A Tale of Two Selves

“How can we try to be what we already are?” – Catherine Grace O’Connell


A Tale of Two “Selves.”

One Real.

One False.

One with a Purpose to be fulfilled.

One whose time has passed.

A time of goodbyes.

A parting of the ways.

Goodbye to the Self that no longer serves us.

Welcoming the Real Self that’s been there all along.

We carry two separate selves within.

One Self that is pure authenticity, and one that is loaded with ego.

Midlife is a time when the False Self begins to fall away as the Phoenix rises

From the ashes.

The ashes are all that remain of the False Self.

We create a new path – a new way of being.

We begin to understand that “trying” gets in the way of “being.”

How can we try to be what we already are?

We come into this world as a bright being, filled with love and light, pure authentic goodness.

As the years go by, we build layer upon layer around our Authentic Self – layers of protection based upon stories we tell ourselves or stories that are told to us about us.

We construct a belief system, one that’s like a fortress.

We zealously guard those beliefs.

Until Midlife.

Until we choose to wake up or the Universe does the waking for us.

Shaking us,

Harder and harder.

We begin awakening from a lifelong slumber.

Much like a dream where we didn’t know we were asleep.

We begin to question our beliefs, unpeeling the layers, to find our true Self was right there all along

When we realize we can’t try to be what we already are.


When the being becomes more important than the doing.

We understand we’ve been playing the game of life with the wrong rule book.

We begin writing our own rules.

The rules of a Modern Midlife.

Full of Moxie.

We say farewell to our False Self and welcome the only one that remains.


Authentic You.

The You you’ve always been

And always will be.

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I love this time of my life. Society and women tend to believe that this is the beginning of the end. ‘It’s only downhill from here”. What?!?
Like you said, this is the rising of the Phoenix. This is the time we get to reinvent ourselves. This is the time we get to embrace this transition and become our authentic selves, not living our lives to others standards. And hopefully we can find some serendipity in its path.


I’m with you sister! The aging part isn’t so fun but the empowering part and age itself is wonderful!

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