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"Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see the shadows. It's what the sunflowers do.”

Sunflowers have a lot to teach us about light and about love.

Without light, sunflowers wither and die. So do humans.

Neither of us stand a chance without light or without oodles of love.

Sunflowers move their blooms throughout the day to face directly into the sun.

A young sunflower faces to the east at dawn, always waking to greet the sun. She then turns slowly toward the west as the sun moves across the sky. During the night, the sunflower instinctively knows to turn back to the east to begin the cycle all over again.

Sunflowers work together in community and concert with one another. If one of them is struggling to find light, the sunflowers will even mysteriously move around and adjust themselves to help a neighboring sunflower find the light it needs.

Sunflowers seem to intuitively know that they’re better off working together. They also have an innate sense that the world around them is also made better through continual collaboration over competition.

The more they work together, the bigger and brighter their blooms, and the more delicious nectar they produce to attract bees to pollinate. They also know that bees love warm flowers. The Sunflower is magnetic. It attracts all insects because of the special nectar it contains. The more sun they absorb, the more nectar they produce.

I mentioned in a post a while ago that we have recently entered into a new age, The Age of Acquarius. It’s out with the “everyone for himself” mentality and in with a very 60’s Woodstock vibe of hippies and love, sweet love.

The Aquarian Age revolves around community and connection. Much like Mr. Rogers, it’s all about being a good neighbor.

Which brings me back to the sunflower and its magical lessons for us humans in need of light.

Research shows us that when sunflower kin are planted close together, they arrange themselves to stay out of one another’s way. The sunflowers incline their shoots alternately toward one side of the row or the other, symbiotically making room for one another.

To the Chinese the Sunflower is the symbol of longevity.

Unlike most plants, the Sunflower cannot be genetically modified. The Sunflower seems to know it’s true nature (of course a pun!) – nothing can get in the way of it’s authentic self!

The Age of Aquarius requires us humans to get on the same page. It demands that we let of the “I” for the greater good of the collective “we.” It’s all about Kumbaya and spiritual unity – just like the sweet sunflower.

As the stress of the pandemic continues, we humans are in need of light more than ever before.

The thing is the light is always there. It never goes away.

It’s up to us to turn toward the light – to follow the light.

It’s also up to us to work together and to help those of us struggling a bit more in the darkness, to adjust ourselves in order to help our neighbor to find the light.

Cheers Beauties!

Here’s to being like a Sunflower & to Chasing Light & Love Sweet Love!

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