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“If light is in your heart, you will find your way home.”- Rumi

We live in an Ageist culture. 

But what is culture? It’s simply a set of societal beliefs that exist over a period of time that become firmly embedded in our psyches. Some of that is wonderful and represents years of tradition. Some of it’s a load of BS! It’s a mass hypnosis of our very own doing when we buy into an Ageist mindset and begin acting as if age is an impediment rather than the privilege of having more years on this planet to accumulate wisdom and life experience … and to use those gifts to create, rewire, and demonstrate how vital and confident a fully empowered woman can be!

Ever since FierceCon LA 2019, I feel as if my mind, body, and spirit haven’t stopped processing the experiences – or, I suppose more truthfully, re-calibrating while integrating those experiences into a new way of being.

I keep coming back to the same theme – LIGHT!

FierceCon and the incredible women that participate in it, tend to turn up the intensity on LIGHT. How? By illuminating just about everything. From our deeply embedded unconscious beliefs that continue to hold us in the past to those negative projections from others that have stuck like glue, damaging our psyches, leading us to believe things that aren’t true.

The thing about LIGHT is that darkness can’t hold a candle to it. When light is brought to the darkness or darkness to the light, the darkness disappears – all by itself. It’s truly incredible what brilliance lies slumbering in the shadows. Oftentimes, in the shadow lies the gold!

This year’s FierceCon made me think more deeply about my original intention launching The Fierce 50 and The Forever Fierce Revolution almost 3 years ago. My intention was simple: to shine a positive light on aging as well as shining a light on the very existence and negative impact of Ageism. How can aging be a bad thing when it’s happening to every single person on the planet?

As an Ageism Positivist and an Empowerment Cat-alyst, I’ve made it my life’s mission to to spark women at Midlife & Beyond back to life.

Not from without … but from within. Not by complaining … but by acting

If we are the ones who created the culture, we have the power to change it!

Raging against something never works and it won’t work against Ageism.

What does? Focusing on the truth and acting on that truth, and starting a revolution! 

Raging leads to an uprising of anger. It reinforces resistance. A revolution has purpose and focus and creates powerful new paradigms. A revolution from within is the most powerful revolution of all!

As Ghandi said, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” Change the way you see yourself and your entire world will be changed.

Women at Midlife & Beyond are the Perfect Storm. We can have health and vitality, wisdom and life experience, and the collaboration and compassion to join hands and help lift each other out of the shadows.

Because Sister, the shadows aren’t where we belong!

Back to FierceCon. This year was magical. It was as if the most powerful fairy dust was sprinkled throughout the weekend waking women up to see themselves and one another more clearly – as the beautiful, light filled beings they are. 

It felt as though Glinda The Good Witch, made an appearance. She was hard at work spreading kindness, goodness, love and light in abundance. 

Women were literally lit up from within. Every single woman was a mirror for the next one, reflecting back the most glorious reflection, one many were seeing for the very first time. 

Light is laughter. Light is a hug. Light is a smile. Light is a kind word. Light is empathy. Light is compassion. Light is being conscious. And…light is contagious!

We “light up” when we see a loved one or a newborn baby. Our eyes “sparkle” when we are in love. We “light up” when we are surrounded by women who see us for the beautiful hearts and souls that we are. 

They say, “We are blinded by the light.” I believe we are blinded by the darkness. The light, the truth of who we are, allows those blinds to fall away so we can see clearly once again. 

This entire movement and mission began in a completely organic way. 

I saw something that troubled me. I refused to feel shame about being a woman in my 50’s. I refused to lie about my age. I refused to be invisible. I refused to be disconnected or seen as no longer relevant. Rather than railing against Ageism as many activists do, I made a conscious decision to do something about it, in a positive way – in a grass roots, organic way – to begin laying the groundwork for a new way of being, for a highly conscious way of aging, one of our own creation – and being a Cat-alyst to spark women back to life – to light a fire in their hearts and souls – to show them they have a whole lot more living to do.

Ageism can’t hold a candle to a world where women at Midlife & Beyond are lit up from within. Ageist beliefs and outdated misconceptions on aging can’t begin to hold up to the powerful light of illumination of the truth –  that getting older is the ultimate gift – a miracle, a privilege, an honor – one we must be grateful for and honor each and every day by living our best life, one filled with passion, purpose and meaning. 

Light is Moxie and Moxie is Light.

A force of character doesn’t get old. The longer the life the greater the opportunity to build more character, more Moxie – more Midlife Moxie.

A Modern Midlife is a Life full of Moxie. A Modern Midlife is a Life full of Light – Light shifts paradigms and perceptions. 

Stand in your Light and watch Ageism fall by the wayside as it can’t hold a candle to your radiant, blinding light!

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I absolutely love reframing how we look at aging as a “privilege of having more years on this planet” rather than something to dread! …and so grateful to be part of this group of women seeking and shining their lights of wisdom and love and connection. Thank you for all you have done in bringing us together.


It is a privilege many don’t receive. Our American culture gets it all twisted up and turned around. Time for us Midlife Rebels to straighten things out for us and those younger generations following behind.


I love this! I am still learning lessons from FierceCon, and I agree it is connected with light in so many ways! It’s as though this year I caught a better clearer understanding, and it really all goes back to pure intentions and love. It really was like no other event out there. And it stems from the heart!


And, you, my friend, have one of the most pure hearts I’ve ever been blessed to encounter. Truth!

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