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"'Help one another' is part of the religion of sisterhood.”

My blog is taking on a new direction to help YOU to navigate and create your best life – a MODLife or Modern Midlife! One of the best ways I’ve found to make new friends as a 40 plus woman is through an online community. Today, I’m sharing with you the top Facebook Communities to give you a head start by sifting through the zillions of virtual groups on social media. In case you missed it, this is a perfect follow up to my last post: “How to Find Friends at Midlife.”

I have an inherent bias for my Facebook Community, Forever Fierce: Midlife Matters. Although I founded the community, I think of it far more as “our” community as without my Forever Fierce Sisters in crime, there wouldn’t be a Forever Fierce. A sisterhood requires some bravery to stand alongside you when you decide to launch a community. Forever Fierce is truly “The Tribe With the Kind Vibe!” It’s one of the most heart centered communities on the planet and one I highly recommend joining, and inviting your friends to do so as well.

Let’s move on to sharing some of my favorite online communities! Every one of these communities I know personally as a member of their tribes. Also, the beauty of Forever Fierce lies in inspiring members of the sisterhood to launch their very own communities. One of the greatest privileges in being a leader is in sparking more leaders by encouraging women to step into leadership roles and launching their very own communities! So, here goes with my Top 10!

  1. Forever Fierce: Midlife Matters – but of course you knew this was my number one forever and ever!
  2. Forever Fierce Book Club: If you’re a book lover, you’ll want to zip on over to Valerie Koob’s Community within Forever Fierce. Although this is a Forever Fierce Community, Valerie and her team operate and run their very own group and it’s fabulous for the book lover in you! Every year, they decide on a wide range of books, everything from fiction to nonfiction and a lot of books I wouldn’t expect them to choose. The selections are full of surprises and the Book Club conversations are in depth, thoughtful and insightful. It’s the essence of women supporting women! On a side note, Valerie joined the Forever Fierce team many years ago by commenting on a post of mine and letting me know she had a huge difference of opinion. Her fierce and constructive criticism led me to ask her to join the team so she could do things her way! The rest is history and Valerie’s community is her own with her unique flavor that I cannot recommend highly enough!
  3. Sterling Silver Sisters: Ok, a confession. At 61, I have zero silver hair. Don’t judge me! Although there’s no grey yet, that doesn’t stop me from actively cheering on my Silver Sisters. This is a group that I LOVE! The conversation extends way beyond silver with a lot of inspirational and empowering posts. Yes, most of the women have silver hair or are in the process of “making their transition” into silver, as they like to say, but that doesn’t mean you have to have silver hair to join. If you’re a 40 plus woman, this is a great group of women with a community loaded with positivity and real talk conversations. And, if you’re silver or looking to transition to silver with a huge group of cheerleaders leading the way, this is the community for you!
  4. Rocking Midlife: Cat Coluccio is my Fierce Sister way across the big pond in New Zealand and she is the Founder of Rocking Midlife. To tell you just how Fierce Cat is, she hopped on a plane to travel gazillions of miles to join us in LA for two whole weeks and to attend FierceCon as a speaker and Sister. She barely knew us at that point, but that didn’t stop her from listening to her intuition telling her she had to come. The Rocking Midlife Community is a global community and sisterhood with all kinds of midlife conversations centering around everything from empty nests to how to write a book and how to deal with grief. Cat leads from her heart. She is a gifted leader and author with a lot of wisdom and insight to share from overcoming a great deal in her life. That’s the beauty of a woman at midlife and beyond. If you’re looking to rock your midlife, consider joining Cat and her girl gang.
  5. Sizzlers Challenge: One of the original “Fierce 50” and member of the Forever Fierce team and community, Amy Kennedy has to be one of the most light filled women I’ve ever had the honor to call my friend. Amy created her very own spin off community of “Sizzlers” as she likes to call her sisters. This community is all about finding ways to “Sizzle” in life with staying fit and healthy a huge part of Amy’s mission. It’s all about regular women doing things like walking every day and “getting in their steps” to stay healthy and feeling great. Amy’s group isn’t about being perfect. It’s about being real and down to earth and doing things that every single woman can do to stay fit and healthy. Amy is one of the fiercest cheerleaders who is filled with positivity and grace. If you’re looking for a kind and heart centered community to inspire you to get healthy and fit, this one is for you!
  6. Brilliantly Resilient Community: The Brilliantly Resilient Community is led by two absolutely beautiful souls and best friends who truly adore each other – Kristin Smedley and Mary Fran Bontempo. These two fierce and funny friends have a way of leading that’s super refreshing while inspiring you to fire up your resilience factor. With a popular podcast, these co-authors have created a brand and community that’s a whole lotta fun to be part of. Resilience is a quality that’s inside of all of us. Having a group cheering you on and giving you tips to become more resilient in life is something we can all use in our lives, especially as we get older and begin to face greater obstacles and challenges. I adore these two women and love being part of their community.
  7. Ageism Is Never In Style: This community is led by Jacynth Bassett of the Bias Cut Boutique. Although Jacynth is way across the pond in the UK, we have had the pleasure to get together on a couple of her trips to LA. I love this woman and her mission to kick Ageism to the curb through fashion and style. Although Jacynth is a millennial and far younger than me and the members of her community, she is passionate about ageism having experienced the negative effects through her mother’s ageist treatment by others. She is a fierce defender of women at midlife and beyond. She also has a fabulous eye for style that’s inspiring and empowering. The flavor of her community is unique with sassy conversation and lively interaction.
  8. Heal With Gold: The Heal With Gold Community is run by a dear friend and Fierce Sister, Miri Grunhaus Dollinger, the owner and designer of “Mikah Fashion.” Miri is deeply inspirational with an uber popular talk show that sparks some wonderful and insightful conversations in her community. It’s a tiny and tight knit community with a lot of heart and soul. Miri is known for her vulnerability. She is passionate about inspiring and empowering women to be themselves and to find their true power to heal from within. She is a life coach, an entrepreneur and author with limitless gifts. She openly shares from her heart and soul through her We Are Kintsugi message based upon Wabi Sabi and our being “Perfectly Imperfect.”
  9. Lifestyle Fitness for Active Adults: This community is run by my Fierce Sister and Friend, Sheila Agnew. Sheila is in her 70’s! Take one look at her and you won’t believe it! That alone will inspire you to join her active community that’s centered around fitness, health and wellness. Sheila is an ageless wonder who shares super helpful and simple tips to stay active and fit to live your best life. Everything she shares can be done by just about anyone. If you’re looking to stay fit and healthy for as long as possible, I would highly recommend joining her community to inspire you to be more active at any age.
  10. Mind Body Fitness by Amy Giles: Amy has been a part of the Forever Fierce Community since the very beginning. Her community has a unique flavor as Amy is all about learning to love yourself, your body and your life. With a background in the martial arts and fitness industry, she will inspire you in mind, body and spirit. Her ageless energy is contagious. She has a lifetime of experience in the inner world and combines that with her experience in fitness to be a powerful leader in helping you to lead your best life in mind, body and spirit.

