“She is silk–essence of power, in command. – Tara Estacaan

Silk. Stop for a moment and think about what it means to you … soft, luxurious, pampered, powerful, and beautiful, with a sensual coolness as is slides across your skin. What gal doesn’t love silk?! When Lilysilk reached out to me to do a blog post, I was familiar with their beautiful silk designs for the home, including gorgeous silk bedding with the finest silk from the Far East. I was delighted to hear that they were introducing a line of blouses to bring the look and feel of the same quality of silk to liven up your wardrobe. It didn’t take me long to begin perusing the selection online. With classic pieces to create a beautiful and lasting foundation in your wardrobe, their new line delivers on both style and comfort. Looking for a fantastic deal on silk for Black Friday? Look no further and use the exclusive coupon code “catherinegraceo16” to get an extra 16% off of Lilysilk’s already discount prices of:

25% off 1 piece
35% off 2 pieces
45% off 3 pieces

It was difficult to select just one piece. Who can’t use a fresh white silk blouse to freshen up their wardrobe? I know I can and Lilysilk offers a variety of looks with a selection of collars and the latest silk ties. One of my absolute favorite looks is a classic black and white stripe and I scooped up one in the most beautiful collarless style. Cut to flatter most shapes, I selected the Cool Vertical Stripes Silk Blouse that was the perfect accompaniment to the cornerstone of my wardrobe in black. It wasn’t easy to choose just one as I love to change up my blouses from season to season.

Don’t you just love the way natural silk feel when you slip them on? Opening the package from Lilysilk is an added delight. Delivered in a beautiful box with an air of the Far East, it’s beautifully wrapped with a feeling that the company really cares about its customer. It’s the added touch and the beautiful aesthetic that pleases the eye and shows an added element of personal attention. The story behind Lilysilk is an interesting one. Lily personally worked in the silk industry in France for over a decade. She was troubled watching the retailer take advantage of the customer while most of the profits went into their pockets, leaving the industry workers barely scraping by. She felt the margins were too high and she returned to China with an idea. She felt she could create a direct online market for the finest silks without the outrageous markup that hurt the consumer. Within 6 months, Lilysilk was born and with it came everything from the finest silk bedding to their latest venture into Silk clothing.


What woman doesn’t want to feel beautiful? They say that clothing can shift a woman’s energy in an instant by helping her to not only look beautiful but to feel beautiful from the inside. Slipping into my first design by Lily was a treat. The hardest part was deciding what to wear as it went just about anything in my wardrobe. I decided to toss on my favorite pair of Black over the knee suede boots and a mini skirt. It’s an easy look that can be pulled off by just about any age. Most of us have a black skirt in our wardrobe and a pair of black boots. Pretty much anything will do as this gorgeous blouse can easily make an outfit. Grab your favorite bag and toss on a pair of sunnies, and you’ll look pulled together in an instant. Once you slip into one of their blouses, you’ll come to treasure the feeling of the finest silk. The Lily site is wonderful with a wealth of information on how to care for your purchase. It’s clear they value their customer and want to share the best ways to make your investment last a lifetime.

I found it so easy to style this blouse multiple ways. Who doesn’t have a favorite pair of black skinny jeans or pants? I found this pair on Amazon and loved how the blouse completed the look. Partially untucked is the latest trend and it gives you a bit more of a casual feel. I tossed on a pair of black suede booties to complete the look but any pair of black booties would do. A classic bag, also found on Amazon, and a pair of the latest black sunnies were the perfect compliments to the overall look. Isn’t it time to check out the Lilysilk site to find the perfect blouse to freshen up your winter wardrobe? With a variety of styles, designs, shapes, and prints, there’s something to delight just about anyone on your gift list. I can’t think of a woman that doesn’t love the feel of the finest real silk next to their skin.

Make sure to check out the latest deals on the Lilysilk site as they offer fabulous specials you don’t want to miss just in time for your holiday shopping. And don’t forget their amazing Black Friday Sale that’s made even better for my readers by using the coupon code “catherinegraceo16” for an extra 16% off! Cheers Beauties!

Thank you to Lilysilk for sponsoring this post!



Silk blouse is beautiful, extremely comfortable. But I have a concern that silk might be difficult to wash and easy get stained.


Thank you for reading and commenting. I understand your concerns. Most silk is not washable. That’s the great part with Lily Silk. If you do stain it, you don’t have to let the stain sit until you take it to the cleaners. You can soak it and then wash right away.


Hi Catherine!
You look amazing in the Lily Silk blouse and God bless those long skinny legs of yours!
I love how you styled the blouse 2 ways!
Happy Thanksgiving after Day my friend!



Isn’t it so fun and it’s the silkiest! Thank you so much.


Hi Catherine!
First, I hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving! I think I am still full from yesterday’s meal! Love these silk blouse on you and both ways you styled it. You look amazing in a mini with those sexy boots and the blouse also looks lovely with the leather pants. I have bought several silk blouses this year as they are classic and make you feel good when wearing them.
Have a great weekend!
jess xx


Thanks for checking out the post. It’s a fabulous blouse and so comfy. It goes with just about everything and it sounds like you had a lovely holiday!


Hi Catherine! It’s the first time I’m here visiting your space. WOW! I really am speechless and inspired by your love for dressing your authentic best. I aspire you to be as graceful as you are! I found you through Instagram and have followed your story and photos there since. A powerhouse of strength, beauty and compassion, you are. I love your how you styled the blouse. You made it look so effortless, sophisticated and charming! I wish you a fabulous week ahead and I hope you will continue you share with us your light <3 🙂


Wow you are way too kind and I’m always humbled these comments. I do love fashion and find it to be a wonderful way for us to express our inner beauty. Let me know on Instagram so I can make sure and follow you back. Delightful to meet you in the virtual world!

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