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“Supporting women to radiate JOY through effortless style and mindset to live a full spirited life with confidence.” – Eluroom

If you played dress up as a young girl, you have most likely experienced the power of fashion to bring you JOY.

If you have ever played dress up as a grown woman (with a little one very much alive on the inside) – in dresses by Eluroom, you will experience that joy all over again.

Today’s Style Spotlight is a very special new line & designer, Eluroom, created by our very own Fierce Sister in the UK, Rebecca Rodden. The line is consciously and intentionally created, with every single element from the choice of fabrics, always sustainable, to the finish on the buttons, made mindfully by the designer herself.

Rebecca’s philosophy is simple yet powerful: She is committed to supporting women in radiating JOY through her designs. Gone are the days of having nothing to wear. When we have a wardrobe of clothes we love and feel good in, we feel confident and beautiful. Each dress is a wardrobe staple, each one based on iconic vintage shapes, to create chic effortless elegance.

Women tend to be drawn to Rebecca. A beautiful bright spirit with a background in meditation, yoga and a love for the spiritual realm, the Eluroom Brand is personally infused with Rebecca’s spirit and soul. A few things to know about the brand, outside of the gorgeous designs and fabrics, are Rebecca’s intentions when it comes to our beautiful planet and her passion for sustainability:

Ausus Dress – The gold fabric is deadstock which means it’s destined for landfill. It also means it’s a limited edition. A unique piece with only 9 in existence. The lining is the same. The buttons are also deadstock which have been refinished to be pale gold. This dress is available in a wide range of additional colors, including delicious shades of sorbet.
Elama Psych Paisley Dress – The Paisley is made from a viscose fabric which comes from trees and once used they are replaced. It’s scale combined with the fluidity of the fabric are incredibly flattering.

The moment you slip into an Eluroom design, you can feel Rebecca’s passion and positivity literally woven through the fabrics. The colors are gorgeous and vibrant.

I’m wearing the Ausus in a size Small in the Limited Edition Gold. It can be worn on the shoulder or off the shoulder. I love that it’s ideal for all body shapes and sizes. It’s lined in a beautiful turquoise. I’m showing it both belted or simple and flowing. This dress is guaranteed to make you twirl. There are endless ways to style this look. If you pop on over to the Eluroom site you’ll see a wide selection of scrumptious colors as well as some fun ways to style this gorgeous dress. I added a pair of black patent boots scooped up on the YOOX site by Maison Margiela along with a belt from Below The Belt.

I had a bit of fun with the Paisley Dress as it comes with a lovely sash that I decided to toss around a ponytail in one look and around my neck, “pussy bow style,” simply to show you a few different ways to wear this fabulous design. Rebecca found this sumptuous 100 percent viscose fabric over in India. Of course, you can wear the sash as a belt as well! There are endless ways to style a classic shirt dress. I chose OTK suede boots by Jeffrey Campbell and a suede belt by BCBG from years ago. You can’t help but fall in love with the vibrancy and femininity of this print. It was delightful to shoot on the UW Campus in Tacoma with the trees in full bloom as the ideal backdrop, perfectly matching the color scheme. I have amassed quite a hat collection too. This one is from one of the Rachel Zoe boxes but here is a similar style. The purse is a classic from my own collection by Coach from several seasons ago. Classic chic. Boom!

Pink Dress Sitting on Bench
UW Stairs Standing

Now, to introduce you to our Fierce Sister, Rebecca Rodden, and to share a bit more about her to get to know her spirit and her beautiful heart. I also wanted Rebecca to share some wonderful words of wisdom as a female entrepreneur, so here goes:

Q1: What inspired you to take the leap from working for a designer to starting your own boutique featuring your designs?

A: I had a feeling deep inside that I wanted a change. I did a great deal of soul searching in what I wanted the next phase of my life to be about. There was a spark of an idea around dresses along with a message I wanted to share. The creation of forever pieces that can be worn for so many things in so many ways. Key wardrobe pieces that you return time and time again as you know you look and feel amazing in them. How your dress your mood and mindset are interwoven. So sharing ways to boost your mood both inside and out.

Q2: What has been the scariest part?

A: It’s a mixture of fear and excitement with the launch of new designs. Will they be liked? Will people get as much out of wearing them as I do in the creating of them? It’s 100% me so I am putting myself out there. Excitement wins out.

UW Stairs

Q3: What has been the most rewarding?

A: Seeing someone try on a dress and the way their face lights up and their posture elevates. That yes this is the one moment.

Q4: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

A: Having more days of sunshine and sea. I have set the business up so I can do it anywhere.

Q5: If you could go back in time and meet up with your younger self, what would you tell her?

A: Don’t be so mean to yourself. It’s okay to do what you want to do. Life is supposed to be enjoyed. It’s where the brand message comes from. My years of self discovery on this. The journey continues.

Q6: If stranded on a desert island and could only bring 3 things, what would they be?

A: Something to be able to listen to music on. A gadget like a Swiss Army knife. As this would be so useful to cut and make things and have a utensils. It would also have a pen in it so I could write or draw. A small bowl that could double as a cup as it would be a luxury to use to eat and drink rather than my hand.

UW landscape

Q7: High heels or flats?

A: Can I have both here? I love shoes both the wear and look at. I see the value in both depending on the occasion. (PS – I’m with you!)

Q8: Lip gloss or Lipstick?

A: Gloss

Q9: Kindle or Paper Book?

A: There is something satisfying in turning page on a book.

Q10: Is there anything you would do differently in your business today or any words of wisdom you would like to share with women following in your footsteps?

A: It’s good to have targets and goals but don’t use them as a reason to beat yourself up or overlook and opportunity because you are so fixed on one idea or outcome.
Enjoy the journey and enjoy the moment. Both in business and in life. There is no dress rehearsal it’s about trying new things that you enjoy because if you do so will your dream boat clients. I have found when I look at it this way I am more interested objective in the decisions

UW Gold
On the Sound in Gold

Thank you, Rebecca! You are such a bright and beautiful spirit and your collection is a beautiful reflection of you.

Cheers Beauties! Be sure to check out the entire Eluroom Collection of Dresses, one to wear each day of the week! The fabrics are light, airy, silky and delicious to slip into – a divine experience all around that I’m busting to share. Now, which one is your favorite?

PS. I’ve got my eye on the camo dress – the Elana Sunset Camo – putting it front and center on my list for Santa. Ho Ho Ho!

(I’m grateful to have received these two beautiful dresses as a gift from Rebecca and Eluroom.)
Gold Vision

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