Hermosa Beach, California

''The waves of the sea help me get back to me.'' - Jill Davis

Life at the beach is definitely different.  Having left behind the blustery winters of Chicago several years ago, to begin a new life in Southern California, has made my heart sing.   Born in July, a total Cancer at heart, this girl has been a water girl all her life.   Growing up on waterskis and spending summers as a lifeguard, gave me a penchant for being near the water.  There’s something so freeing and healing about the beach.  Waking up, running down to the beach in the morning, meditating and jumping in the freezing cold ocean waves, is the best way to start my day.

As a fashion blogger in her mid fifties, the last time I was photographed in a bikini was in my early twenties.  For so many women, a day at the beach can bring all sorts of apprehension about how we look.  It’s taken me a long time, over thirty years, to feel courageous enough to step out in a little bikini and post a photo on Instagram.  I talk openly about being all about inner beauty and helping women to see and embrace their inner qualities.   There’s nothing more beautiful to me, than seeing a woman who is so beautifully confident.  Not in a “cocky” way, but in a strong, empowered, “I know who I am” kind of way.  The Meryl Streeps, Lady Gagas, Audrey Hepburns, Elizabeth Gilberts, Cheryl Strayeds, are a few of the women whom I deeply admire.  

Now, as for stepping out in boho beach style and rocking that inner confidence and attitude, that’s the fun part.  It’s not always easy to look your best at the beach, with the wind, the waves, the salt water, not to mention protecting your skin from the elements.  Having spent a lot of time in the sun growing up, I became super conscious of my skin and protecting it from sun damage in my mid twenties.   Two of my favorite products  from my dermatologist  do wonders to protect the skin from the damaging effects of the sun.  Elta MD, UV Sport Broad Spectrum with an SPF of 50 and Colorscience Water Resistant powder sunscreen are my current go to favorites.  I try to find products that are as natural and organic as possible.  There’s nothing like a youthful complexion to help you to feel beautiful.

Using Sea Salt Spray in my hair and scrunching it up to give it a natural beach wave is a super easy beachy look.  Most of you have a collection of hats and  I’m a big believer in wearing hats at the beach.  There’s a wide range of fedoras available from Target to Nordstrom.  Stocking up on an array of sunglasses, from super affordable at Zara to the more edgy look of the latest Christian Dior shades, allows you to change up your style in an instant.  My favorite go to site for endless designer eyewear is a company called Shop Ditto.  It’s like Rent the Runway for designer glasses making this trend super affordable.  They make it so easy for you to find the perfect look.  You can upload your photo and try on a huge selection of frames from a wide range of designers.  I have been offered a discount code to share with my readers by Shop Ditto.  Type in #CGOSTYLE and select your favorite pair.  When you’re ready for a new pair, they make it super simple. Choose your new pair and return the old ones.  Keep switching them out for an endless selection of new looks. 

Beach Riot is a brand that I recently discovered.  Found easily at Revolve Clothing or through my Witlee store, they have an amazing selection of bikinis in gorgeous colors or with fun details like this style with fringe detailing.   Another popular brand for the beach, found in all the local surf shops is Billabong.  Billabong is known for designing one piece suits with the look of a wetsuit.  One of the greatest challenges for women in swimsuits, is the fit.  Finding fabrics that hold you in and give you the best shape possible is made easy with this designer.  This zip up one piece is super flattering and fits like a dream.   Check out Beach Riot and Billabong to make your next day at the beach a beautiful one.  And I love hearing from you.  What are your favorite beachy looks?  What is it that you couldn’t live without for a day at the beach?  Let me know your best kept beach beauty secrets.












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