I Saw The Sign: Your Mystical Midlife Horoscope!

We are going Old School … in a whole new modern way! Do you remember waiting patiently for the daily newspaper when you were a kid just so you could read your horoscope? Me too! I felt like Jeane Dixon, Dear Abby, and Heloise were my pals. I miss them and I’ll bet you do … Continue Reading

Catching Joy – Moxie On Monday

Joy didn’t come naturally to me.  I had to be taught. Oh, I might have looked and sounded joyful on the outside but it was all an act. My insides were a twisted and frightened mess. Most of us have a great teacher that appears in our lives. At some point, we reach out with … Continue Reading

A Knockout Punch from the Flu – Moxie On Monday

New Year’s Resolutions. At least for this year, just like heaven … they can wait. My New Year started with attending an incredible conference in Colorado. I had been so looking forward to it! It was an amazing opportunity to connect in person with Gregg Braden and staying with my Fierce Sister, Cindy Scurry. I … Continue Reading

A Modern Midlife Mystery: Who Am I? – Moxie On Monday

Who are you? Who am I? The greatest existential questions of all times. I spent this past weekend at a conference. Not your ordinary conference. A conference to take us deep within ourselves to begin to understand the great mysteries of life. I’d like to share some thoughts from it. Midlife is a time to … Continue Reading

2020: A Perfect Vision – Capturing Grace

Perfect Vision. 2020 A new year. A new decade. Hindsight is 2020. I’ve got plenty of that. A year of 22. 22, the Life Path number of a Master Teacher. My number! Looking ahead requires looking back. Reflection. Hindsight means little without insight. Insight allows us to see ourselves more clearly. 2010 to 2020 … … Continue Reading

A Dickens of a Decade – Moxie On Monday

It was the best of times. It was the worst of times.  That’s what the last decade feels like to me. A dance between light and dark.  Or, perhaps, more accurately, a battle.  As we come upon a new year and, more importantly, a new decade, I’m spending time reflecting. Reflecting on the good. Reflecting … Continue Reading

Put A Little Wild in Your Wardrobe – The Perfect Leopard Print Cardigan!

Palm Springs is my destination go-to when I need a little reset. It’s a peaceful sanctuary; a Mecca for bohemian souls. Whether you are in the mood for nightlife, fabulous restaurants, or simply desert solitude by the pool, Palm Springs is truly an Oasis. I am always amazed at how a 2 hour drive from … Continue Reading

Midlife Is A F**king Superpower – Moxie On Monday

  ** This Moxie was originally published in April of 2018 What if Midlife is our greatest superpower? What if we began to view each passing year as a gift? The gift of life, the gift of wisdom, the gift of experience, the gift that allows us to view life from an entirely new vantage … Continue Reading

Me and My Shadow – Moxie On Monday

Did you know there is one thing that every human being on the planet has in common? We have a shadow. Most of us don’t think about our shadow. Why would we? It follows us around without any effort from us! We’ve been culturally programmed to suppress and repress our shadow. We suppress consciously or … Continue Reading

“7 Jeans” for Seven Sisters … and All Mankind!

I was born at 7 PM on 7/7. They say that’s a lucky number and highly auspicious. 7 has always been my lucky number. Little did I know just how lucky – until recently!  This past year has been a wondrous and magical year filled with blessings at every corner. Two months ago, my business … Continue Reading