Styling Elaine Kim Day to Night!

I was justified.
"So ... I was justified."
Raylon Givens, Justified
Deputy US Marshall

I have a confession. I’ve been cyber stalking Elaine Kim for several years now. I’ve become a first class virtual window shopper, utterly obsessed with her flawless design aesthetic.

A few of my favorite Fierce sisters like Susan Kanoffthe Midlife Fashionista, and Lesley WolmanFabulesley, have been wearing and sharing Elaine Kim on IG. I have to thank the fabulous Susan Kanoff for the connection to Elaine and her team. I feel like I’m in fashion heaven wearing and styling this gorgeous suit from Elaine Kim.

Having left LA during the pandemic, I also left behind one of my favorite pastimes – window shopping – as I loved walking around Santa Monica and LA, seeing all the fabulous boutiques and latest styles. Now living in Seattle, I’m settling for virtual window shopping. Thankfully, Elaine Kim has perfected the online styling and shopping experience. I was even treated to a styling session with Elaine leading the way!

Believe me. If you are looking for a suit for the ages, this is it! So … I was justified.

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I’ll admit, I was like a kid in a candy store or a teenager at 31 Flavors wanting one of each! Elaine’s designs are like candy. They’re impeccable while also sexy and sensual. What I loved about my styling session with Elaine was she was totally game with me styling this gorgeous suit in both a traditional way and also wearing it without anything underneath!

Woot Woot! And, guess what CGO did? Well, one of each please! Traditional styling & sexy! I began with the Cupro Easy Blazer and Wide Legged Cuffed Pant paired with Elaine’s Nevan White Cotton Stretch Shirt. In full disclosure, experiencing these exquisite pieces in person is a whole different level! The fabric is in the shade of Eclipse, a midnight navy with a gorgeous sheen that glimmers and shimmers in the light. I love that it’s designed to be oversized as it is so fun to style in multiple ways.

For day, I went fairly simple but elevated the accessories with a little razzle dazzle. I tossed on a pair of Michael Kors silver sandals. I added a rhinestone belt by Below the Belt and a rhinestone bag by Ola Berg. Simple yet sensational. Now, if you wanted to tone down the accessories, I could see a classic pump and a leather belt and bag as a beautiful option.

Now, for evening, I decided to add a pop of red with a Michael Kors platform sandal with a gold heel. I slipped into a lace bra from my Amazon Shop and a sweet leopard bag that’s been in my closet for years by Banana Republic. I accented the look with a touch of gold by adding a gold chain belt. And, of course, if you’re like me and want to up the risqué factor (thank you, Elaine), you can wear the jacket with absolutely nothing – and I do mean NOTHING underneath! I had to do it!

By the end of the evening, I let go and popped on one of my favorite hats from Anthropologie that gives me the badass “Justified” vibe! Now, if you’re in the dark with all my Justified innuendos lately, I highly recommend checking out Timothy Olyphant (yes, he’s HOT!) in the cable series, Justified. You just may run out and buy a Marshall Hat too, y’all! Or become a fugitive from justice! (Yes please, Marshall!)

I had a ball styling Elaine’s suit! There are endless styling options with a gorgeous suit like this one! The nice thing about Elaine Kim is that her designs are made to last. Sustainability is everything to this fabulous LA designer. It’s also wonderful to know that Elaine joins our sisterhood being a woman like us At Midlife & Beyond – a MODLife Woman!

There are so many wildly wonderful styles to be swooped up in Elaine’s LA Boutique or her online shopping experience. I highly recommend a visit to Elaine Kim. You can shop online here.

Now, to wrap things up, here’s a special treat and a candid conversation with Elaine along with her favorite style tips and a peek at what’s in her personal capsule collection. Here goes:

CGO: Elaine, thank you so much for spending a little time with us and sharing your style secrets! What a treat!

What do you see as the biggest style trend this fall and winter?

EK: Utilitarian / Military, Color blocks, Metallic footwear

CGO: What are your favorite styles this season and why?

EK: Men’s-tailoring inspired styles – with gender fluidity in the larger societal context, it’s now more opportunistic than ever to blur the lines between “women’s wear” and “men’s wear.”

CGO: What advice do you give to women over 50 to feel their most confident in fashion?

EK: Strike a balance between knowing who you are and being open to the new. Fashion is change so embrace the new, but know yourself well enough to pick and choose from the new and not get lost in it.

CGO: What’s the best part about being a woman over 50?

EK: Knowing yourself and having a good perspective.

CGO: Who are your style icons?

EK: Rei Kawakubo – the founder of Comme des Garçons. Oh, and of course Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis

CGO: Do you have an Elaine Kim Capsule Wardrobe this season? If so, what’s in it?

EK: Verdell + Ursala in
Winstelle + Willmott
Waldorf + Vita

CGO: What advice do you give to women over 50 to feel their most confident in fashion?

EK: Strike a balance between knowing who you are and being open to the new. Fashion is change so embrace the new, but know yourself well enough to pick and choose from the new and not get lost in it. And learn from those younger than you – don’t loose your freshness!

CGO: What are your favorite style tips of all time?

EK: First match it, then throw it off – meaning, wear a monochromatic outfit with a surprise accent piece.

Thank you, Elaine! You are the ideal example of a MODLife woman. I am so grateful to you for sharing your heart, your style tips and your gorgeous designs.

A huge thank you to Elaine Kim for this generously gifted outfit and styling experience. It’s one I’ll treasure forever.

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