Join us on Saturday, Oct 20th, for a day designed to Rewire & Inspire. Hay House Author and world-renowned Meditation Master, Davidji, will begin the day with a guided meditation unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. “Ji” will kick off a day filled with “Beachside Chats” in an intimate roundtable experience. Come to be inspired and to inspire as you’ll be part of the conversation.


Rose Dalton

Coach Rosie Dalton

Come meet Rosie, the beautiful and kind hearted Founder of Her story of love and loss will inspire and empower you. Listen to Rosie’s journey of reinvention as a Midlife Mentor and Coach. Her gifts lie in a naturally intuitive nature and empowering kindness. She will help you to see Midlife as a blessing … Continue Reading

Tamara Batsell


Meet this Beauty/Fashion blogger who feels a need for this age group not to be ignored by the beauty industry. Being a 50 plus-year-old woman herself she encourages all women not to let society define who they are or what they should wear due to their birth date. Beauty Has No Age! Tamara created her … Continue Reading

Cathy Williamson

The Middle Page Blog

In honor of October being Breast Cancer Awareness Month, this fierce and fabulous flame haired beauty will be joining our panel of speakers to inspire you by sharing her personal journey conquering a deadly form of breast cancer, Triple Negative. Recently featured in Redbook Magazine, Cathy will dispel any myth or intimidation you may have … Continue Reading

Cat Colucio

Rock Your World Coaching

She’s coming all the way from New Zealand to be part of our event and introduce you to The Rocking Midlife Global Community in our intimate “Beachside Chats!” Hear what inspired her to travel across the globe to celebrate and support her Forever Fierce sisters at FierceCon LA. Cat lives to empower women at Midlife … Continue Reading


What’s it like to meditate with a Master? At FierceCon LA, you’ll meet Davidji up close and personal and have an intimate experience in meditation with a master. Davidji or “Ji” is an internationally recognized stress-management expert and apprenticed under Deepak Chopra and David Simon at The Chopra Center at LaCosta and went on to … Continue Reading

Jan Correll

Silver is the New Blonde

What’s it like to be featured in the New York Times along with cultural icons like Lyn Slater @iconaccidental in your 60’s? Join the conversation to hear Jan’s inspiring story of reinvention by reframing outdated notions of aging. Jan is an original member of The Fierce 50 and one of the first bloggers to actively … Continue Reading

Janet Gunn

The Grateful Gardenia

This amazing gal is the epitome of a Forever Fierce woman and an inspiration to women of all ages. As a former Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader and now a SoCal native, Janet has perfected the art of rewiring and inspiring through her popular blog with an incredible foundation of gratitude. You will hear all about her … Continue Reading

Maja Arnold

Custom Monogram Jewelry

What would it be like to lose one child and face a cancer diagnosis with another one of your children? How would that change the direction of your life? If you’re Maja Arnold, you channel your healing and transform your journey and pain into a gift for others. Meet a woman who’s a true inspiration. … Continue Reading

Patty Talbot

Saor Perfume

Patty is the essence of a Forever Fierce woman. In her mid 50’s, she set out to formulate her own perfume line and create a signature scent designed to calm and captivate. Hear Patty’s inspiring story of reinvention at Midlife as a brand new “solopreneur.” She will give you the true story of the challenges … Continue Reading

Loretta Sayers

Countdown to 60

Meet this Midlife woman who’s literally counting down the minutes to turning 60 in real life. Known as a woman who’s not afraid to use her voice to share a message of authenticity and vulnerability, Loretta has built a platform to inspire every woman to know that she has value. Her popular blog is a … Continue Reading

Jaqueline DePaul

Yellow Brick Runway

What would it be like to realize a dream of walking the Paris Fashion Week Runway at 49? Join the Fierce & Fabulous, Jacqueline DePaul to hear her personal story of reinvention at Midlife. Learn why this girl is on fire to empower and inspire women to think differently about aging. As down to earth … Continue Reading

Peter Lee

Saranghae Korean Skincare

Who doesn’t love a CEO who leads a global skincare company that’s built on a foundation of love? Peter B. Lee is the CEO of Saranghae Skin Care. In Korean, Saranghae means I love you. We are delighted to announce that Peter will be our Keynote speaker. Saranghae is one of the few corporations to … Continue Reading

Courtney Paige Ray

Brand Photographer for Women

Join award-winning photographer, Courtney Paige Ray, in a limited and rare opportunity to be part of The Faces of Fierce Photo Shoot. Courtney has established a reputation as a Branding Photographer where her gift lies in capturing the inner beauty and essence of a woman through her lens. She is offering a specially discounted rate … Continue Reading

Wendy Packer

Fashion Over Fifty

Wendy is on a mission to help every woman feel her inner and outer beauty no matter what her age…to help every woman shine until the moment she takes her last breath. She’s a woman who knows the art of reinvention having been an oncology nurse, a malpractice attorney, and now a fashion/lifestyle blogger with … Continue Reading

Linda Barnby

Hello Sweet Life

Linda is a shining example of rewiring and reinvention. After a traumatic, nearly fatal, boating accident, Linda not only survived but thrives despite a permanent physical injury. Her journey includes founding her own successful law practice, creating an entrepreneur association and hosting her own live, call-in radio show. She informs, entertains and inspires with her … Continue Reading