“Stop! In the name of Love.” – Diana Ross & The Supremes

Please, tell me I’m not alone.

Some days, I feel very alone.

With all that’s going on in the world, life is beginning to feel surreal.

Some days, I wake brimming with energy and enthusiasm.

Other days, I find myself exhausted, drained, wanting to sleep the day away.

I feel like I’m continually dancing between light and dark.

Some days, life is exquisite.

Some days, life is unbearable.

What used to be clear and focused, now seems murky and unresolved.

This experience that has come upon me like a thief in the night and now it’s moved in and is eating popcorn on my couch.

If it’s true that we create our own reality, then it’s also true we have the power within to change what we experience from one day to the next.

Sometimes we just need a catalyst.

I was preparing for an upcoming talk show, doing some research on my guest – a wildly inspiring woman, Amberly Lago, who teaches powerful lessons on resilience.

She said something that made me think. I mean really made me think. It was simple yet profound – “Stop!” to “Start.”

Many of us live on a treadmill – the hamster wheel of life. We get caught up in our daily, unconscious routines, living on autopilot. We begin losing ourselves, day by day, bit by bit, until we’re unrecognizable. We wonder how it all went so wrong. All those hopes and dreams begin to fall by the wayside. We find ourselves settling, lowering the bar for what we expect out of life – for what we expect from ourselves.

Amberly’s words – Stop to Start – made me think about the power of stopping. It made me realize how much strength it takes to stop momentum – to pull the emergency brake, to eject ourselves from the proverbial treadmill. And how much clarity one finds when we actually do stop for a bit!

The key to changing our lives lies not in the doing but in the being.

It is only when we stop the doing that we have the power to change the being.

To change who we are in the future, to change who we are becoming, means breaking from who we were in the past. To “break” means we must stop. Stop moving. Stop thinking. Stop our patterns, habits and behaviors in their tracks. To break the pattern of being ourselves requires the courage to stop being who we were to become who we have always desired to be.

To be the best version of ourself, we must stop being the prior version of ourselves.

We must stop to start.

A time out gives us just the space we need to let go of what’s no longer serving us so we can fill that space, consciously and intentionally with things that do serve us – beautiful things – things in alignment with who we choose to become.

It is only in stopping, that we can begin again.

A new life requires a new beginning.

A new beginning, a new start, begins by stopping – stopping the process of being who you were in order to become who you’ve always desired to be.

It’s breaking the cycle between you and you – the old you and the new you.

Sometimes, the most challenging thing you can do isn’t to start a new life. It’s to stop the old one from continuing.

Cheers Beauties, are you ready for a new beginning? Wonderful. Then, STOP right now!

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Love this topic. Stop to start! It makes sense Catherine. Thank you for sharing.



Love you, sister. Stop to start!!!


Very powerful,


Love you!

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