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“What we are today comes
from our thoughts of yesterday,
and present thoughts build
our life of tomorrow: our life is the
creation of our own mind” – Buddha

I’ll never forget the first time I met Davidji. I was in Whistler, Canada for a Deepak Chopra retreat. I thought I was going for Deepak. I quickly learned I was there for “Ji.”

Ji is cool.

Ji is a rockstar in the world of meditation and beyond. Ji is the essence of Moxie.

Ji has a way of captivating his audience and guiding them instantly into the present moment. That’s where Moxie is found…in the present moment.

I’ve learned a lot from Ji over the years. Ji drove up from San Diego last October to kick off our Beachside Chats at FierceCon with a meditation and powerful talk. Many of the women had never meditated before. You could hear a pin drop. The room was silent. The room was filled with the power of presence – the power of Ji – the power of stillness and silence.

Ji calls it “Sacred Powers.” I have them. You have them. We all have them. Our power isn’t in the past. Our power isn’t in the future. Our power is in the now.

The now is where we create our future. The now is where we let go of the past. The now is filled with the power to change our lives. The now is a choice point. That choice is up to us.

Do we choose peace and love in this moment? Perfect. Then, peace and love will be in our future.

Do we choose to let go and forgive in this moment? Wonderful. The future will be lighter and brighter.

Our destiny begins now. Every choice we make in this moment begins shaping and molding our future selves. Every positive action, positive thought, and positive behaviour we take right now takes our life in a new, positive direction.

Moxie means “Force of Character.”

Being a force of character means a life of positive choices, a life of present moments filled with powerful decisions – present moments filled with love, kindness, forgiveness, letting go and most of all, being present to your life.this life.

A beautiful life begins now. A beautiful life is a series of Moxie Moments. What’s in this moment? Fill it with Moxie!

Davidji is a Forever Fierce Member. He’s going LIVE today in the Forever Fierce Revolution on Facebook at 4 pm EST. If you want your Monday filled with Moxie, join our live today and watch your life begin to change.

Follow along with Ji and learn more on his website.



Is there another time it’s set up for since it was canceled?


Thanks for being there sister and checking back in. Yes, it’s on May 7th at 4pm EST. We hope it works out but their business schedule takes priority as it should. How are you???

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