TA3 Swimwear! You Had Me at Snatched Waist!

I wanted to do a swimwear shoot for my 63rd birthday. Why the Hell not? I believe in being Ageless! Sleepless too, and in Seattle no less, as it was a 3 AM wakeup for first light at 4:20 AM!

How I Built Stronger Bones at Age 62 In One Year!

I’m the “the Inside Out Girl” and there’s nothing more thrilling than seeing real time results that I’m changing on the inside. It was just over one year ago that I began a 12 month journey to put AlgaeCal and its Bone Builder Pack Guarantee to the test. It’s not often that I’m given the … Continue Reading

Styling Elaine Kim Day to Night!

“So … I was justified.” Raylon Givens, Justified Deputy US Marshall I have a confession. I’ve been cyber stalking Elaine Kim for several years now. I’ve become a first class virtual window shopper, utterly obsessed with her flawless design aesthetic. A few of my favorite Fierce sisters like Susan Kanoff, the Midlife Fashionista, and Lesley Wolman, Fabulesley, have been wearing … Continue Reading

Meet Brindle Boutique! Bikinis, Beachwear, and So Much More!

Beauties, there’s a new online boutique “in town” – Brindle Boutique – and I’m delighted to join their Ambassador team! You may have seen some of your favorite fierce sisters wearing and sharing Brindle’s fabulous fashion on the Gram, but did you know they also carry a sensational line of swimwear? And they celebrate women … Continue Reading

Eva Varro: The Mission to Dress Women of All Ages

If you’re looking to add some color into your life, have I got the girl for you! Meet Eva Varro, the woman behind the eponymous fashion line, Eva Varro. Bold, yes. Colorful, absolutely. And, always designed to span the ages. Being a “seasoned” (wink to Paulina who I just spent an afternoon with and interviewed … Continue Reading

How To Make Osteoporosis Awareness Month A Lifelong Mission

Beauties, as Osteoporosis Awareness Month is coming to a close, I’d like to share how bone health is a lifelong mission for me. As we head into the summer, I wanted to remind you all how important our bone health truly is and how you can care for your bones all year round! My family … Continue Reading

The Breathtaking Beauty of Ming Wang!

I’ve always been a believer in acquiring special pieces in your wardrobe; statement pieces that will last a lifetime while  combining those with more trendy or affordable styles. My very first glimpse of Ming Wang and her luxurious statement designs instantly captivated me; they’re breathtakingly beautiful! It was the combination of the classic beauty found … Continue Reading

How To Heat Up Your Life With Cold Water Plunges!

“If you have a very hot experience then shock yourself with cold water, it’s very very good for the nervous system.” Gwyneth Paltrow Tweet The new year comes and goes, and oftentimes, with it go our resolutions and our willpower to change our lives. NOT THIS YEAR, baby! I’m going to tell you how to … Continue Reading

My Top 10 Facebook Communities For a Vibrant Midlife!

“‘Help one another’ is part of the religion of sisterhood.” Louisa May Alcott Tweet My blog is taking on a new direction to help YOU to navigate and create your best life – a MODLife or Modern Midlife! One of the best ways I’ve found to make new friends as a 40 plus woman is … Continue Reading

How To Find New Friends at Midlife!

“You can’t stay in your corner of the Forest waiting for others to come to you. You have to go to them sometimes.” Winnie The Pooh Tweet One of the most frequently searched for questions on Google is: “How do I make friends at midlife?” Fortunately, I have oodles of experience in this area. Some … Continue Reading