“Dynamic Duo” would be an understatement to describe the hardworking, adventurous young women behind the fashion and lifestyle blog The District Darlings. Nicole and Chelsea Santa are sisters who share a passion for fashion, albeit different styles, so much that they’ve been featured in such media as Marie Claire magazine, Alexandria Stylebook, and the Huffington Post’s influencer series. Living and working in the cosmopolitan D.C. area, they’ve chosen to express their edgy style despite the conservative sartorial that dominates our nation’s capital. Chelsea, a stunning curly-haired  20-something, loves to style basic pieces that we all have in our closet, but with a flair that will get you noticed! She also shows us on her blog how to wear the athleisure trend that’s not going anywhere soon, and wear it with confidence. Big sister Nicole is a willowy 30-something blonde whose effortless chic looks embody the newest trends in a wearable street style.

When it comes to style influences, the sisters couldn’t be more different.  Nicole cites Kate Moss’ rocker-chic sensibility as holding sway over her love of style that pushes the boundaries. In contrast, Chelsea notes that Marilyn Monroe’s glamorous style remains a strong contemporary influence. As evidence, she points to such current trends as LBD’s, lace bralettes, and curve-accentuating silhouettes as reflective of Monroe’s lasting influence.

Defying the oft-cited “entitled” reputation given to millennials,  Nicole and Chelsea are professionals in pursuit of meaningful careers. Nicole has used her degree from the College of William & Mary to follow her calling into education, as she works on the corporate side of a private education company as their east coast supervisor.  While the education profession has a tendency toward uniformity and conformity, Nicole has found ways to bring her personal style into the office while maintaining business professional decorum. On a different professional track, Chelsea is finishing her Bachelor’s in business administration and is ready to begin her career in public relations and marketing. Between the editorship of her successful blog and social media presence, she is perfectly suited for her dream career as a marketing professional for a fashion magazine. Together, the Santa ladies are on track to be major movers and shakers in their respective industries!

The creation of The District Darlings was truly a labor of love for Nicole and Chelsea. Despite a 10-year age difference, the sisters decided to combine forces to craft a blog that showcases not just their respective fashion choices, but also lifestyle and travel to appeal to slightly different demographics. All of the topics on their blog flow together synchronously – for example, their love of travel certainly has inspired their personal style. Take a tour of the blog or their Instagram accounts (@thedistrictdarlings, @chelseasanta) and you’ll find the most gorgeous combination of fashion, landscape, and architecture.  Most recently, Chelsea traveled to Amsterdam and Dubai and shared the spectacular photos of her trip, along with the fabulous fashion inspiration she took from her time there. On a more personal level, The District Darlings gave Nicole and Chelsea the opportunity to get to know each other as adults and provide a shared experience that highlights their separate respective personalities and styles.

When the opportunity to join the Bridging The Gap campaign arose, Nicole and Chelsea were initially captivated by Catherine’s enthusiasm and vision for the movement. They saw it as a wonderful opportunity to close the distance in the age gap of social media influencers. Additionally, they hope to be able to use their social media presence to inspire the younger generation of Latina women to be proud of their heritage, confident in who they are, and not be afraid to take risks. All in all, Chelsea and Nicole hope to empower other women to embrace their own unique style, no matter one’s age, background, status, or body type. It was my pleasure and honor to be paired with these captivating young women, and I look forward to following their successes into the future!



I love these two! They are two of my best friends in DC and I’m so happy you featured them!


Thank you so much for sharing that. Aren’t they absolutely amazing!


What a duo these two are. I am impressed by their drive and focus. I love when two people can come together and create a beautiful partnership doing what they love. I also admire them for doing what they are passionate about and for wanting to inspire others. That is why we do what we do, to inspire others.

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