit Cap, Shorts, SunniesBandana, Sweatshirt, Booties,  Bomber, Raybans

When Chrissy’s Knee High Socks first approached me to do a blog post, my creative juices started flowing. What if something as simple as a pair of knee socks could be the answer to creating a whole new look without spending a fortune? It’s been a long time since I donned a pair of knee socks, but I absolutely love a fun style challenge…so why not give it a whirl?

My box filled with Chrissy’s special selections arrived at my door. It was reminiscent of my childhood with vibrant knee socks in whimsical patterns. Filled with messages of inspiration, I couldn’t wait to begin creating the looks and finding fabulous backdrops to showcase the designs. You can too, but don’t forget … the coupon code FIERCE will save you 5% on your whole order!

It was time to hit the beach with my son’s longboard in tow. It felt like just the right match for the colorful over the knee socks. I tossed on an inexpensive mini skirt found on Amazon with an inspirational blouse from my local Zara that says “Inspire Others.” There’s nothing better than passing along some inspiration! As the winds were picking up, I grabbed a fedora from Rag and Bone. This particular pair of socks is so colorful and can easily make a look by themselves. It’s easy to picture them on the colorful boardwalk in Venice!

It was on to the “Sassy” socks which embody the essence of my personality. In the prettiest shade of pink, I hit the Bar Method in Hermosa Beach where socks are the order of the day. Barre classes have become hugely popular as they’re one of the most efficient, non impact workouts around. They also require you to wear socks. I absolutely love yoga for balancing my internal world while Bar Method whips my muscles into shape in no time flat. I was so grateful to have a collection of Chrissy’s Knee High Socks as I’m in the studio most days and what fashion blogger doesn’t like to change up her look on a daily basis? Well, with Chrissy’s socks, I can change it up for a song! I have to say that the fabulous “Sassy” graphic design brought some sassy inspiration into my workout. The leggings and bra top are pure Onzie style with a pop of hot pink sass straight from Lululemon. The boho look is a popular one in the South Bay and I’ve come to be very fond of the knit cap trend. This one was found at Beehive in Manhattan Beach by Chamula. Changing your accessories, like hats and socks, is one of my favorite ways to create distinctive style without spending a lot of money.

Next up … the “Love” theme. I pulled out my favorite “Love” shorts from Spiritual Gangster and tossed on an inspirational sweatshirt from Rebecca Taylor at Nordstrom. Since, it was all about LOVE, we headed straight to the beach as that’s my true love and why I found myself drawn to LA. Adding a few accessories, sunglasses by Le Specs and a bandana from Madewell, I headed over to a glossy red Jeep and hopped on board with my Love socks in tow. Personally, I feel that Chrissy’s Knee High Socks is really onto something special. Just slipping into the socks seems to lighten any mood. I was definitely feeling the LOVE!

When I first opened up the socks box, there was the perfect pair of “Peacock” socks. If you live in the South Bay, there’s only one thing to do…and that’s head out on a peacock hunt! Stalking peacocks in the South Bay is a favorite pastime of mine. And, why not? These gorgeous, colorful and noisy creatures decorate the rooftops of magical Palos Verdes. Climbing the winding cliffs, it was time to begin hunting for these beautiful creatures. All of a sudden, we spotted one with it’s feathers completely extended. Parking the car, we quietly tip toed over to preserve the peacock in its glorious splendor. Well…that didn’t work…as the little fella headed up the driveway and began hiding from the camera. I guess this little darling didn’t want to be photographed that day and we set off to find a more extroverted peacock. Driving a bit further, craning our necks out the windows of the Jeep, we spotted a lively one in the middle of the road. Quietly heading over, I planted myself in my power pose and waited for the little fella to get positioned for the perfect capture. I have to thank this beautiful bird for such lovely cooperation. I found the jumper in the Junior’s section at Target, and paired it with a blouse from Zara with the sweetest pompom detail. The hat is from Whole Foods and the glasses are by Le Specs. I love playing around with chokers and wrapped one by Fallon around my wrist for a fun touch. Wearing affordable booties from Beston at Amazon, it’s a look that’s perfect for a millennial…and super affordable too! That’s the best part about a company like Chrissy’s Knee High Socks. Change your socks…change your look…change your life!

I was having an absolute ball and now it was time to create the final look. I have to say that Chrissy’s Knee High Socks has really inspired me. I’m inspired to think more creatively and to find ways to design unique styles without spending a lot of money. This final look is one of my favorites. It’s a look that I could live in. It’s ageless and timeless…not to mention youthful…as I felt like a teenager again. The grey socks are the perfect length that extend to just over the knee. The fabric is super comfy with an elastic that stays up perfectly. This pair was really easy to style. I tossed on the Amazon skirt again and threw on an affordable bomber, also found on Amazon. My friend, Shauna Robertson, the perky creator of ChicOver50, made this fabulous graphic tee. The Chamula cap was the perfect touch and the Beston booties are the ideal companion to the socks. Classic Rayban’s sunnies finished the look with just the right touch.

I decided to have some fun with the final capture. A weekend in beautiful Cambria, located just outside of the Paso Robles Vineyards, was easy inspiration for this shot. A jacuzzi overflowing with rose petals and a delightful bottle of wine from a local vineyard, finished the shoot with the most fabulous pair of “Wine” knee socks. It’s safe to say these socks would be quite popular with the millennial set!

Chrissy’s Knee High Socks have won this fashion blogger over and I have no doubt they’ll win you over too. Inspired by her love of fashion and the absence of knee socks on store shelves, Chrissy opened her store in 2009. Chrissy’s boasts hundreds of uniquely stylish socks for purchase and is proud to be fur free! Check out their gallery on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, or find them on the web. If you’re looking for some affordable, fresh, fashion inspiration…look no further than Chrissy’s Knee High Socks. Use the coupon code FIERCE for 5% off your whole order! Thank you Chrissy’s for one of the most fun shoots ever!





Well this is such a fun post! I so want some of these socks. I love the wine picture! Are you really under there?


You bet your booty I was under there!


I agree—the grey ones are definitely a pair I could see myself wearing over and over! But how fun are the others??
And peacocks?? I didn’t realize that they just strolled around like that!!


Remind you of growing up in the 70s

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