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“You cannot change your destination overnight, but you can change your direction overnight.”- Jim Rohn

Have you ever watched the movie, “Groundhog Day?” It’s where Bill Murray wakes up day after day to the exact same frustrating life situation happening over and over again. He’s completely baffled as to why the same things continue to happen, day after day. In fact, for a while, he just accepts it with a shrug, assuming he has no power to get out and actually begins to enjoy his misery!

Have you experienced your own version of Groundhog Day? I know I have. It’s those times in life when we consciously and deeply desire a new life yet we stay stuck in our old patterns and ways of being. The result? We wake up to the same life from one day to the next, feeling deeply frustrated. Somehow, we never make the incremental changes we need to make to change the direction of our lives.

I’ve been fascinated by energy since my very first experience working with a “healer” almost 3 decades ago. I’ve shared that story in a prior blog post which you can find here. Everything is energy. It’s that simple. Yet, for most of us humans, it can feel confusing to try and understand what we can’t see in the physical world. We can’t see energy yet at the smallest level, the quantum level, everything is made up of the tiniest little atoms vibrating and pulsing together.

What does that have to do with Groundhog Day you may wonder. Glad you asked! Everything!

You’ve heard about “The Law of Attraction,” the Universal law where like attracts like. Well, there’s also a Universal law called, “The Law of Resonance.” Have you ever used the term, “That really resonated with me?” That’s the Law of Resonance in a nutshell.

Just like the strings on a violin that play various harmonic resonances, you have trillions of microscopic cells inside of you that are continually vibrating.

We are vibrating at every single moment of the day. Our vibration or resonance isn’t a constant. It’s fluctuating from moment to moment.

Emotions change our vibration. Negative emotions like anger or jealousy send out negative resonance or negative energy and lower our vibration. We  begin attracting negative people, experiences and circumstances into our lives. Positive emotions like joy and compassion have the opposite effect.

Think of yourself like a tuning fork. If you play the same tune day after day, you’ll attract the same outcome. Change your tune. Change your life. Yup. That simple.

Think of all the thoughts you have in a day – we have over 60,000 to 80,000 thoughts a day! There’s a cumulative effect of those thoughts.

Are they mostly negative? If they are, you’re most likely waking up to the Groundhog Day effect of being trapped in a life of your own making that’s not a match to the beautiful life you desire. You may be puzzled as to why your life isn’t changing.

Motivational speaker Jim Rohn puts it together succinctly in the quote above: “You cannot change your destination overnight but you can change your direction overnight.”  Our lives can literally change on a dime. Think of a train conductor who flips a switch that moves the train from one track to another. You have the same power. One conscious decision combined with a powerful intention can change the direction of your life and your ultimate destination.

Right now.
In this very moment.
One moment at a time.
One thought at a time.
One choice at a time.
One action at a time.

That’s how we change our vibrational resonance and begin sending new, positive energetic signals out into the universe to create and attract our best life, that future self that’s waiting for us at this very moment.

People ask me all the time how I healed from a life threatening illness. How did I go from being completely bedridden and in the darkest despair to an entirely new life – my best life?

Did it happen in an instant?

Nope. Not for me. But the decision did. I made a conscious decision to switch my focus, my energy – and my ultimate destination – from illness to wellness, in an instant. Let’s just say I had a new North Star to guide me.

A new life requires a New North Star.

If the life you’re living isn’t getting you to the destination of your best life. Change course.

If you’re waking up to your own version of Groundhog Day, it’s time to shift your energy, your vibration and begin sending a powerful new resonance out into the world – one that’s a match to your new North Star- the best version of you that’s waiting for you, right now!

Our life is made up of a collection of choice points. Every moment is an opportunity for a new choice point, a new direction. You have the power to pivot your life right now.

If you’re ready to wake up tomorrow to a new life destination, pay attention to your energy, your thoughts and your emotions. Do they resonate with the life you desire? If not, play a new tune, one that’s in harmony with your best life.

Cheers Beauties. What tune will you be playing?

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I love that saying and it’s so true! It doesn’t take much to change direction and that one little change can make all the difference in the world. A lot of it does have to do with our outlook. As you pointed out, if our thoughts are negative, our outlook is going to be negative and then we’re likely to make poor decisions for ourselves and our directions. Great Monday motivation – thank you! Oh, and I just love that gorgeous look you’ve pulled together, too!



Don’t you just love Moxie on Monday??? I know I do, Ruth! It’s my favorite day of the week.


So, so true! For me, staying within a “Groundhog Day” loop of days might have been boring, but in a way, it was safe and secure as well. To take a leap of faith and change the course of your life is scary. I believe that’s where I seem to fall short- I know there are things I need to change in my life but being afraid of failing keeps me where I am. I hope I can find that faith in me soon and leap!


Dear Donna, I believe that’s natural for all of us. We are hard wired to stay in our uncomfortable comfort zones and fear change. When you think about it, change is what we need. We can’t expect our lives to change without us changing, can we?

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