Are you feeling out of balance, overwhelmed or disconnected? It’s times like this with a pandemic that feels never-ending, wildfires burning out of control, political strife, ending wars, losing wars, and more that we can feel utterly discombobulated.

Fortunately for us we have Laura Bruno and her timely monthly North Node Horoscope update  for September to give us hope that every negative has a positive and that light is always the answer to darkness. Following a powerful blue moon, we have an upcoming new moon this week that brings with it an opportunity for change along with some necessary reflection and introspection.

As we move from the Virgo energies into the Libra vibration, we also open up to the possibility of justice for all along with shining light on the truth. It is in our challenges that we grow both individually and collectively. Through personal introspection, we alchemize those challenges into our very own superpowers, knowing there isn’t any obstacle we face that we don’t have the power to overcome.

September is brimming with opportunity in the cosmos. Laura’s brilliant insights help us to access and utilize the power of the heavens to our advantage and to transform the struggles we have faced over the past year into our personal superpowers.

Cheers Beauties, read on to be inspired to take action in your own life as the energies of the universe are like the wind in our sails propelling us forward to a more beautiful, empowered life. Always remember that you are powerful beyond measure and that your greatest powers will always be those that exist inside of you. If you are looking for more guidance or a deeper understanding of yourself or your personal chart and energies, I highly encourage you to book a session with Laura to learn more about you and what your soul is calling you to do or to be in this lifetime. What better time to invest in you than those delicious years at Midlife & Beyond when your North Node is urging you to follow your heart and your dreams?

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