Be mindful of your self talk. It’s a conversation with the Universe.” – David James Lees

Do you know there’s a conversation that’s happening 24/7 and you’re part of that conversation? The Universe has big ears – ENORMOUS EARS! We’re talking Dumbo the Elephant here!

There’s one gigantic Universal Mind that’s tuned in to us. You’re always talking. It’s always listening. But the intent must come from you.

I was doing my thing on Instagram last week, making the rounds. I noticed a DM popped up from a Fierce Sister. A Fierce Sister I’ve reunited with over the past year. She was reaching out to congratulate me about my wildly exciting news. I had just announced that I won a huge contest with Designer Shoe Warehouse and Create & Cultivate to walk the NY Fashion Week Runway. Janice Sward, @chicvisage, popped in with a delightful message, “You know how to talk to the Universe.”

BAM! An Aha moment. That got me thinking. I had never thought of myself in that way!

Could this latest dream to walk the NYFW Runway have manifested from my own desires? I began to look back in time. I become aware of intentions I had consciously set long go, seeds I had planted, that I let go of and never once thought of again.

I started to put together the various pieces of the puzzle. It all began to make sense! Two years ago, I was packed and ready to head to NYFW. I had been asked to interview popstar and anti-bullying activist Meredith O’Connor on the red carpet at the NYFW Gala Event. I adore her and she was my first red carpet interview and one of the first guests I ever had on my talk show. I developed a severe respiratory infection and had to cancel the day before my flight. I remember being devastated that I couldn’t make the trip and heartbroken that I had to let Meredith and her team down. I have always loved fashion and there was a part of me that desperately wanted to be a part of NYFW.

It wasn’t long after that I was having a conversation with my business manager. I remember telling him that I wasn’t going back to NYFW unless I was walking the runway. Thinking back, it was a pretty absurd intention to set as: I wasn’t a model, I was in my mid 50’s, and no brand had ever invited me to NYFW. The only runway I had ever been on was at an airport. I had absolutely no connections to anyone affiliated with NYFW. Yet, for some reason, it felt right. I set a clear intention in that moment. What I didn’t realize was that the Universe was taking notes. What I also remember is that I never thought about it again. Not once. Until now.

I realized that at that moment I had planted a seed. My intention was clear and I let it go. I never stressed over it. I never worried about it. I didn’t need to check on it! But I had sent my desire out to the universe and given permission for it to take shape! All the while, the universe was listening and working behind the scenes, without my conscious knowledge, to make my dreams come true. 

That same wonderful, magical Moxie-ful Universe is listening to you right now. I want you to hear this! The Universe is ALWAYS listening to you!

Every single moment, the Universe has a free pass to benevolently hack into your headspace and into your inner world. It hears your heart. It knows your desires. It is waiting to fulfill your greatest wishes and dreams. But you need to firmly set the intent!

We spend most of our days living inside our minds. We are constantly chattering to ourselves in our inner worlds, oftentimes completely unconscious to the fact that we are having a conversation – not with ourselves – but with this wonderful Universe that is tuning in, listening to us with eager anticipation on how to fulfill our wishes.

The more conscious we are of our inner world and our inner dialogue, the more powerful we are as creators.

We are born to create and …

The Universe is born to co-create along with us!

We are born with limitless possibility and then, over time, we begin to limit those limitless possibilities, beginning with our minds.

What would it be like if we thought of the Universe as permanently dialed into these conversations? 

Your inner dialogue is on a Universal Speakerphone … at all times. What are you asking for in these conversations? Are they positive or negative? Is there an “I am not” mantra running through your mind? The Universe can hear that. 

Are you grateful and appreciative of what you have so this magical Universe can sprinkle more of what you’re grateful for? Or, are you asking for more of what you don’t want? 

Our inner world is where the magic happens – first. The seed of every single thing that manifests in this wonderful Universe begins to sprout in our minds first before beginning to take form in our outer world.

What seeds are you planting? What intentions are you broadcasting? Are you watering those seeds with love and gratitude? 

The next time you begin talking to yourself, take a moment to be awake and aware. Take a moment to listen to what you’re saying. Consider it a note to the Universe. Why not make it a love note? A beautiful love note filled with Moxie. Plant the seed. Water it with love, appreciation, and gratitude. Let it go. And watch your Moxie-ful dreams come true.


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So excited for you, and so honored to have heard the news when you did. Yay!!!! Cannot wait for your recap of your time there. Also, you look particularly lovely in that dress. So pretty! <3


Thank you sister! You are definitely a Boho girl. I’ll send you some pics. I appreciate you seeing all of this long before I did.


Some days it is easy to forget that the universe has my back but I know I must continue to trust it because it always knows what is best for me. Look what I did by setting the intention to move to NYC 😉 I am here and now I need to trust that I WILL land the best job and find the perfect apartment. Thanks for the reminder girlfriend. xoxo

Karen B.
Wear With Passion


That’s true for me too sister. We have to keep reminding ourselves internally instead of relying on our senses or what’s happening in our outer world. The universe loves to conspire for us!


You are talkin’ my language! I’m all about Law of Attraction! Well, at least I say I am. I often forget how powerful we are and my conversation doesn’t always reflect that. It’s so helpful to get reminders to hold that empowering space. We need to remember how the Universe hears us with its big Dumbo ears and to speak into the microphone as loudly, clearly, and as often as possible.

Thanks for the reminder. I love that this area of consciousness is being talked about in this group! I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea – at least consciously. But I think people still hear it on some level, whether they realize it or not. 💗


I know I am sister. We can do it together at FierceCon!!!


I love everything about this! You are a brilliant example to the rest of us fierce sisters. We have only just begun to ask the universe for what we want and to be open to receiving it! 😁


Thank you sister. I so appreciate you coming over to visit on Moxie on Mondays! It’s such a fun post to write. I know this stuff works. It’s so fun to understand our wonderful universe isn’t it???

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