“Never ever let anyone take the charge of your Guitar called LIFE. Tune your Dreams, for you are the composer of the tracks of your life. Why do you wait? What are you scared of?” – Vikrmn, Guru with Guitar

I’ve always loved music although I am not musically gifted in any way. In fact, if you heard me sing, you’d probably run the other way. That is, if you could stop laughing long enough.

I grew up around music.

I remember watching my brothers when I was young, tuning their instruments. They would use a tuner, a little box where they could tinker and adjust various levels of sounds and chords to harmonize their instruments.

The tuner adjusted the pitch at which the instrument vibrated.

When they didn’t take the time to tune their instruments, the sound was anything but pretty.

I couldn’t help but think about the analogy to us humans.

After all, we are vibrational beings.

The more “in tune” we are, the more balanced we feel. The more balanced we feel, the more harmonious are our lives.

A high vibration translates to a more joyful life.

Higher vibrations are those of love, joy, compassion, empathy and peace.

Lower vibrations include anger, sadness, depression, apathy, and jealousy.

You get it.

Higher vibrations mean we feel amazing. We’re in the flow of life.

Lower vibrations, not so much.

Think of it like this.

We are instruments.

Sometimes, we’re in harmony.

Other times, out of balance or, let’s say “vibrationally challenged.”

Yet, we are born with a gift – a built in tuner.

The problems begin when we don’t take the time to tune ourselves regularly.

Everything needs a “tune up.”

Your car runs better when it’s properly maintained.

So do you.

So do I.

Balance means regular tuning.

Balance means tinkering with that tuner on a regular basis so it stays in harmony.

It’s like that teeter totter metaphor. (If you missed it, check out my IG post here)

Equilibrium occurs when both sides are equally balanced. Teetering up or down is natural as long as we come back into balance. It’s when we go crashing down, that it’s much harder to get back to center.

You know that famous saying by St Francis of Assisi, “Be an instrument of thy peace.”

You are an instrument, a beautiful instrument with a built in tuner. Staying in tune is the easiest way to live a harmonious life.

Staying in tune means becoming aware of our vibrations – knowing when we’re out of balance and what we need to do to bring ourselves back.

Cheers Beauties and remember to Stay Tuned!

Keep tinkering with that vibration.

Peace begins with us.

The world is our chorus.

The more in tune we are with ourselves, the more in tune we are with others.

The more in tune we are with others, the more peace and harmony we experience in the world.

Be an instrument of peace – thy peace – your peace – my peace and our peace.

Here’s to 2021 a year of Peace – Peace With a whole lotta Grace.

Now if I could only learn to sing.

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