Light shines through the darkest times

Wayfarer’s Chapel, Palos Verdes Peninsula, CA

“You can’t see the forest for the trees.” – Proverb

Gratitude is a beautiful thing. Your gratitude. My gratitude. Our gratitude.

This week brings with it one of my favorite holidays – Thanksgiving.

There is so much to be thankful for … grateful for … an abundance of blessings in our world. 

With Thanksgiving, oftentimes, comes reflection – what are we grateful for? 

I’ve been spending a lot of time lately … reflecting … on just about everything …mostly, life.

Reflecting on reflection.

When I look back on my journey along the spiritual path … a journey filled with trials and tribulations … I realize that I received a huge jump start that ignited a lifelong passion and enthusiasm for this light filled path long ago. 

It was a gift given me during one of the darkest times in my life. I had just lost a child. I found myself having to make an impossible decision to terminate a pregnancy. I found out the baby I was carrying inside of me was dying. Devastated and thrust into an inner darkness and despair, I couldn’t see a way out.

And, then, this gift arrives – a life changing gift – one that would impact the trajectory my life would take: Wayne Dyer’s, “A Spiritual Solution to Every Problem.” 

I listened to those CD’s playing endlessly in my car as I shuttled my kids about and tried to resume life from a brutal and dark space. This simple batch of CD’s contained so much light that began to dispel the darkness over time, all by itself.

A Spiritual Solution To Every Problem began to light a spark inside my heart, one where I would begin to see my life and everything in it in a whole new way. It also taught me the difference between the Big Stuff and the Small Stuff. Terminating that pregnancy and grieving for the loss of my little girl was Big Stuff, and it taught me perspective.

We live in a world that is both a microcosm and a macrocosm. 

Remember the book, “Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff,” … and it’s all small stuff, they say?

When it comes to gratitude and being thankful, we humans tend to get caught up in our humanness, in our daily lives with our daily problems and struggles … in the small stuff.

A spiritual solution simply means changing our focus, shifting our perspective, thus, seeing things, including our problems from a completely different vantage point.

Think of it this way, when we look down, we see our feet and the small area that surrounds them. Yet, when we look up, we see something completely different – the vastness of the sky, the clouds, the stars, the universe.

We are standing in the same place. It’s just a different perspective.

Nothing has changed, except our focus.

When we get caught up in our daily trials and tribulations, we are looking down – a place, where our vantage point is limited.

We say things like “I’m feeling down” “Why, so down?” or  “You seem so upbeat” “Things are looking up.” 

At any moment, we have the choice of our vantage point. 

In this moment, things may seem difficult. Yet, if we step back and look at our situation from the vastness of our life, and all the amazing blessings we have experienced, things begin to look different.

When we choose to shift our focus to one of gratitude, gratitude for our life, for the big things – for our health, a roof over our head, our friends, our family, a warm cup of soup to fill our tummy, the beauty of mother nature, we shift our perspective from down to up, from negative to positive, from micro to macro – from our humanness, our human struggles to our human spirit, our essential nature, and our problems seem to melt away.

Light is active. Darkness is passive.

Shine a light and the darkness disappears.

Gratitude is that light. Appreciation is that light. Thankfulness is that light. 

Looking up, we see the light.

Looking down, we can’t see the light – the light that exists all around us.

When you grumble about a parking ticket, be thankful you have a car.

When you’re angry at your boss for something she said, be thankful you have a job.

When your kids drive you crazy, be thankful for the gift of children.

When life gets you down, stop … look up … and be thankful for the gift of life.

Cheers Beauties, Happy Thanksgiving.  I thank you for the gift of life you have given me through this beautiful, magical, mystical platform. You have helped me to see myself and my life in a whole new way – thank you for helping me to see the light – the brilliant light that was always there. All I had to do was look up.

What are you thankful for?

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Thank you for these beautiful reminders Catherine. I’m so sorry to hear about your devastating losses,I’m sending a hug to the heartbroken woman you were at that time, and a hug to you now as someone who has taken the pain and found a way to light the way for others.

The way you worded the journey, from enduring sorrow, to finding a way to push through and end up in gratitude, was beautiful. I am going to bookmark this post, for those days that I am forgetting how to find perspective!

Thank you Catherine,
with a huge hug,
Serena West


Thank you for reading sweet sister. We all have our pain and losses. It’s how we spin them into gold that matters. You are pure gold!


What a wonderful and uplifting message to read this morning (behind on emails, as always!!). One thing that I’m very grateful for is that I found your blog. Your words have spoken to me as if you were in my head, helping me cope through some bad times, and helping me appreciate the good ones. I’m sharing this post on my FB page, as I have friends who would benefit by reading your words and taking them to heart. Thank you for being right where I’ve needed someone to be, Catherine!