Beauties, these are my tried and true favorite Facebook Communities where I am personally a member and have experienced the transformational and inspirational magic of each one of them. I’m a big believer in collaboration over competition. True sisterhood means sisters continually cheering on their sisters to step into the spotlight and to shine their brilliant gifts in the world. I highly recommend checking out these fierce sisters and their fabulous communities.

Do you have a favorite Facebook Community that’s not on the list? I would love to hear from you!

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What a fabulous collection of groups for midlife women – many many thanks! And I so appreciate your kind words about our fabulous book club.


You are so welcome. I appreciate all you give and share more than you know!


I’m honored and humbled to be included on a list of vibrant, beautiful women who are determined to make a difference. Thank you, Catherine! 💜 This truly made my day!


So well deserved you beautiful soul!


Oh Catherine! What a sweet and lovely surprise on this blustery day! How very kind of you to share not only my group but so many other great groups! That makes my day and once again I’m learning from you! Just when I think you couldn’t be any more big hearted then you turn around and just dazzle me!
Thank you again, Catherine! May you be blessed in every single one of your endeavors!


We couldn’t have done this without you. Truly! I adore you!


I’m so honoured that you have included Rocking Midlife® in your line up!
I have always loved how you embody the motto “collaboration over competition” and it is a privilege to be on this midlife journey with you, along with the thousands of beautiful sisters connected via these communities.


You are always in my top everything sister! I appreciate you!

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