Welcome to the Evolution of the Revolution! The first installment of Faces of Fierce is here. If you are a woman at Midlife & Beyond, join the Revolution!

What do these women have in common? They are Fierce … Forever Fierce. No one tells them who they are, what they should wear, or how they should feel. They stand in their power and embrace their inner beauty with the confidence of self-love and the unconditional support of their Sisters. They are living testaments to the vibrancy and creation that is found at Midlife & Beyond.

We are changing the “old” perception of Midlife. It’s cool, it’s hip … it’s a place of Power. We love it! We’ll help you Reinvent, Rewire, and BE RELEVANT!

All of these women joined us at FierceCon 2018 in October in Los Angeles. We challenged award-winning women’s branding photographer Courtney Paige Ray to capture the Fierce essence of nearly 50 women in a single weekend during the conference. One woman at a time. Courtney’s fierce, and the results speak for themselves.

Hit SHARE and spread the word. Join the Tribe with the kind vibe. Be a part of the Revolution!

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