Inner Evolution is Your Stairway to Heaven – Moxie On Monday

Evolution has been on my mind lately. Mine. Yours. Ours. I’m a geek. A nerd. A voracious book lover. As a young girl, I built my own library. An official library with its very own Dewey Decimal system. I had a little box with note cards and a date stamper. I would loan the books … Continue Reading

A Beautiful Bag for a Banda Sisters!

I love discovering new brands. Even more, I love learning about the founders and their reason for being. While busy doing some research on today’s blog post, I happened to read an interview about the founder of Banda Bags, Brianna Jane. The minute she quoted one of my favorite inspirational authors, Paulo Coehlo, I knew … Continue Reading

Let’s Bring Ageism Into the Light! – Moxie On Monday

We live in an Ageist culture.  But what is culture? It’s simply a set of societal beliefs that exist over a period of time that become firmly embedded in our psyches. Some of that is wonderful and represents years of tradition. Some of it’s a load of BS! It’s a mass hypnosis of our very … Continue Reading

Gals on Fire! Projecting Confidence with Jacqueline Depaul & StriVectin

FierceCon 2019 may be a wrap but the ripple effect has only just begun with lives continuing to be changed and beliefs and mindsets rocked and shifted around the world. FierceCon is different. It’s unique. Think of it as the “Un-Conference,” the conference where you learn to “un-learn” and unwind a lifetime of misconceptions and … Continue Reading

Redefining Beauty: Butterflies and Mirrors! – Moxie On Monday

I’m pretty sure the world will never feel quite the same after FierceCon 2019 – at least for those of us who experienced the magic that unfolded over 3 days in the SouthBay of LA.  I’m still processing all the experiences I witnessed over the weekend. Watching women blossom before my eyes, brimming with newfound … Continue Reading

How To Escape “Groundhog Day” – Moxie On Monday

Have you ever watched the movie, “Groundhog Day?” It’s where Bill Murray wakes up day after day to the exact same frustrating life situation happening over and over again. He’s completely baffled as to why the same things continue to happen, day after day. In fact, for a while, he just accepts it with a … Continue Reading

Make a Maxi Your Mantra!

Sometimes fashion can be complicated. Sometimes fashion can be super simple. If I have a choice, I’ll always choose the latter. Simple is my mantra. There’s nothing like the perfect dress to keep things simple and easy.  ASOS is one of my go to websites. It’s an online destination where I know I can always … Continue Reading

The Security of Friends – Moxie On Monday

What would life look like if we went through our days collecting “securities” rather than “insecurities?” What would life feel like if we built our self worth from inside-out rather than outside-in?  The concept of “Self Worth” is based on the importance of the view of The “Self” yet most of us go through life … Continue Reading

How “Aha” Moments Get You “Higher” on Life – Moxie On Monday

I have a restless mind. I’ve always had a restless mind. I’m pretty sure there isn’t JUST one monkey in there, but an entire village that’s constantly chattering away! I’m on a continual quest to quiet my mind and to understand this crazy game of life and how it all works.  The beauty of getting … Continue Reading

Get Your Skin in the Game with Saranghae!

Originally posted in December of 2018, this is my personal thank you to the first company to sponsor FierceCon. I use Saranghae products every day and it has been a wonderful relationship! To celebrate the upcoming first anniversary of FierceCon in LA on October 25-27, 2019, Saranghae is providing the coupon code “GRACE” for an … Continue Reading