It’s Lyme Disease Awareness Month. Today’s Moxie on Monday is dedicated to Lyme warriors all over the world and to anyone struggling with a chronic illness.

Lyme is a bitch. But this post really isn’t about Lyme. It’s about choice.

In 2014, Lyme Disease was my personal question of Life … or Death?

Moxie was my answer.

Moxie was a decision to be well. Moxie was a choice to live life to its fullest. Moxie was a choice to thrive rather than survive.

I’m not a doctor. I’m a woman with a story. I found my answer. Your answer lies within you.

I’m a woman who not long ago didn’t have a life in front of her. Now I do.

What changed for me? An inner decision – a decision to be well. I flipped a switch internally – a switch that went from illness to wellness – and I’ve never looked back.

While fighting for my life, I’ll never forget meeting with one of the top infectious disease specialists in LA. He spent a lot of time looking over an endless stack of medical records. He turned to me and said, “Yes, you have Lyme disease and it’s very serious but that’s not your biggest issue. Your biggest issue is trauma.”

He understood. Immediately, I understood and I began to cry.

What he was really saying was the secret to getting well wasn’t to be found in any crazy Lyme protocol, mountains of antibiotics and supplements, healers, mystics, magicians or anything else. The secret to getting well was within me. It was in my mind. It was in my psyche. It was in the trauma and emotions buried deep within.

I knew the answer to my healing wasn’t out there. The answer was in here.

Sometimes we have to hit rock bottom before we are cracked open.

I had further to fall.

The harder we fall, the more cracks to let the light in.

Often, we need a catalyst. My daughter came for a visit. I wasn’t in a good place. I was sinking back into depression…old ways of thinking.

My daughter asked me, “Mom, what would you do if you were well?” Out popped, “I would travel the world.”

At that moment, something shifted. A crack opened. Light began to pour in.

I grabbed my computer. I started searching the world for places to travel. I began creating bucket lists. I hired a travel agent. Most importantly, I stopped searching for answers on how to heal Lyme disease. I stopped focusing on illness. I began focusing on wellness. I made a decision to heal. I never did travel the world but I became Fierce! And CatherineGraceO and the Forever Fierce Revolution were born.

Never once since that conversation have I allowed my focus to be centered on Lyme Disease. Never once have I worried that it would return. In that moment, I made a decision to be well. I made a promise, a commitment to myself to look forward rather than look behind.

That doctor gave me a great gift. He gave me freedom. He gave me permission to heal myself. I had to look squarely at the trauma.

It wasn’t the trauma that was keeping me trapped in illness but rather holding onto the trauma.

The decision to be well meant letting go of the past. It meant letting go of the trauma. It meant letting go of seeing myself as a victim.

Moxie is a state of mind.

Moxie requires us to live in the present.

Moxie means letting go of old baggage and anything that no longer serves you and propels you to a life of your dreams.

You can either hold onto the past or you can create a future.

You can’t do both.

It’s difficult to focus only on illness and be well.

Moxie was my ticket out.

What’s yours?

PS- This post is not meant to trivialize anyone’s illness or to suggest that severe illness can be cured simply by changing your mindset. It’s just my personal story of how Moxie changed my life and allowed me to heal. Medical care was also a part of that journey. In my case, without the inner work, I don’t believe medical care alone would have saved me. If you have a serious illness or believe you might, be sure to get the proper medical care which may include physicians, therapists, and psychologists. They were all a great help to me during my illness.



When I was 15 I was diagnosed with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis – I spent years getting shots and taking massive amounts of pills. Every single day was a struggle to move. My family would ask me every single day how I felt. I spent months in doctor’s offices talking about my illness and choices of treatment. My entire life focus was on my pain and my body.

Then one day I walked away from it all.

I moved across the country and told NO ONE I had RA. I never mentioned it again. The truly amazing thing? Years later while pregnant with my second child, my joints started hurting again. I went to a Rheumatologist to get checked out. He said, “You don’t have RA.” To which I laughed, and said, “I know! I got rid of it!” He thought I was crazy.

I believe 100% that we are capable of healing ourselves. Thank you for sharing your story, Catherine.


Wow!!!! Have you ever shared that story on the blog???


New reader here. I’m so inspired by your story! Since I am relatively new, do you have a podcast or blog entry indicating exactly what your protocol was to get well? Anyway, I enjoy your posts, especially Moxie on Monday. Cheers to you! Kathleen


Welcome to the blog, sister. Delighted you are here. This is probably the most revealing interview I’ve shared about my illness and recovery. I don’t share a specific “protocol” as the truth is I stopped all the protocols. I found they were keeping me trapped in illness. They took so much time, energy and focus, that it felt like that was my entire day. I continued with a far infrared sauna, special herbs, and I worked with a functional nutritionist and acupuncturist. I also began actively practicing the self development and energy tools I had learned. It became more about being aware of my own patterns that were keeping me stuck and disempowered. Healing is deeply personal. I had a lot of trauma and disempowering beliefs I had to let go of. Once I made a decision to be well, I never went back. It did take time. It’s still a process unwinding old beliefs but the illness is long gone.


I suffered a time of depression but little by little, with the help of a few, I returned to my moxie too. Thanks for share it. Mary xo Instagram – 🧚‍♀️Marys_chronicles


That is absolutely wonderful to hear!

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