Fall Outfit: Champagne Tastes on a Beer Budget!

Changing seasons means freshening up your current wardrobe with a few key pieces! I’ve found a jacket that’s classic and timeless and can be worn year after year. It’s also a super affordable find that looks deceptively expensive. One of the greatest tricks I’ve learned over my many decades honing my discount shopping skills is … Continue Reading

The Universe is Listening. Make Your Call! – Moxie On Monday

Do you know there’s a conversation that’s happening 24/7 and you’re part of that conversation? The Universe has big ears – ENORMOUS EARS! We’re talking Dumbo the Elephant here! There’s one gigantic Universal Mind that’s tuned in to us. You’re always talking. It’s always listening. But the intent must come from you. I was doing … Continue Reading

Who’s the Boss of Boho? We Are.

Who owns Boho? We do. That’s right. Women at Midlife & Beyond were rocking Boho before the younger generations were just twinkles in their Daddyo’s eye! The 60’s, the 70’s, Woodstock, the Beat Generation, sex,  drugs and rock n’ roll … We were there first! No one knows how to style Boho better than we … Continue Reading

Don’t Be Fooled by “Reel” Life – Moxie On Monday

I was visiting a friend’s Instagram gallery this weekend and happened to notice the photo was black and white. It was a stark contrast as most of her images are brimming with color. Then, I took a peek at the caption and this is what it said, “Not everything is black and white…I put on … Continue Reading

Start Building Your Luxury Fall Wardrobe for $59

It may be summer, but fall is just around the corner!  When I think of fall, I think of leaves changing colors, cooler temperatures, and bundling up in cozy sweaters and comfy coats. Changing seasons means changing up your wardrobe from the brighter colors of summer to the more rustic, deeper shades of fall. Shifting … Continue Reading

A Woman’s Intuition? You Better Believe It! – Moxie On Monday

Do you know what Moxie is? It’s confidence in your Inner Voice. Do you trust your Intuition? I do, but I didn’t for years and years. Let’s talk about ways to connect you to, and learn to trust one of your Midlife Superpowers! The phrase “a woman’s intuition” isn’t some made up BS!  We are … Continue Reading

Assume Everyone is Struggling – A Call For a Conversation – Capturing Grace

I was making the rounds on social media last week. I happened to see a post by Maria Shriver, a personal heroine of mine, that moved me to tears.  She had recently lost her beautiful cousin, Saoirse, who was only 22 to a drug overdose. Maria’s quote touched me at my core. It made me … Continue Reading

Cleaning Up the Mess! – Moxie On Monday

I’ve never been one to spend my evenings with my feet up, watching Netflix while munching bowls of buttery, salted popcorn along with a chilled glass of Rivahil chardonnay. I was always going, going, going – doing, doing, and more doing. Yet, the beauty of Midlife lies in the process of reinvention and rewiring. Part … Continue Reading

The End of Silence – All New Mastering Modern Midlife Show/Podcast!

Today marks the launch of the very first season of my video talk show/podcast, Mastering Modern Midlife, formerly Forever Fierce. Over the past few months, we’ve been busy little bees on the back end creating an extra special show for you with a new direction. The intention is simple: Mastering Modern Midlife is designed to … Continue Reading

Meditation Off the Mat – Moxie On Monday

When you think of meditation, do you envision a group of peaceful yogis chanting to the proverbial sound of “OM?” Do you conjure up images of Buddhist monks, meditating together in a space of stillness and harmony? With a little practice, anyone can meditate on a yoga mat or in a peaceful meditation studio. But … Continue Reading