My Bleeding Heart – Capturing Grace

I’ve been told that I’m a bit of a bleeding heart.  Ok…not just a bit and not  a bleeding heart liberal. Just a plain, old, gigantic bleeding heart. You see, my heart tends to be uber sensitive. When I see someone in need, it tugs at my heartstrings. Not in any normal sort of a … Continue Reading

Mademoiselle_Paris Hits LA!

Connection. Isn’t it the key to everything in life? As our world gravitates to the virtual, I’m grateful for those moments offering an authentic personal connection. There’s nothing more beautiful than creating new relationships and developing intimate bonds with another. One of my greatest delights in the Fashion Blogging world is in getting to know … Continue Reading

VIPme Visits Venice: Veni, Vedi, Vici!

Venice is a world unto it’s own. It’s one of those destination musts if you’re in the Los Angeles area. Originally designed to mimic the original Venice, Italy, it’s one of those unique spots with a flavor of it’s very own. We decided to head on over and bring along VIPme for the ride. As … Continue Reading

Giving Thanks – Capturing Grace

Thanksgiving is a special time for creating space in our busy lives to reflect and focus on the many things that we have to be grateful for in life. My heart is literally bursting with joy as I have immense gratitude at this time in my life for many reasons. This year, my children are … Continue Reading

Amazon Meets CGOstyle!

Who doesn’t love Amazon with it’s incredible selection and free express shipping for it’s Prime members? I’ve been a fan of Amazon for years and find Amazon Prime invaluable! I recently discovered a hidden secret. Amazon has made a big push into the online fashion and designer market, making it easier than ever to style … Continue Reading

The Power Of Projection – Capturing Grace

It’s challenging times we live in. Much like A Tale Of Two Cities; “It was the best of times. It was the worst of times.” Polarity exists for a reason. At all times, there are two sides to every coin, yet there are a multitude of ways we can choose to look at any situation. … Continue Reading

Madison Reed: A Love Affair For Hair

I’m a Boho beach girl which means my blonde locks usually need a bit of extra TLC. I’m thrilled to have discovered a company with a vision that’s in perfect alignment with my own, Madison Reed. You have to love a company with both a conscience and a high level of integrity. Madison Reed, named … Continue Reading

HSI: Bring The Heat!

When HSI Professional approached me about doing a blog post, a vision popped into my head immediately. HSI is known for making some of the most coveted hair appliances on the market, from straighteners and curling wands to the finest blow dryers. They also make an amazing product called Argan Oil. I used their Argan Oil Spray … Continue Reading

An Absence Of Grace – Capturing Grace

Have you ever thought about the power of language?   I rarely open up about my political views as I don’t like using this platform to express my voice in that way. However, this is an unusual election and environment, and I feel it’s imperative to open my heart at this time. Reason? The power of … Continue Reading

Introducing: CABI

CABI is a fabulous concept to allow you ease and grace in your shopping experience in an intimate home setting. Having recently hosted my first CABI event, I had the opportunity to see their latest fall collection. The motivation in creating CABI was to offer women freedom in their lives. Freedom to be their own … Continue Reading