“I design thinking what women actually want, and then I design a wardrobe for them. – Han Chong, Self Portrait 

The Holidays tend to conjure up visions of sugarplums, toasty fires, cozy sweaters and sparkly evening attire. Weekends are filled with holiday parties and the search for that perfect holiday look. Feeling beautiful is the essence of a beautiful design. When it comes to gorgeous, distinctive design, there’s one brand that’s become a stand out amongst the rest, Self Portrait. Since discovering this designer and it’s unique and intricate patterns, I’ve collected quite a few styles that have become classics in my wardrobe. I know when I put on Self Portrait, I feel empowered, feminine, beautiful and confident! And, what woman doesn’t want that with the holidays just around the corner?

Known for its intricate lace designs, Self Portrait is continually creating new styles that can easily transition from day to night. It’s been called “the red carpet label that anyone can afford,” this designer can be seen on the pages of In Style while it’s price point won’t break the bank. If you’re searching for that perfect, timeless look that makes you feel beautiful time and again, it’s a brand that’s easy to find with the click of a mouse. The dresses are super feminine, loaded with lace, embroidery and the sheerest fabric overlay. Delicate and ethereal, they’re an absolute dream to wear and can be worn by just about any age.

I’ve been a fan of Self Portrait since the first day I laid my eyes on its designs. Assuming it’s price point was considerably higher, I was delighted to find a wide range of styles and designs, many of which can be found on sale at various online boutiques. They tend to sell out quickly yet there are always new looks on the way. I’ve combed the online sites to find some of the most affordable styles on sale if you’ve been searching for that perfect dress to wear for just about any holiday event you have planned. I’ve put together some of my favorite styles over the past year and, although these are long gone as they tend to sell out quickly, I’ve combed some of my favorite sites to find some on sale just in time for those holiday events. There’s something to make you feel extra special this season and I’m certain this designer will become an obsession once you slip one on!

For that special evening, tossing on a pair of beautiful pumps and grabbing a sweet clutch, you’re ready in an instant with Self Portrait. Keeping it simple is best as you’ll want the dress to stand on its own and be the focal point of the look. Be on the lookout for markdowns after Christmas and don’t wait to scoop them up as they don’t last very long! They tend to be a classic in my wardrobe and can be worn season after season and no doubt you’ll join me in my love of Self Portrait. Cheers Beauties and a blessed holiday season!




Wow! Those legs seem endless! Beautiful elegant dresses!


Too kind, Nancy!


Love these outfits!


Clearly…I’m obsessed!!!


You always know how to pick out the best items from the best places, Catherine!!
Each of these dresses are incredible on you! I will definitely have to check out this site!!


Takes one to know one!

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