Always Discreet, Always Confident!

When the Procter & Gamble brand Always Discreet asked me to be a part of their new Always Discreet Boutique Campaign, I was in the midst of organizing 200 influencers in an unprecedented campaign called Bridging the Gap launching around the exact same time. It didn’t take me but a moment to say “YES” even … Continue Reading

Mid Thigh Boots for Midlife Women!

They say “50 is the new 30” and I would have to agree. It seems that women are turning back the clock and finding ways to live healthier and more vibrant lives. With yoga, meditation and the expansion of social media brimming with images showing women leading healthy lifestyles, it’s never been easier to look … Continue Reading

Views Across the Gap: David & Trevor

It’s my pleasure to introduce two gentlemen that come from diametrically opposed visions of their life work. In essence, they are prime examples of what can be achieved by Reciprocal Mentorship. Is there room to explore in the gap between a rock and a hard place?! Trevor Gormley: David Harry Stewart, founding partner of the … Continue Reading

A Fuller Farmhouse Together: Nancy & Nita

Nancy Fuller is a powerhouse and as authentic and real as they come. She’s a Food Network Star who is grounded and down to earth. Having her own show on The Food Network was a bit of a fluke as it happened organically with a producer coming by on her own for a different reason! Nancy’s … Continue Reading

Dynamic Duo: The District Darlings!

“Dynamic Duo” would be an understatement to describe the hardworking, adventurous young women behind the fashion and lifestyle blog The District Darlings. Nicole and Chelsea Santa are sisters who share a passion for fashion, albeit different styles, so much that they’ve been featured in such media as Marie Claire magazine, Alexandria Stylebook, and the Huffington … Continue Reading

FullyRaw Meets The Model Gardner – Who Would have Thought?!

From CatherineGraceO: What is it like to be the conduit to one of the most beautiful connections in the world of Influence? Recently, I had the immense honor and pleasure of uniting two inspirational women from different generations with a rare commonality in today’s virtual world. Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram, the creator of FullyRaw and a tireless advocate for … Continue Reading

The Life of Pei: A Unique Perspective

Much like being photographed, Pei Ketron gives you a different side of her depending on the angle! Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be one of the original Influencers in the very beginning of Instagram? Pei Ketron provides a unique perspective having joined the digital world in the early days of … Continue Reading

Cheryl and Rosanne: A Model for Resilience

It was my absolute delight make an introduction between two very powerful women who have both overcome immense adversity in their own lives. Cheryl Hunter, a regular on CNN, is a woman on a mission to share her “Wabi Sabi” philosophy through her personal journey of resilience. When she was a young teenager, she was … Continue Reading

Mindy and Amanda: Not Defined by Ages!

For me, and I’m imagining for many, by her warmth and lit up personality, Amanda Boleyn is one of those women whom you meet and immediately feel like you’ve known each other before or know that you are certainly destined to become friends. Maybe it’s because of our small town, midwestern roots, our love at … Continue Reading

An Executive Team: Sara & Alison

I am thrilled to introduce an amazing  Bridging the Gap pairing making a guest appearance on my blog: Sara Harvey, COO of the Chopra Center and her Executive Assistant, Alison Smith. These two incredible ladies work together to truly change lives and bring people into a space of listening to your soul and discovering your … Continue Reading