Catching the Train in NYDJ

“If a year was tucked inside of a clock, then autumn would be the magic hour.” – Victoria Erickson

Two things I know for sure. I have damn good taste in fashion, and I’m not easily impressed.

I came across the fashion brand, NYDJ many years ago. It popped up on my radar on my Instagram feed and I couldn’t help but be mesmerized by what I saw. Jeans that fit a multitude of body shapes and looked equally fabulous across a spectrum of sizes and demographics. And as a woman at Midlife, it was refreshing to see women who looked like me gracing their pages! NYDJ’s clothing was uber stylish yet classically timeless. Although the acronym, NYDJ, has moved on from its initial, “Not Your Daughter’s Jeans,” the company’s evolution continues to delight and surprise its ravenous audience: women just like me! 

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I was a young teen when I discovered the life changing magic of fashion. Growing up in a testosterone filled home with 4 boys and myself, the middle child and only girl, fashion was a refuge from the endless hand me downs of sweatshirts and boys tee’s. It was either fashion or be a tomboy forever, and that was NEVER going to happen! That was anathema to my young spirit. The moment I turned 16, I hopped the bus from the northern suburbs of Chicago and hightailed it over to the mall to begin working at Charles Stevens. 

Decades later, fashion continues to thrill me in every way. At 61, just like other women at Midlife & Beyond, I’ve continued to evolve along with fashion. Fashion brands can be a bit resistant to span the ages yet NYDJ seems to have tackled and perfected this challenge exquisitely! I’ve been fortunate to partner with this amazing brand over the past year with several campaigns from spring and summer into fall. But this post is from my heart and is not sponsored in any way. My personal experience wearing and sharing NYDJ over the past year has made me a forever fan. I’m delighted to share my passion for a brand that’s ideal for YOU & ME, the Modern Midlife woman. 

When I think back to when I was growing up in the 60’s and 70’s, midlife today looks radically different. Quite honestly, I feel that the years at midlife & beyond are some of the best years of my life. It’s a time when a woman begins to come into her own. It’s like a coming home of sorts. I know it has been for me. 

When it comes to personal style, women in the later ages and stages of life aren’t one size fits all. Like Baskin Robbins and its 31 flavors, we come in a wide variety of colorful personalities with an equally colorful and distinctive flair for fashion. I’ve always admired the effortless style of the Parisian woman. I consider it classic chic at its best. It’s as though style is part of their DNA. Classic styles lend themselves to timelessness. They also tend to be far more sustainable in that we can continue to wear them year after year. That brings me to one of the reasons that NYDJ is at the top of my list. It’s a brand that has a commitment to sustainability. It’s also a brand whose timeless classic designs are made to last. I know I’ll be wearing their styles for many, many years to come! The NYDJ tag line, “Comfort Meets Effortless Style,” isn’t simply a tag line. It’s an experience, one I highly recommend. 

That brings me to the fall line. NYDJ’s fall collection is one of the best I’ve seen this year. The fabrics are sumptuous. The designs are cut to flatter a multitude of body types. Their fabrics are brilliant in their innovative and proprietary technology designed to lift, smooth and tuck you and your curves in all the right places. If you haven’t taken a peek at their Instagram gallery or their website, you can’t help but notice how fabulous NYDJ denim looks from behind. The moment I slipped into my first pair of NYDJ denim, that was it. I was a fan for life! They have the perfect amount of stretch, hugging you where it matters most. You won’t find any low rise waistbands as most women at midlife and beyond like me love having a waistband that hugs and shapes that tummy area. 

I began the day with the perfect outfit for a day at the office or an office at home, which seems to be the case for many of us post pandemic. This black blazer is made from luxurious ponte fabric with the perfect amount of stretch. It’s super comfy and lightweight and makes the perfect compliment to the Riley Silk Blouse in Blue Shadow. Worn over the Super Skinny Pull On Jeans in Black Denim, it makes for a classic look that’s ideal to keep you comfy during a long work day. NYDJ’s denim fits like a dream as it incorporates an innovative Lift Tuck technology that can only be found at NYDJ. Most of us can use a little help when it comes to lifting and tucking (I know I sure can!) This ingenious design technology is what keeps women like me coming back to NYDJ season after season!

