Mashamoquet Brook State Park, Pomfret, CT

“Because age is nothing but a number. Being comfortable in your own skin and moving for what you love are what matter most.” – Easy Spirit

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Easy Spirit Navy Suede Loafer, Flannel Shirt 1, Flannel Shirt 2, Flannel Shirt 3, Skinny Jeans 1, Skinny Jeans 2, Red Riding Hood Parka, Striped Sweater, White Tank, Fisherman’s Cap, Belt 

Can you feel that change is in the air? Can you tell it’s finally time for women over 50 to be celebrated and seen in an entirely new light, one that’s free and easy, with a whole lot of spirit and spunk?!? I think we’ve waited long enough, don’t you?

When Easy Spirit approached me about joining their Ambassador Program, it didn’t take me long to say, “Hell, YES!” You may be curious as to why. After all, I made a big fuss about not promoting products unless I use them, love them, or the brand resonates with my message. I’ve never agreed to be a Brand Ambassador for anyone. I’m consciously choosing to only work with select brands who share a mutual and aligned purpose and passion. Their new mission statement says it all for me:

“Our mission is to make every day a little lighter, softer and easier for women everywhere, from all walks of life.

We are proud to play a part of keeping women, especially women over 50, moving—for everywhere they’re going and everywhere they aspire to go and everything they aspire to do.

Because age is nothing but a number. Being comfortable in your own skin and moving for what you love are what matter most.”

When I read that … it was Soulmate stuff! Women over 50 are on the move. We are moving like we’ve never moved before and Easy Spirit is not only taking notice, they are celebrating along with us in style. Making our lives a little lighter, softer, and easier definitely sings to me. It’s rare that I see a corporation with a mission statement that’s completely dedicated to celebrating and supporting women over 50. Easy Spirit is taking a stand and I couldn’t be more proud to stand alongside this amazing brand and shout it to the rooftops!

This past week, I had the pleasure of walking the NYFW Runway, busting through glass ceilings and barriers as a woman almost pushing 60 with zero modeling experience. While in NYC, I had the pleasure of spending time with Elizabeth Banach, PR Director for Easy Spirit. It was heartwarming to enter the Easy Spirit Showroom and see beautiful, 50 plus women gracing their walls! Yes, 50 plus! Easy Spirit has taken a strong stand in celebrating older women. In fact, you won’t find a woman UNDER 50 in their marketing and advertising. Yes, that’s right. Easy Spirit is taking a bold stand with sharing only REAL WOMEN OVER 50 in all of their marketing and advertising! Now, that’s a company I’m proud to get behind! In fact, Easy Spirit has provided us with a coupon code for 25% OFF YOUR ENTIRE PURCHASE until 11/20/2019! Just use “CATHERINE25” and tell them CGO sent you!

I do believe the tides are beginning to change. Women in their second and third acts of life are only just beginning. Never before have we had the opportunities we have today. We are the Perfect Storm! We are the new “Longevity Economy” with wisdom and life experience along with health and vitality for the very first time! Women over 50, like yours truly, are the number one demographic launching new businesses. We are definitely women in motion, moving for all kinds of reasons. As long as our hearts are beating, they are filled with passion, purpose and meaning. 

I was practically skipping out of the Easy Spirit Showroom and couldn’t wait to get started on my first post. In fact, I chose my shoes on the spot and Elizabeth kindly whisked them to me overnight so I could shoot during my extended stay on the East Coast. I stayed out to meet some friends outside of Boston and what better way to show the moxie of Easy Spirit but in the beauty of mother nature. I love visiting the Big Apple but I have to admit, the Boho Country girl in me is always itching to get back to nature.

It wasn’t easy to pick just one shoe from the fall collection as it’s filled with a wide variety of fabulous styles, patterns and colors. As soon as I spotted the Avienta navy suede loafer, that was it! Love at first sight! Fall always makes me think of back to school and what better shoe for fall and back to school than a gorgeous loafer. I’ve been coveting a pair of designer loafers on one of my blogger friends, and this pair is equally beautiful yet far more comfy as well as super affordable. This loafer is the best of both worlds; it’s like combining your favorite running or hiking shoe along with your favorite loafer. It’s remarkable how every pair of Easy Spirit shoes is light as a feather. They’re the best travel shoes on the planet; lightweight and designed to be super bendable to fit into the tiniest corners of your suitcase. 