Have a joyous Thanksgiving and Holiday Season!
Much love,


Hi Donna, lovely to meet you and how kind of you! That’s the most wonderful compliment as that’s my intention – to connect to a woman’s heart through my story and all that I’ve learned along this beautiful spiritual path. Wishing you a blessed Thanksgiving. Catherine


This might possibly be my favorite post of yours. So amazing and inspiring. It’s a good reminder and a great way to talk about perspective. Because it’s not really all small stuff – as the loss of your baby demonstrated. But it is all perspective. So thank you for that.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Much love coming your way! 💕xo


That makes me so happy sister. We all need a little shift in perspective, don’t we sister? Happy Thanksgiving!


This was beautifully written my friend. You have such an eloquent way of sharing your story and wisdom on this platform. I am truly sorry for what you went through losing your little girl. I know that would have been extremely painful and for that I honor that warrior in you that was able to get through it.

I am grateful for so much in my life. I could go on and on. I am most grateful for my children, my family and my friends. I know that not all people are blessed to have this type of love and support. It really all comes down to love. 💕 Thank you for coming into my life and for being the most wonderful heart-felt friend I could ask for. Love to you always. Happy Thanksgiving. xoxo


Thank you sister. It’s amazing when I look back at a time when I thought I wouldn’t make it through – so much light has come from that very dark time. Wishing you a beautiful Thanksgiving my friend. Enjoy your family!



Your life story is so poignant and inspirational, Catherine. As you reveal more layers, I admire and respect you even more. I am more grateful than I have ever been this year, as I came frighteningly close to losing my son to a suicide attempt and my mother to renal failure. But they are still here, miraculously! And over the many years we have journeyed through family hurts and pain, my perspective on what is big and what is small has become very clear. I am grateful for you and Forever Fierce this Thanksgiving, too.


Wow. Thank you so much for sharing my friend. I can only imagine what you can do to help others with the pain and struggles you’ve experienced. I understand wanting to leave this planet. Sometimes the emotional pain can feel overwhelming to our psyches, especially the more sensitive we are. I have a feeling your son has a future ahead helping others through his personal journey. I’m so grateful to know you and thankful to the universe for bringing us together. Here’s to many more times together. Have a blessed Thanksgiving.


What a touching piece this is, Catherine. While I have never experienced the loss of a child, my mother experienced 11 miscarriages. It was awful and I was old enough to remember the last two before the doctors insisted she have her tubes tied or risk dying in pregnancy. The upside, the light, that my mom has always believed in wholeheartedly is that she and my Dad would not have adopted my brother and I if her first few pregnancies didn’t end in miscarriage.

My dad was one of those people (wonderful as he was), that when something was over and especially if it were traumatic, that one just moves on. “It’s God’s will,” he would say. The problem is that my mom couldn’t just move on that easily. Over the years, she and I have been able to talk through the horror of those miscarriages, which has brought us closer. When my children were born, I invited my parents into the delivery room so they could experience the miracle of birth. This was such a gift to them, but also to me.

I don’t know where I would have ended up had my parents not adopted me. I really don’t think about it often as they are my parents and I know no other.

However, I do remember to always be grateful for the blessings of family that have been given to me and my family. Now, as a mother who has been blessed with two biological children and three bonus children, I am even further reminded that love knows no boundaries. Those who love and nurture us are our family – bloodline doesn’t matter here.

Finding gratitude in what you have, and for my mom to also find that is something that I am thankful for. It must have been awful, but you reached deep within your spirit and found the light.

Many blessings to you and your loved ones this holiday season. I’m grateful to have you as a sister in my life!


Thank you for sharing sister. I had 2 miscarriages before I lost this baby. I really didn’t think I would make it through. What I didn’t share is that I prayed for 10 years to have another child. It was how I found my joy in a loveless marriage that was immensely dark and painful. I didn’t understand the grand plan at the time. My ex was brutal and didn’t ever speak to me about any of these losses. He didn’t want more children. It was a painful time. I’m grateful to have the shift in perspective that’s taken a long time to achieve. Thankful for you!


Oh Wow! Thank you, Catherine for such a beautiful way to remind me of the gift of a thankful heart!
Just beautiful!


Happy Thanksgiving my beautiful friend. Much love to you!


Beautifully said Catherine. I love this time of year as well, and reflect on all the goodness and positives things happening around me and in my own life.
I’m so thankful to know you and call you friend and sister!
Much love to you & your this holiday season💝🥰😘


Isn’t it the sweetest time of year? Happy Thanksgiving beautiful!

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