“Midlife: when the Universe grabs your shoulders and tells you “I’m not f-ing around, use the gifts you were given – Brene Brown 

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It’s hard to believe it’s been less than a year since the launch of The Fierce 50 and the beginning of a Midlife Revolution! You have to be careful when a bunch of Midlife women get together to bring to life a crazy idea to empower older women and launch a full-blown Movement. The mission of Forever Fierce: The Midlife Revolution was to shift the perspective of Midlife and have brands and advertisers take note. Guess what? They’re here.

Just after the launch of The Fierce 50, I was introduced to Michelle Lerner, the ambitious Director of Chico’s Social Marketing and Brand PR. Michelle is a fireball, loaded with energy and vibrant ideas while heading one of the most influential departments in the company. Over the past year, I’ve been fortunate to develop a bond and relationship with Michelle and a company I deeply admire. It’s rare to find a corporation that has embraced women at Midlife and Beyond the way Chico’s has since it opened its doors in a small boutique in Southern Florida. Founded in 1983 on Sanibel Island, Chico’s has flourished with stores located across the entire country.

Chico’s is a brand dedicated to customer connection. They believe in authentic women as Influencers and ambassadors for their

brand. Not just with me, but an entire pack of fabulous Midlife Influencers, many from the Forever Fierce Community, welcoming ALL women at midlife and beyond! The company recently reached out to a group of us to invite us to a luxurious, 5 star stay in the heart of the Big Apple. It was kind of like Sex in the City, with a dose of Menopause, which only added to the thrill and the excitement. You would be surprised at the vibrancy of this group as you’re never too old to be a kid at heart!

The group of Midlife Fashionistas included:

Cathy Williamson – The Middle Page

Dana Cowin – DBA Creative

Deborah Boland – Fabulous After 40

Elaine Davis – Square Pearls

Jamie Lewinger – More Than Turquoise

Janet Gunn – Grateful Gardenia

Lesley Jane Seymour – Covey Club

Lisa Hale – The Silver Stylist

Lee Woodruff – Author, Philanthropist, Media Trainer

Lyn Slater – The Accidental Icon

Shauna Robertson – Chic Over 50

Susan Kanoff – The Midlife Fashionista

Tanya Foster – Tanya Foster Blog

Tonya Parker – The Real Chic Life

Tonya Sharma – Model

Descending on the spectacular and swanky Crosby Street Hotel, the women were like a pack of giggling teenagers! Comparing notes on the out of this world aesthetics and luxurious accommodations, I think we were all hoping to be blizzarded in by a snowstorm. Each room had a distinctive flavor of its own. The hotel is part of a larger corporate chain out of England and we truly felt like royalty. Every room had a unique decor with a fun mannequin nestled in a corner. As a former interior designer, I couldn’t get enough of the scintillating eye candy, with one room more fabulous than the next. The owner, award-winning British Designer Kit Kemp, elevates hotel style to a level unmatched by anything I’ve ever seen. Taking chances by mixing contemporary and traditional designs, the women couldn’t stop dishing about the decor. If we could have snuck the mannequins in our suitcases without being arrested, I’m pretty sure these Midlife women would have! Truly, out of this world, The Crosby was the ideal location for our meetings as we were treated like British Royalty.

The women were split up into intimate groups to learn about Chico’s latest ventures and to get to develop deeper bonds with one another. The evening capped off with a dinner at the delicious and cozy, Pietro NoLita with the most darling Pink decor. We couldn’t help but laugh at the cafe’s tagline: “Pink as Fuck.” When we were growing up the “F” word wasn’t in our repertoire. Many of us earned the right of passage along with passing Midlife. Several of us scooped up their t-shirts as we learned the intention behind choosing such a bold restaurant. Midlife women are only just beginning and Chico’s is happy to evolve right along with our sassy selves.

At the end of the evening, we were sad to split up yet ready for the cozy confines of our beautiful rooms. Hitting the hay after a delightful day and night, creating new bonds and deepening others, was the perfect end to a perfect day. Several of us couldn’t bear to leave on Friday and stuck around a little longer to keep the party going. We were all in awe of the thoughtfulness and generosity of Chico’s. We each left with our hearts full of beautiful memories and with an abundance of goodies in overstuffed Chico’s bags left in our rooms. Every heartfelt detail left us feeling loved and cherished, a new feeling for women at Midlife and beyond and one we intend to continue together through our ongoing friendships. Chico’s…you are one in a million and we are forever and fiercely grateful to be honored by you!

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