Lucky for me, the countryside around Boston is spectacular this time of year. It’s luscious and green from an abundance of rain. Although I love my new life in LA, my heart definitely loves the countryside. I decided to hit the road and head out to Mashamoquet Brook State Park. It was a little bit of a hike through some windy roads and farm country. Temperatures dropped a bit and rain was beginning to set in. I was prepared having stopped at a local Target, loading up on cozy flannels, skinny jeans, a red hooded parka, and the softest striped sweater. Tossing on a white tank, a fisherman’s cap, and a belt rounded out the outfit!

It was time to put my Easy Spirits to the ultimate road test. They might look dainty but these beauties are deceiving. They’re designed for movement and this girl was definitely on the move. We pulled into the State Park and decided it was time to do some hiking to find the most picturesque locations. There are a couple of well known areas in the park. We began by hiking along the river valley and up and down the surrounding cliffs. We hiked for quite awhile before we came upon “Table Rock,” a gigantic rock with the ideal perch for the perfect photo opp. From there, we decided to head on to the famous “Wolf Den” where a young Israel Putnam, later to be a Revolutionary War General in the Continental Army, entered the den with a musket and a rope tied to his leg just in case, killed the very last she-wolf in the area back in 1742 after wolves had wreaked havoc on the area livestock. My parka suddenly morphed into a “Little Red Riding Hood” moment – CGO can’t resist the chance to have some fun!

Winding our way through the park’s hiking trials gave way to multiple opportunities to put my loafers to the ultimate road test. From jumping off rocks, to fording streams, and playing around with handstands, I have to admit even I was surprised at how well my Easy Spirits allowed me to move full out and moved right along with me. The coolest part? I left the countryside to travel into the city for a night out and my Easy Spirits couldn’t have been more perfect to transition from day to evening or countryside to the big city.

Women at Midlife & Beyond are the Perfect Storm! If you are a brand and you miss this opportunity, it’s your own fault. The writing is on the wall! It’s heartwarming and invigorating to see a brand like Easy Spirit lead the way to a revolution in marketing and advertising. I think you all know how much CGO loves a revolution! (Join the Forever Fierce Revolution!) Product and message, form and function … it’s the real deal and I’m totally behind companies that support and celebrate our incredible demographic. Hop on the wagon and revel in Easy Spirit!

Yes, age is nothing but a number. With age comes a lifetime of wisdom and life experience. As long as my heart is beating, I plan to continue moving for what I love. I plan to move for Easy Spirit and their new mission. My magnum opus began at age 54. It’s my best work and my life’s work. Easy Spirit made a point of asking me what I move for? It’s women at Midlife & Beyond! We are in our creative prime! We have a lot of life yet to live and a lot of love to give. Speaking of love, I’m loving my new Easy Spirit’s which have definitely made my life a little lighter and brighter. I’m grateful to the team at Easy Spirit for asking me to join their Ambassador Program. In the words of Marjorie Goodson, my Forever Fierce sister and recent Mastering Midlife Show guest, I’m not All Over, I’m All IN!!!

Cheers Beauties! Stay Easy, Stay Fierce. And tell me … What do you move for?!

Thank you to Easy Spirit for sponsoring this post!



Love this post and everything you said in it. It is our time and I’m glad your leading the revolution. I move for my health ( and shopping )😉


Hi Erin, that’s wonderful to hear! It is our time, isn’t it sister? It’s time for a revolution and I love that companies like Easy Spirit are celebrating along with us. Moving for health and shopping is definitely my kind of girl!


Goes to show that great looking shoes can be comfortable and work for all kinds of outings!!


It sure does sister!!!


Oh my stars! I love those shoes! Blue Suede Shoes for the coolest Cat in town! I love this kind of countryside (its a lot like Michigan, where I am!) And you look gorgeous rocking those shoes! Totally love this post! Have to try some Easy Spirit Shoes!


You’re adorable and yes to blue suede shoes, sister!!!

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