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Come to me. We are to be one now. In sacred convergence of silent, eternal passion.” – Rumi

I’ve been attracted to the mystical for some time – decades really – to those unseen forces, the ones we can’t see with our eyes yet we can feel with our heart. 

It felt more real to me than anything I could see or touch.

My first foray into the spiritual path was during a dark time. 

It usually is.

The spiritual path is a light filled path. 

During our darkest times, our souls naturally crave light. They hunger for inspiration and upliftment. 

Rumi was an ancient mystic – a poet who used his gift of language to open our hearts. 

I was meditating on a poem by Rumi the other day. It was one of those “lightbulb” moments – those beautiful “AHA” moments like one giant exhale into greater knowingness. 

Those aha moments have a way of busting our hearts  wide open. The essence of the poem was centered around the idea of a “sacred convergence.”

What’s a sacred convergence? Glad you asked! It’s a coming together of souls in alignment with a greater cause. It’s when souls are drawn together to lift one another into greater love and self-belief. It’s about opening our hearts and letting go of fear. It’s igniting the human spirit, both individually and collectively. 

This made me think of The Forever Fierce Revolution – how it began with a simple mission along with a gigantic vision of a new world. 

The Forever Fierce Revolution is a sacred convergence. It’s the Tribe With the Kind Vibe – a tribe that began with one heart opening – naturally, organically – to another. It began as a heart centered invitation to join a like minded tribe to lift one another and to shift our beliefs around what it means to be a woman at Midlife & Beyond. It is a sisterhood, a powerful collective of souls with the ability to see the love and beauty in one another while having it reflected, magnified and multiplied, right back to us. 

This made me think of today – about the pandemic and how life seems to have shifted overnight into a new paradigm. It made me think of the sacred convergence that’s happening.

A bit of an oxymoron that we could be converging while social distancing. 

Yet we are.

I’m seeing hearts busting open. I’m seeing people using social media to uplift. I’m seeing community and connection. I’m seeing an entirely new way of being – one that’s based in kindness, empathy and compassion – along with mountains of Moxie. 

I’m seeing a slowing down, a creating of space to breathe – to rest and rejuvenate. I’m seeing time for arts and crafts or good old fashioned baking. I’m seeing our beautiful Gaia, our precious earth, being restored.

I’m seeing a collective reset of humanity – a human spirit that’s Fierce and more alive than ever before. 

I’m seeing love and beauty like never before. 

Perhaps like magnets, when pulled apart, the pull of humanity to converge and reconnect is even stronger when pulled apart. 

Perhaps separation is only an illusion. 

Perhaps convergence, a sacred convergence, is our natural state of being. 

I believe it is. I believe in us – in you, in me, in the power of the human spirit – in the greater good. 

I believe in love. 

I believe in beauty. 

I believe in a Moxie-ful world; a world where we are one. 

I believe we are experiencing our very own sacred convergence into a new world where we are stronger and more deeply connected than we’ve ever been before. 

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There is always good that comes out of pain, light that leads us through dark. Thank you for your beautiful words and your beautiful heart.


Don’t we know it, fierce sister! The light is so much more precious after the darkness, isn’t it?


I believe too Catherine! This is so beautiful! Mind heart and spirit must find synergy to create peace. I too am encouraged by many positive thoughts, posts, and engagement pieces that as you said, help us converge while we are social distancing. This upon first sight appears an oxymoron. Love your Moxie posts and can’t wait to see the next!
Jill Lorentz


It’s such an interesting irony, isn’t it sister! Thank you for reading!

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