FierceCon LA 2019

October 25 – 27, 2019

Crowne Plaza Hotel, Redondo Beach, CA

It’s not a Conference. It’s a Connection! Celebrating and empowering women at Midlife & Beyond.

About FierceCon LA 2019

Imagine a weekend with a compassionate group of women that celebrate and support you for your inner beauty and heart. Imagine meeting a tribe of Sisters that share your desire to Rewire & Inspire, and to explore new friendships, ideas, and collaborations. We are the Tribe With the Kind Vibe and there’s no mean girls allowed. Join us as we blaze a path to Mastering Modern Midlife!

Beachside Chats

Two powerful sessions with amazing women sharing their stories in honesty and vulnerability. You will laugh and you will cry … and you will learn more about yourself and what you are capable of creating than you ever thought possible. They’re not lectures. They’re discussions that will stir your heart and that you can and will be a part of!

Masterclass & Workshops

Learn the secrets of “Projecting Confidence” in real time transformations with instruction by Paris Fashion Week Runway Model and Physicist Jacqueline Depaul and sponsored by StriVectin. It’s not about photographs or modeling, it’s about developing an aura through the lens of life. Compliment your new knowledge with the power of “Finding Your Voice” in social media and/or on your blog.

Faces of Fierce Photo Shoot

You don’t want to miss this one! Schedule a private photo shoot with award winning women’s photographers Courtney Paige Ray and Cheryl Ogden. We’ve challenged them to bring out your personality, power, and inner beauty. And they will! Your photo will also be included in our celebratory Faces of Fierce video. Take a look at 2018!  ONLY 60 spots – first come first served!

Saturday Evening Gala

Sometimes Girls Just Wanna Have Fun! Our Gala is a night of connection and joy filled with great food, cocktails, singing and dancing, photo booths, and new friendships. And every attendee is eligible for an incredible array of sponsored giveaways! Come on out and let your hair down. Plus One’s welcome … you can sign them up on the registration form.

Saturday Morning Meditation Workshop

In 2018, little did we know this would be the absolute hit of the weekend. When we talk about change, it’s always from within and this meditation session and deep dive discussion will be led by Michel Pascal, creator of the MindDive App, co-author of a book with H.H. The Dalai Lama, and Carnegie Hall Concert performer. Stress is a mind killer and he’ll give you potent ways to worry less and enjoy life more.

Sunday Brunch & Keynote Address

It’s the perfect end to an exceptional weekend experience: gathering together with your new friends and Sisters over coffee, tea, and one of the best breakfast spreads you can find. Jen Dulski will deliver the Keynote Address. She is the author of Purposeful: Are You a Manager or a Movement Starter? and has been Facebook’s Global Head of Groups & Community,  President and COO of, and the first woman to sell a company to Google! 

Who Will You Meet?

What Happens at FierceCon?

The Cliff Notes

I didn’t go to therapy. I went to FierceCon!

Cat Coluccio

Founder, Rocking Midlife

The Novel

My Experience at FierceCon 2018 Rewire & Inspire

I am not.

That is what I have spent the past year saying every day, and I didn’t even realize it.

You probably don’t know me because I am not a blogger, I am not an Instagrammer, I am not a corporate executive at the moment, I am not thin, I am not beautiful, I am not young, I am not photogenic, I am not outgoing, I am not comfortable at a party with people I don’t know, I am not a good piano player,  I am not as accomplished as others, I am not as smart, I am not a mother, I am not a joiner…you get the idea. (For those who know me well I know they will read this and scratch their head saying WTF what is she talking about. ). But that is the tape that plays in my head for the past year and I think until this weekend at FierceCon I didn’t even hear it anymore, it had become part of my mental wiring. Put me in a professional situation or at home, I have many close friends, and I am a connector of people in my world. I am in command, confident, and driven but socially with people I don’t know I shrink ( see the list above).

It was such a treat to meet the women of the Forever Fierce volunteer team (and their extraordinary husbands) in real life. They are the friends I didn’t realize I had and I adore them. The first night at the party ( my worst nightmare is a party where I know only a few people and will cling to them like a life raft). I helped check people in because as long as I had a job to do then I am comfortable. As I watched the other women interact ( I’m an observer of people) most knew each other or of each other and it was lovely to see them together. But I am not one of them. I am that awkward looking 12-year-old girl who loved books and her closest friend was the children’s reference librarian. The girl who was smart and would read books aloud to her beautiful mini-collie Bonnie. I had the reading comprehension of a college freshman but the social skills of a 2nd grader.

Over the next few days at FierceCon, I had the opportunity to meet many of the women one-on-one and quickly saw there was a common theme among us all. We believe in Catherine and her mission of changing the perception of women at midlife; how we see ourselves and how the world and advertisers see us, that we must embrace everything about ourselves as individuals and not worry about what the rest of the world thinks. And for every person I spoke to, thank you for being you and I truly loved meeting each and every one of you.

On Saturday we had the gift of David Ji. Between his guided meditation and live interview, I felt he was there just for me because everything he said held meaning and insight. I was captivated by his wisdom and his humor.

Moving on in the day we heard two panels of women share their stories. Every. Single. One. Had a story that got to the heart of all the things I want to be and want to do. They were brave, funny, smart, insightful and willing to share the good and the bad with the audience. I took away several nuggets from each speaker that I vowed to incorporate into my own life. In some ways the insight and emotions were overwhelming, and at times I felt uncomfortable and wanted to retreat but I was meant to hear those stories. Watch the video replay (here and here); I can promise you that you will be fundamentally changed in some big or small way by the time it’s over. Thank you Janet Gunn Norton, Linda Barnby, Jacqueline Depaul, Jan Correll, Wendy Packer, Cathy Terrell Williamson, Tamara Batsell, Rose Dalton, Patricia O’Reilly Talbot, and Catherine Coluccio.