I was so excited to see that NYDJ has ventured into luxurious leather accessories. You can find everything you need to look fabulous from head to toe! For this look, I’m wearing the Wilma Slip-On Mules in Black, that have quickly become a favorite in my wardrobe. They fit perfectly and are super comfy. The Large Leather Tote Bag in the beautiful shade of brown is top of the line designer quality. I took it traveling with me this season and couldn’t live without it. It’s super roomy interior makes for an ideal overnight bag. NYDJ stands for quality. The stylish handbags and shoes are crafted for comfort and made to last. The sumptuous leather is top of the line designer quality.


This pair of Slim Bootcut Pull-On Pant in Faux Suede in the rich shade of Coffee Bean could easily pass for the real thing. The fabric is silky soft and fits like a dream. Paired with the gorgeous Riley Silk Blouse in peachy, the Lyssa Block Heel Sandals in a creamy beige and the Leather Half Moon Crossbody Bag that looks like it was dyed to match, it’s a look that can be worn throughout most of the year. The capri pant screams autumn as it was color matched to the falling leaves. This gorgeous shade of brown is the color of the season.

I was delighted to see the addition of a wide range of handbags to the NYDJ line. With shoes and handbags added to the mix, NYDJ has become one stop shopping. The brand has you impeccably covered from head to toe and from day to night!

Another fabulous addition to this year’s fall collection is their vegan leather. Faux leather never looked so good! The faux leather Marilyn Pant in black will become the cornerstone of your wardrobe. Lightweight and breathable, this dreamy pant also incorporates the super flattering Lift Tuck technology for a cutting edge fit. The Marilyn cut is one of the brand’s top selling designs. It flatters almost every body type out there. I’ve paired it with a gorgeous Black Leather Flap Cross Body that I’m planning to wear for decades. The Evie Denim Pumps in Black are one of the comfiest pair of kitten heels I’ve ever worn. I find myself living in them from day to night as they go with just about anything.

As you can see, these 3 looks can easily take you from a day at the office to an evening happy hour or a night out with the girls. In case you missed my reel on Instagram, take a look as I did just that! I went from work to happy hour and a girl’s night out! The next time I plan a getaway, I’m bringing these three looks with me as they could easily mix and match for a weekend away. 

Be sure to visit the NYDJ website (and use “CATHERINE20” to save 20%!) as they have so many more delicious designs in addition to what I’ve shown you here. I highly encourage you to sign up for their newsletter as they will gift you 15 percent off your first purchase and you’ll be first in line for their fabulous sales and discounts. NYDJ, you have definitely won me over, heart and soul! Clearly, you’ve won over Oprah with NYDJ making it onto her list of her favorite things. I have no doubt that NYDJ will win over you too! One last thought, as my 40 year college reunion happens next year, I loved seeing the NYDJ latest shoot in Nashville, home of my Alma Mater, Vanderbilt! I’m a southern girl at heart and a forever fan of yours and country music! Y’all know that about me, right?!

Cheers Beauties! Which one is your favorite look? So many fabulous styles to choose from! It’s going to be impossible to choose just one. 



When I read the first paragraph – I had to just mention – yes you do have great taste in fashion. I am not sure if you picked these pieces or had them picked for you, but regardless you seem to always be dressed in things that fit you and your style and look absolutely perfectly. And yeah -i’m a dude 😎- (and for the record- yes, straight- gay men don’t have the corner on recognizing what looks good on a woman) but somewhere a long time ago I started paying attention to things like this. Maybe it is the early relationship that I had, where I couldn’t get away with a typical male response and actually had to be honest and observant. Side note- I know this doesn’t get the brand any sales…sorry.


Hi Kevin,

Thank you for your thoughtful and kind feedback. I love hearing from both men and women! I love that you pay attention to women as well as their personal style. I see personal style as sharing our personality with the world. Have a beautiful week!

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