“I’m thankful for my struggle because without it, I wouldn’t have stumbled upon my strength.” – Alexandra Elle

Are you ready for something uplifting and inspiring – something positive to focus upon rather than the media filled with frightening stories?

It feels as if the storm clouds are covering much of our beautiful earth at the moment. Would you like to join me in finding the Silver Lining hidden within? It’s the perfect time for my favorite astrologer, Laura Bruno, and her latest March North Node Horoscopes, each one encouraging you to find the Silver Lining in the midst of challenging times.

Midlife is a turning point. A powerful pivot from without to within – the space inside where we find our answers – our clarity when the outer world seems to be swirling in chaos. It’s also a time to refocus and to shift from our South Node – to move away from keeping ourselves small and playing it safe. For most of us, we have spent the decades before Midlife living from our South Node – that cozy comfort zone designed to keep us as teeny tiny as possible.

That’s where Laura and the North Node Horoscopes come into play – and play is exactly what we need at the moment! Think of the North Node as a glistening North Star guiding you to your true soul’s calling. It’s like a permission slip to bust out of those cozy confines and begin creating the life of your dreams.

This month’s North Node Horoscopes are designed to illuminate the Silver Lining in these dark and stormy times. While we’re cozied up at home practicing social distancing, the universe has opened up space for the Modern Midlife woman to focus on herself – her hopes, her dreams – to begin creating her future self, the best version of herself, while being guided to her true soul’s calling, her North Star.

Every month, Laura provides us with an update, one that’s timely – morphing and shifting along with the changes in the universe. We are fortunate to have such a precious gift, one to help us stay focused on the silver lining that may be difficult to see during the current COVID-19 crisis. In crisis lies opportunity.

Take a moment to visit your horoscope and unwrap the precious gift that lies within. Pull out those tools in your toolbox. Meditating on your horoscope can help to illuminate and activate the dreams and desires in your heart. Journaling along with your horoscope can bring clarity. Perhaps, it’s time to pull out those art supplies or begin writing that book you’ve always wanted to write.

Beauties, there’s always a silver lining. Rarely, are we given a road map to help us discover it. We are so fortunate to have Laura’s intuitive gifts provide us with a treasure map to discover all those beautiful, glistening treasures that lie within. Our North Star and our North Node give us just the amount of light we need at the moment to navigate through dark and challenging times.

You’re far more resilient than you know. Why not use this time to stumble upon your strengths along with a new, fresh direction in life? I’m headed due North. Want to join me?

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