Maddie & Michael

"I willed myself to be Short.”

True love comes from a different place.

A deeper place.

A soulful space.

A soulmate isn’t simply a romantic, mushy gushy love, a temporary love that fades over time but a love that joins two souls as one, creating a powerful friction forcing each soul to rise, to evolve, to grow, and to be the best human they can possibly be – where the sum of two souls is far greater together.

I’ve recently witnessed such a union.

A beautiful union.

A powerful union of soulmates.

Born from a Big NO

Evolving into the BIGGEST YES!

The story begins with my daughter.

Maddie was recently married to the love of her life, Michael Short, in one of the most glorious wedding ceremonies I’ve been fortunate to be part of.

Maddie and Michael are soulmates.

They’ve been together for ten years.

It wasn’t always so perfect.

It wasn’t always butterflies & rainbows.

Or a match made in heaven.

Let me take you back to the beginning.

Maddie and Michael went to UCLA. They met on the fraternity sorority circuit. They became best friends. And, Michael had a big crush on Maddie.

One day, Michael decided to go for it. He asked Maddie on a date. The two of them got all dressed up and went out on that date.

It was an awful date.

Then, things got awkward.

Maddie wanted to be friends.

She asked Michael to go out for coffee. Just friends.

And Michael said NO!

A big NO!

He wasn’t going to be just friends. He also wasn’t going to sit around and wait for Maddie.

Yes, he wanted to be with Maddie more than anything.

But, what mattered even more was his own belief in himself.

Michael has confidence.

A LOT of confidence.

Not that cocky egocentric type of confidence that tends to repel most humans but a magnetic sense of confidence; a deep down knowing that he is deserving of good things.

This is what turned that NO into a ten year romance and a marriage with the love of his life.

Rarely, have I ever seen a love so pure, a bond so wholesome, a love so great – where two humans together are so much bigger, better and brighter than one.

The lesson is simple yet powerful and it applies to every single human on this planet. When you believe in yourself, when you know deep down that you are a good person and deserving of good things, good things come to you.

Good things can’t resist you.

When you know what you want and you won’t settle for less, when you’re not afraid to say no for fear of losing someone you love, when you’re not afraid to let go of something or someone you love, when you act from love and not fear – love of yourself first, and when you don’t force anything but allow things to unfold naturally, believing that good always wins out, your NO will always result in a YES!

Confidence … deep down, heartfelt, wholesome confidence is a powerful source of magnetic attraction.

Belief in yourself trumps everything.

Cheers Beauties. Here’s to never being afraid to say NO. Here’s to loving yourself, believing in yourself and knowing you deserve the best in life, because you do.

Remember to examine every single YES to ensure that it comes from love and not fear, from an inner place of strength and not weakness.

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Beautiful! Wishing them continued happiness. Sending you lots of love … <3




What a great story behind the photos. We all need that kind of confidence,


Thank you, sister!

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