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“The sub-conscious mind is like a bank – a universal bank; it magnifies whatever you deposit or impress upon it.” – Dr. Joseph Murphy, Miracles of Your Mind

Many of us wake up at Midlife to realize our lives aren’t working. Our emotional savings feel depleted. Something’s not quite right.

Do you remember having a piggy bank when you were growing up? I know I do. One of my favorite things was filling it with change. I would pick it up, jingle it around, and feel it’s weight as a sign, a benchmark, for how well I was saving up.

I started working when I was very young. I did anything and everything I could do to earn money. If I wanted something, I had to be creative and find a way to earn it. That meant everything from babysitting 4 young boys when I wasn’t much older than they to working in my father’s factory, tediously separating parts from tool and tie molds. It wasn’t glamorous. It was extremely hard work and made me appreciate the value of every single penny I earned. I would take my earnings to the community bank and proudly deposit them to be displayed in my passbook. Oh, how I loved seeing my passbook fill up with deposits.

My word this year was “Rich.” Rich was how I wanted to feel. 

I was listening to one of my favorite inspirational speakers recently about the power of our thoughts. 

When we have a thought, there is only “one thinker.” In other words, when we have a thought about anything, we are the one thinking that thought and the one “banking that thought.” He began talking about the subconscious mind and using the analogy of a “piggy bank.” Every thought we think gets “banked” in our subconscious mind

Most thoughts are black or white. They are positive or negative. 

They propel you forward or they hold you back. 

Our thoughts either add to the positive balance in our subconscious piggy bank or they detract from that balance.

When we think a negative thought about anything – including another person – that thought gets “banked” in our memory bank – not theirs.

That moment was a huge “Aha” moment for me.

We have 60 to 80,000 thoughts a day. That’s a lot of thoughts! 

It made me think about how many of those thoughts are negative and how many are positive.

It made me think about the negative thoughts I sometimes have about others. 

If I’m being honest, in this crazy divided political culture we live in, I’ve had a lot of negative thoughts lately.

Being the sensitive empath that I am, I feel things intensely. When someone else is hurt, I feel it their pain though it’s happening to me. That can lead to me thinking bad thoughts about another, about someone who’s hurting someone else – someone I probably know very little about.

It made me think about those negative thoughts. It made me realize that I was “banking” them – putting them in my piggy bank – adding them to my ledger, only to take away from all the positive thoughts and positive work I’ve been doing.

Our conscious mind has very little power relative to the power of the subconscious mind. The subconscious is a collective of thoughts. Over a lifetime, we’ve banked or stored up a lot of thoughts. There is immense cumulative power to those thoughts. 

By the time we’ve reached Midlife, our subconscious mind has “banked” zillions of thoughts. Many of those thoughts have been unconscious thoughts on automatic pilot. 

Sure, you may have banked some “bad pennies” in there but adding lots of positive thoughts is like covering up those bad pennies with shiny silver dollars, so you’re no longer aware of the bad pennies. The balance shifts from negative to positive.

If our life isn’t working or headed in the direction of our best life, the life of our highest potential, it’s time to stop and take a look inside that piggy bank. It’s time to open up our passbook, review the ledger and ask ourselves, what have I been saving? What do I choose to save going forward?

Life is really simple. It’s us humans that make it all kooky and complicated.

The more awake and aware we are, the more power we have to decide in every single moment what thoughts we wish to bank, store in our subconscious memory, and what thoughts we choose to leave out.

Life is like one gigantic piggy bank. If you want to feel rich, fill it with rich thoughts and you’re guaranteed a rich life!

Cheers Beauties! What’s in your piggy bank?

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I am rich with sisterhood and having you in my life. I stop myself when negative thoughts come in my mind and do lots of positive affirmations. Also, I do save 30% percent of my earnings as I want to retire some day. Great read my dearest Catherine.

Best regards and Mwah!



You’re a wise one sister. I’ve never been that good about saving. I’m working on saving up lots of good thoughts at the moment.


It’s crazy. I was just writing about a similar topic this morning. I know that my subconscious mind has really done a number on my life in the past. But being aware and being surrounded with amazing women like you are definitely an investment into my personal development “bank!” Mwah!!


How interesting sister. Our subconscious minds are definitely tricksters. It’s amazing what is stored up in there by Midlife isn’t it?

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