Moxie on Monday – Hiding No More

  I remember my 20’s. Some of it wonderful. Some of it painful. Anorexia. Bulimia. No one noticed. No one seemed to care. The familiar demons, the voices of my childhood, my teens…the “never enough’s”…ensuring I knew everything that was wrong with me…not what was right with me. The waves of self-hatred rising up… smacked … Continue Reading

The Instant Slimming $49 Legging Every Woman Needs!

Could a pair of the latest vegan leather skinny leggings successfully hide a bit of menopausal weight gain? Would it be possible for a pair of skinny leggings with a universally affordable price point of $49 instantly give the illusion of trimming 10 lbs off my figure? I had a great deal of difficulty gaining … Continue Reading

Chasing the Light: Capturing Grace

Chasing the Light. The Phoenix rises from the ashes. The lotus grows from the mud. The pearl becomes luminescent through irritation. Life is a journey, a Heroine’s journey that involves both light and darkness, shadow and illumination. Can we have one without the other? Perhaps the darkness forces us to find the light. I believe … Continue Reading

My Top Fashion Moments: 2018

2018 was a year of growth, a year of lessons, a year of sisterhood, a year of transformation, a year of fantasy, a year of reality, a year of evolution, and a year of revolution. It was an interesting journey and I thought I’d sit down and reminisce for while. Fashion is many things with … Continue Reading

The 6 Top Secrets I Learned At Fohr That Everyone Needs to Know!

Can you believe the holiday season is already here? This year flew by and what a wonderful year it was. I’ve been traveling quite a bit, having just returned from a whirlwind week in NYC. I was absolutely over the moon to have been selected to join the Fohr Freshman Class with a luxurious stay … Continue Reading

Get Your Skin in the Game with Saranghae!

You know that saying about having a “good hair day?” I think most women understand the psychological effect of a good hair day. But what about the psychological impact of a “good skin day” or what I call a Saranghae day! Skin is our body’s largest organ. Skin is usually the first thing we notice. … Continue Reading

Capturing Grace: In Defense of Facebook

I don’t shy away from controversy so here goes … CatherineGraceO steps out to defend Facebook! Why? Because I see it changing lives for the better and bringing thousands of women together to connect and inspire! Facebook is a tool and a tool is only defined by how it’s used. Unless you’ve been sleeping under … Continue Reading

FierceCon 2018: Evolution of the Revolution!

You know it’s a successful event when women are already signing up for the next one before it’s even over! FierceCon 2018, sponsored by Saranghae Korean Skin Care, is just barely in the rearview mirror but the ripple effect has only just begun. From the very beginning, the intention of FierceCon was vastly different than … Continue Reading

Capturing the Grace of Loretta Sayers

My journey is no longer my journey. I cannot tell you how much that delights my Being and humbles my Spirit. FierceCon 2018 was a life-changing experience. So many women moved me to tears while at the same time, made my heart sing! Loretta Sayers Gavin is one of those women. She was the event … Continue Reading

A FierceCon Story: Linda Williams

This past weekend was the birth of a new dream and hopefully, a new world and a new way of life and being for women at Midlife & Beyond. It was the birth of FierceCon. It wasn’t meant to be a conference. It was meant to be a connection. I wasn’t sure it would be. … Continue Reading