Smelling the Roses

“Be more and you will do more.” – Catherine Grace O’Connell

You know those people you meet along the highway of life, the ones who seem to glow from within, those radiant humans whose presence is so powerful, so magnetic, you can feel it in every fiber of your being?

I’ve been blessed to know more than a few of these extraordinary humans – souls who seem to have touched the face of God, people who leave your life forever changed.

What’s their secret?


Their presence is their power – their secret sauce, their superpower.

It’s also their beauty, a different kind of beauty. A much rarer form of beauty – beauty that’s felt by the heart – beauty that’s from the heart. Beauty that is the heart.

There is an undeniable connection between being present and the power of your presence.

Your presence is everything.

The more time we spend being present, intently focused on the beauty of the current moment, the more we enhance our presence – the more we enhance our power.

When we meet someone for the first time, what we sense is their presence.

What’s Oprah’s secret? What draws us to her? Her presence.

What about Brene Brown? Same thing. Her presence.

What is presence? In a nutshell, it’s the power of your very being.

We come into the world as beautiful human beings. It isn’t long before this world turns us upside down into “human doings.”

And, then, we grow up and realize something’s wrong. We are feeling off. Off balance. Unfulfilled.

We feel lost.

What have we lost?

Our presence.

When we spend our lives focused on “the doing” over the being, we lose the very essence of who we are.

Focusing solely on “doing” will never enhance our being but focusing on our “being” will always enhance what we do.

The Midlife Awakening is when we begin to “undo” what we’ve learned so we can return to being – a magnificent human being.

Many women reach Midlife only to feel invisible.

Invisibility is the ultimate loss of presence.

However, it’s not caused by someone or something else. No one makes you invisible. It’s caused by losing connection to “presence.”

When we feel this way, it’s important to take note … and find our way back to the “present.”

A few weeks ago, I made a decision to disconnect from social media. I was not feeling my best, low energy, not sleeping well, and basically, off balance. My inner barometer was blinking red. I was engaging in a lot of “doing” but I wasn’t “being.” I know myself well enough to know when it’s time to let go of without and spend more time going within.

Within one week, I was back to my old self again. Well, my old self that’s now my new self.

I spent much of that week being present.

Doing less. Being more.

Slowing down.

Stopping to smell the roses. Truly. Stopping. Breathing. Relaxing. Enjoying.


Today, it’s a bit like Christmas morning … I found my presence.

So can you!

What are you waiting for?

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This reminds me of something that I’ve been trying to do more of in my life – and that is to just do ONE thing at a time – which means being fully present. So, although I’m still in the “doing” mode, I’m fully present and aware of how I’m feeling, what I’m experiencing, and what I’m offering in that exact moment. Our presence and being present makes all the difference in how we feel about what we are doing and at the end of the day, it feels good to remember the moments that made up the day….rather than just everything running together. Lovely post. : )


Being trumps doing any day, sister, doesn’t it? The older I get, the more I truly begin to understand this confusing game of life. It has its own set of rules, ones we aren’t taught in school. I appreciate you and your awesome support!


Wow! Beautifully written!


Thank you beautiful sister. I do love Moxie on Monday! Happy 4th weekend!!!


I can feel how recharged you are! I had a flash of thought while reading this post, and it was me relaxing in a tropical body of water with no cares. Not exactly sure why your writing took me there. I guess it’s about being, just being, and not doing, and I haven’t been being, I’ve been doing. So I get it!


That sounds like a lovely flash of a thought – particularly when I envision you in the heat of summer in NYC. Happy 4th, sweet one!


Catherine, you have that kind of presence… oodles of it!
And I am so glad you took that break and shared about it. That is an encouragement to everyone running on empty. Thank you for that! Great post! (you are rocking those braids too!)


You are a love and made my day. Braids and a baseball cap do wonders for hair that hasn’t been washed!Big XO my Moxie girl!


You make everything better …thank you for YOUR presence ….


As do you, sunshine!!!


Love you beautiful human


And I love you back beautiful human!

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