Saturday early evening we had a group photo shoot. YAY? I may have mentioned that I am not photogenic, I am not an Instagrammer, and I am not comfortable being in the spotlight, so a photo shoot is WAY out of my comfort zone. I am still that chubby 12-year-old girl with the really bad haircut and a mouthful of braces and I have the photographic evidence to prove it. Watching how comfortable most of the women were,  just being in the moment and (not in their head) having fun made me wish I could be that way. But I am not like them.

On Sunday we had the honor of having Peter Lee, the CEO of Saranghae Skin Care give the keynote speech. Listening to him share his story of failures and success, watching him be authentic and genuinely being engaged with our group somehow created a shift in me and things started to fall into place.

One of my dear friends, Daria Matthew, joined me at FierceCon and asked me (more than once) what’s wrong with you? You’re not talking about yourself, you are so accomplished and have so much to offer. I just kept shutting myself down and off, but I didn’t realize anyone else could see that.

Did I mention that I’m not a sharer of my personal experiences because who cares and I’m not that interesting?

It was on the flight home that I began to put the mosaic of the weekend’s experience together and found clarity. The weekend was about rewiring and inspiring, so I decided to share my experience at FierceCon with you. And I also want to share something else.

Starting today, I am not going to waste one more day worrying about what I am not.

Linda Williams

Marketing and Branding Master, The Brand Counselors

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Featured Talks & Speakers

Our lives are our stories. We ask only one question of the fabulous and charismatic speakers, moderators, and group leaders that will grace FierceCon. “Can you bare your soul and be raw and vulnerable, so that even just one woman turns inward and finds courage and insight on how to live a better life? You will be challenged and inspired.

Keynote Speaker

Jennifer Dulski

Former Facebook Head of Groups & Community and President & COO of

Masterclass Instructor

Jacqueline Depaul

Yellow Brick Runway

Beachside Chats Panelist

Anita Morris

Anita By Design

Beachside Chats Panelist

Eva Charlotte

Rise In Love

Social Media Master

Kristen Fischer

Fischer Digital Group

Beachside Chats Panelist

Maria Olsen

Author – 50 After 50

Beachside Chats Panelist

Jack Perez

Kuel Life

Host & EmCee

Catherine Grace O’Connell

Mastering Modern Midlife

Beachside Chats Moderator

Loretta Sayers

Countdown to 60

Beachside Chats Panelist

Melissa Meyers

The Glow Girl

Beachside Chats Panelist

Lana Lindgren

My New Happy/Editor in Fierce – The Spark

Beachside Chats Panelist

Laurel Mintz

Elevate My Brand

Beachside Chats Panelist

Heather Anderson

So Heather

Beachside Chats Panelist

Michelle Gillette

Wellness Coach

Beachside Chats Panelist

Carol Parker Walsh

Courageously Called

Master Meditation Guide

Michel Pascal

Co-author with H.H. The Dalai Lama, Creator of The Mind Dive App, and Transformational Singer

Be Wholeheartedly You

Dr. Shawn Horn

Perfectly Imperfect Psychologist

Beachside Chats Panelist

Franne Golde

Songwriter, Author, Designer

Beachside Chats Panelist

Lisa King

The Fulfilled Pharmacist

Makeup Artist

Jessica deBen

Jess Does My Makeup

What’s Included?

  • Projecting Confidence Masterclass with Jacqueline Depaul – $200 Value
  • Meditation Class and Talk – $150 Value
  • Midlife Rebel Workshop – $150 Value
  • Social Media Workshop – $100 Value
  • Weekend Food & Beverage including Gala – $250 Value
  • Goodie Bags – $300 Value
  • Group Photoshoot – $50 Value
  • Beachside Chats Sessions – $250 Value
  • Total Value – $1450

Priceless. That’s the value of this incredible weekend. There are all kinds of great events you can go to with seminars and classes, but here is what separates FierceCon from everything else: All through the year, we are in this wonderful community with Midlife women from all over the world, and we are actually living life together virtually. Catherine has cultivated this amazing place for us to find friendship, belonging, a place where women are celebrating their joys, encouraging each other through the challenges, and even crying together when the hardest moments happen. And now we have a chance to go to actually meet some of these dear women we have come to know and love, face to face! We learn, we share, and we experience … together! To walk in there, and see all these precious faces … well I am just going to run up and give them a big hug like the biggest reunion ever! I went last year, and it was like coming home! That is real! That is face to face relationship in the flesh! And that is precious to me! No way will I miss this chance to see all these brilliant and caring women! It’s why I was first in line to get a ticket … broken leg and all!

Amy Kennedy

FierceCon Alum

Pricing &  Registration

Are you ready for an amazing experience that will truly help you to Master Modern Midlife? We are busy putting the “cool” in the most powerful demographic on the planet and we want you to join us! We have several packages with Add-Ons that are first-come first-serve so don’t delay! Team up with a Sister and save big … the Crowne Plaza Hotel also offers the ability to share a room cutting your lodging costs by half or more.

Situated in a breathtaking coastal setting, Crowne Plaza Redondo Beach and Marina offers luxurious, upscale accommodations and premium guest service. Discover a generous blend of contemporary conveniences, including state-of-the-art business facilities, an enticing dining options, an intimate lobby bar and an ocean-view recreation deck with a sparkling pool, hot tub and tennis courts. Special Group Rate Available!

Redondo Beach, CA

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