Moon and Stars for the Lunar New Year

"Watch your words as they hold within the power of creation.”

Cheers Beauties & Happy Lunar New Year!


You may be thinking.

Didn’t we just celebrate the New Year?

You’re right. We did.

Lucky for us, on February 1st, there’s another opportunity to celebrate with the arrival of the Lunar New Year.

Even better, this is the Year of the Tiger.


So Fierce!

I was talking to my friend & fierce sister, Chef Katie Chin, the other day as we were filming a brand new season of Mastering Modern Midlife.

Katie was on her way to the big apple to be a special guest on Live with Kelly and Ryan to celebrate the Lunar New Year with some delicious Asian specialties like Long Life Noodles.

Talk about Fierce! How cool is that?

In Katie’s words “ The Lunar New Year is a very special holiday as everything you eat on this day and everything you do determines how your entire year will unfold. Chinese people eat things like Long Life Noodles to symbolize longevity (the longer the life the longer the noodle!) or a whole steamed fish to symbolize abundance. I like to serve my family and friends Potstickers on Chinese New Year because they symbolize prosperity and riches as the dumplings resemble gold ingots.” You can find all of the recipes right here.

Or, even better, you can find these and lots more in Katie’s latest book, “The Global Family Cookbook.”

So, what exactly is the Lunar New Year and how do we use it to attract abundance, prosperity, health and happiness throughout the year? Well, the Lunar New Year is based upon a calendar year whose months are moon cycles. It is typically celebrated in East and Southeast Asia, being based upon the Chinese calendar. It’s also considered the most important and  festive day of the year in China. A couple of Katie’s suggestions honor long-standing traditions and beliefs in the Asian culture. For one, don’t sweep your house on this day as you could sweep out the good energy which is a definite no no! Another recommendation is to be extra careful of your words. The more positive your words, the more positive your year as what you say sets the tone for 2022.

Be like a fierce tiger, guard your words zealously. That’s a wonderful intention for every day of the year.

This February 1st, you’re in for a doubly auspicious beginning as it’s also a new month with the latest North Node Horoscope updates from our resident astrologer, Laura Bruno. Kicking things off with a new moon in Aquarius on February 1st, be sure to plant positive seeds and water them with good intentions. The cosmos tells us that February will be an emotionally intense period, much like a volcano that’s about to erupt. Doing whatever you can do to stay grounded, calm and peaceful  will be helpful in navigating the turbulent energies.

Remember, what’s most important isn’t what’s out there but what’s in here – inside of you! The more grounded and present you are on the inside, the less the turbulence outside of you will matter.

Cheers Beauties! After the last two years of a pandemic, I believe we’re overdue for an auspicious and abundant new year. The Lunar New Year is the ideal opportunity to channel your inner tiger as the new moon opens the door to planting new seeds and new beginnings.

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I love the post. Especially since I was born in the year of the tiger. Katie makes some great suggestions 🍜😘🐅


Isn’t she awesome sister? Of course you were born in the Year of the Tiger, my beautiful fierce sister. I love you!


Too funny. One of my favorite places to plop my tush too!

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