"In a world full of temporary things, you are a perpetual feeling.”


I’ve been thinking a lot lately.

Feeling a lot lately.

Thinking a lot … about… feelings.

In last week’s post, I touched on the importance of our feelings.

Most of us want to change something in our lives – something about our lives. We tend to get distracted. Social media is filled with distractions. Social media is filled with things. Material things.

Social media is designed to make us want things – to make us believe that those very things can help to make our lives better in some way.

The truth is far more complicated.

The law of attraction teaches us that our feelings are the point of attraction. If we want to attract something into our lives, we must learn to change the way we feel on the inside.

Let’s go back to what I shared in the last Moxie. We see something on social media. Maybe it’s a beautiful designer bag. Now, we can’t stop thinking about the bag. We must have that bag. (I know this is a super simple and silly example, but stay with me.)

The essence of our “want” isn’t the actual handbag. What we really want is the life conveyed by the handbag. Let’s say the image showed a beautiful young woman strolling along the Champs Elysee in Paris. She looks exquisite, Grace Kelly-esque, and, most of all, happy. She looks as if her life is perfect. By her side is a handsome young gentleman. He looks at her with the eyes of love.

What we want is her life. We want her joy. We want her contentment. We want the feeling that she is conveying to us.

So, in essence, we don’t really want the handbag. We want the feeling generated by the woman holding the handbag – feeling what it would be like to be her, to look like her, to live like her.

Let’s boil this down a bit further. If what we want is a feeling, this woman isn’t selling us a feeling. She can’t sell us a feeling. She’s really selling us the “wanting of a feeling.” The feeling is something we have control over.

A feeling can only be generated inside of us.

That, in essence, explains why we have so much stuff yet are still searching endlessly to feel happy – to feel better about ourselves.

That endless wanting is what made Marie Kondo a gazillionaire.

We have all the stuff, way too much stuff, and we are still searching for the feeling.

The feeling was inside of us all along.

Human beings are vibrational, energetic beings.

We are human generators.

We are capable of generating any feeling in the world.

The happiest, higher vibrational feelings, are the ones we desire the most.

They’re also the ones we spend the most money on trying to acquire those feelings.

Us kooky humans have it all backwards much of the time.

The happiest humans focus on the feelings, not the stuff. They know that if they generate the feelings of happiness, peace, and joy inside of them – if they focus on loving themselves to bits, they most likely won’t be left in an endless cycle of wanting – of purchasing things to give them a temporary yet fleeting surge of positive emotions – rather than learning to generate those feelings inside of them.

Things don’t make us happy.

There are zillions of millionaires on the planet, more than ever before, and also more unhappiness, more anger, more division and more and more endless wanting.

When we learn to focus on the feelings, on generating positive emotions inside of us, our life begins to change.

We want less so we can BE MORE.

Try it for yourself, beauties. I promise, it works. It really does.

If you’re ready to give it a go, here are some tips to raise your vibration by generating positive emotions inside of you:

  1. Begin each day with meditation. I know I may sound like a broken record but the quickest way to feeling good is to begin your day by quieting those monkeys in your mind, the ones that fill you with all kinds of negative thoughts. Begin with a consistent practice. Even 5 minutes in the morning will help you to stay in a more peaceful state. It’s consistency that’s most important.
  2. Learn to live from your heart and not your mind. Our minds spin stories. They’re also wired for the negative cognitive bias. What that means is us kooky humans were born with faulty wiring systems. We can go slip sliding away into the murky, shadowy depths pretty quickly if we live from our minds. Our heart only knows truth. When your mind begins to spin stories, go into a quiet place, put your hands on your heart and breathe in and out of your heart. Learn to listen to your heart and not your mind. Learn to live from your heart.
  3. Spend time each day connecting with your heart center. While breathing in and out of your heart, picture a loving memory – anything that stirs up positive loving emotions inside of you – and  place that into your heart center. I love to picture the moment my daughter was born. It can be anything – picture your dog, your best friend, a favorite moment in life, a sunset – anything that makes your heart smile and radiates positive emotions. Now breathe in and out of your heart.
  4. Now, send those positive feelings out around you and out into the world. Remember, our heart is our largest energy field. When you generate positive emotions from your heart and send them out into the world, your aura expands and those positive feelings are a powerful attractor force.
  5. Return to the world with a heart happy and full. Gently open your eyes and continue to bask in the positive feelings you have generated inside of you. 

Everything I’ve learned and taught is experiential – meaning that you must experience these things for yourself to see how they work for you. Most importantly, the better you feel, the less you want. Wanting stops us from having. Continual wanting stops us from being grateful for what we have.

      Want Less To Be More!

That’s it, Beauties!

The more we learn to generate loving feelings inside of us, the more power we have to transform our lives and our reality from the inside out.

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Such great and thought-provoking advice! Thank you for sharing.


Thank you so much, sister!

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