Lady in Red

There’s something special about the color red.  It’s daring, vibrant, and so very alive.  It’s my go to color to lift me up when life gets me down.  Red is the color of passion, love, fire, desire and heat.  It’s the color of the root chakra, representing safety and security.  It’s a color that always … Continue Reading

Beauty and the Beach

Life at the beach is definitely different.  Having left behind the blustery winters of Chicago several years ago, to begin a new life in Southern California, has made my heart sing.   Born in July, a total Cancer at heart, this girl has been a water girl all her life.   Growing up on waterskis and spending … Continue Reading

Brand Spotlight  –  Lilly Pulitzer

  There’s something about reconnecting with a brand that you loved in your youth.  Fashion, like music, always transports me back in time.  I was flipping through one of the latest fashion magazines recently, when I came upon an ad for Lilly Pultizer. A stunning flaxen haired beauty decked out in a full length maxi … Continue Reading

Brand Spotlight – Banana Republic

  When I think of Banana Republic, I think of classic with a twist.  Evolving over the years, this brand reflects high quality at affordable prices. I don’t know about you, but to me, fashion is about having a blast  and just being yourself.   You may have already discovered the incredible array of gorgeous shoes … Continue Reading

Adventures in Utah

  Fall always makes me thing of falling leaves, changing colors, cozy sweaters and crisp cool nights. Always a favorite season of mine, and the perfect to see Utah and the overwhelming beauty of nature in the glorious American West. Early fall is the ideal time for a visit to this unusual part of the … Continue Reading

Black Leather and Midlife

I admit it … I have lusted over black leather pants for years. I just love the way they look and feel. The last time I wore them, I was a young Vandy grad working on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC in the early eighties.  It took me another thirty years to feel comfortable wearing black … Continue Reading

Boho and the Beach

I love the beach.  There’s something about the feel of sand between your toes and the cold blast of salt water to make you feel alive.  I live at the beach.  I play with my yoga postures, practicing my hand stands.  Much of the time, you’ll see me twirling, dancing around, or chasing the seagulls … Continue Reading