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"The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new lands but in seeing with new eyes.”


(No, I do not have it.)

In it’s own way, it has redefined our lives for the last 2 years. I mean, totally changed things.

We all experience it every day and it hangs over us all like the Sword of Damacles.

For the first year, I didn’t even know anyone who had gotten it. Now, I know LOTS of people that have had it recently.

In fact, I found out this week that Covid had marched down the Yellow Brick Runway and hit my dear friend Jacqueline Depaul and her new hubby, The Handsome Devil.

Sounds crappy and it is.

But the conversation I had with Jacqueline was hilarious and I’d like to share it with you, as even in Covid, sweetness abounds!

Jacqueline and Devil, the love of her life, are cooped up inside their home nursing their cases of Covid. Jacqueline went on to tell me that they had the cutest daily routine. Devil would take his temperature with one of those thermometers you point at your forehead. He would then go over to Jacqueline and take her temperature. It actually became a sweet bonding and caring routine, one they looked forward to.

Let’s be real, being sick sucks. Coming down with Covid is no easy picnic. But for Jacqueline and Devil, the love was so palpable and their connection so deep, the experience only brought them closer together. They were in it together.

Many other people out there are having a very different experience. Of course, we aren’t all newlyweds madly in love. Yes, that does makes life lighter and brighter. But the truth of life is so much deeper than that. No matter what we are going through in life, our perspective, our attitude, our mindset can shift. We have the power to shift our perspective by simply changing the way we see life and life’s challenges. We can attach a positive story to a situation or a negative story.

Perspective is a choice.

The exact same situation can look completely different depending upon our vantage point.

It’s amazing what a little bit of love, sharing, and gratitude for the good in our lives can do to our perspective.

Covid sucks.

But a caring relationship and a friend/love to share with can give us the Moxie to endure just about anything with Grace.

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So beautiful. Bless you! My daughter and her boyfriend and maybe soon my Granddaughter have Covid right now. Nothing worse than not being able to be a Mom and sit by their bed side with chicken soup. But, I did the next best thing and went shopping for them. Dropped off the food, a special treat and a heating pad. Praying for them now. Thank you for your story here. I enjoyed it!


I’m so sorry to hear that sister! It’s spreading like wildfire isn’t it? Thank you for the love. It is so much better when you have someone to share it with!



I remember when Jacqueline was showing us how to walk and feel confident at FierceCon and Handsome Devil tried to quietly enter the room and support from the back row, but several folks in the audience made a commotion, (“ooo”, “aahh”, “Who dat?”) ‘cus, you know, he’s a handsome devil!

And then Jacqueline kindly stopped and graciously introduced him…as her “handsome devil”.

Can it get any more adorable than that?

Looking forward to the next FierceCon when we are done with this pandemic!!



Looks like she made it!

Everyone was oohing and ahing over your spectacular presence! My beautiful friend. Those two do tend to cause a commotion, don’t they? I love you so much!


AWWWW, love you Catherine. Yes, we love “taking temperatures” together and starting into each other’s eyes. Our little ritual. 🙂


You two do make me smile. You have to read Julie’s comment above. Says it all! Love you both!

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