“Every mountaintop is within reach if you just keep climbing.” – Barry Finlay

I think of life as a journey, a long winding up and down journey, sometimes treacherous and, other times, awe inspiring.

Life is like a mountain – a bit like climbing Mount Everest. In the end, what we see or what we take away from our experience depends upon one thing – our perspective.

The thing about perspective is that it’s not static.

Perspective is continually shifting and changing. As we shift and grow, as we evolve through life’s challenges, our perception and the filter we see life through, can change dramatically.

I started this morning, an early Sunday morning, with a beautiful meditation followed by the beginning of a Meditation Teacher Training Class with Davidji. I’m returning once again to finish what I started last spring, when Clubhouse took my attention away (my bad!) and my teacher training wasn’t completed.

Davidji is a gifted storyteller. He might be one of the best storytellers I’ve ever come across in my entire life. His stories are always impactful, witty and filled with the wisdom of the ages and ancient teachings. “Ji” began by telling us that when he began meditating long ago, he had a “religious” daily hour morning meditation regimen. He would wake up every day and sink into an hour long meditation. He loved this time and guarded it zealously.

One day, construction began on the building right next door. His morning meditation would now be filled with loud banging noises and the construction crew constantly yelling over the noise to talk to one another. It went like this: “Hey, Joe, get over here. Jimmy, can you back up that truck?” And on and on it went, all through his morning meditation.

Ji went on to share that even with all his daily meditations, despite years of practice, he would find himself completely irritated and frustrated. Rather than focusing on his breath or peace and calm, his attention was on all the noise and distractions. He wasn’t happy with the construction crew. So, one day, he decided to walk over and introduce himself. Heck, he even knew their names. It didn’t take long before they were laughing and bonding. He returned to his morning meditations in a completely different space.

What changed?

Absolutely nothing outside of him. All that changed was a simple shift in perspective – a shift from within. Now, when he heard the noise and the men yelling and joking with one another, he would laugh and smile and continue with his meditation.

Life is like a mountain. The higher we climb, the more elevated our perspective.

I have a secret to share: the biggest mountain you’ll ever climb isn’t Mount Everest. It’s the one inside of you.
No matter what we’re going through in life, we have the opportunity to shift our vantage point, to take the next step to a more elevated perch and perspective.

Make it to the Summit, that glorious inner summit, and I guarantee you a beautiful, awe inspiring new outlook on your life.

Cheers Beauties! Onwards and Upwards. Here’s to living life with an elevated perspective. The higher we climb inside of ourselves, the more beautiful life will be.

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