"My greatest teachers are the people who can see the magnificence in me when I can’t see it for myself.”

Shakespeare said, “All the world’s a stage.”


We are simply actors. 


Changing scenes. Changing characters. Changing roles. 


If life is one gigantic theatre … who’s in your front row?


Who are your front row peeps?


Who are the humans cheering you on day after day?


I recently did a show with Sally Lou Loveman. Sally Lou was the Audience Producer for the Oprah Winfrey Show for over 20 years. She knows the art of designing the perfect audience. 


The ideal audience begins with creating a powerful front row. 


Think of yourself as an actor on a stage and the humans in your life as the audience.


Consciously stacking the front row of your audience with those humans who see the best in you – the magnificence in you – is the greatest secret to a powerful performance in life.


Yes, we change characters throughout our life. 


As we shift and evolve, so does our audience. 


Over time, we may need to move our front row peeps, being sure to always keep the ones cheering loudest for us right up front.


Sally Lou also talks about the power of connecting our audience to one another. 


Creating the most powerful front row of your life means making sure the humans who see the best in you are the mirror you see reflecting back the best in you to you. 


It’s also building connections between your front row peeps. 


The magic of FierceCon, our Forever Fierce premiere event, lies in the magic of the mirror and the power of connection. 


You can feel the magic as the women come alive, building connections through their hearts, becoming powerful mirrors for one another – reflecting back the beauty they see in each other.


When you can’t see the magnificence in you, be sure to surround yourself with people who can do it for you. 


Life is a mirror. 


We are in control of the mirrors we see. 


The most powerful mirrors are the ones in the front row. 


When we surround ourselves with the humans who cheer the loudest, the ones who lift us when we fall, the ones who see the beauty in us, all we need to do is sit back and take in the magnificent reflection – we begin to see in ourselves what our front row peeps saw in us all along. 


You are magnificent. 


To create a magnificent life, you need a magnificent audience. 


To create a magnificent audience, you need a magical front row. 


To create a magical front row, you must choose the brightest and kindest humans, the ones who clap the hardest and cheer the loudest, and place them firmly in your front row.


Cheers Beauties. To acting as if you are magnificent because you are. 


So, who’s in your front row?


I know who’s in mine. 




* Now, for extra credit, see the picture above. My mom was an actress. My daughter is an actress. Did you know I’ve done a wee bit of acting? Can you spot someone else in this photo? Hint: Go Irish!

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I need to know more about that photo!! What a great find!
And these words are so true. It makes all the difference,
PS. For some reason the link from your email didn’t work?


What a story, sister? Who knew I had a bit of thespian in me too??? And Go Irish Photog??? What???

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