Fabulous Functional Fashion Featured at FierceCon!

FierceCon LA 2019 is all about the Evolution of the Revolution! Creativity, Connection, Reinvention, and Sisterhood … it’s all about bringing out the best of women at Midlife & Beyond to Be Inspired and Get Rewired. Together we are learning to Master Modern Midlife and make sure it’s functional and fun. That’s why Nicole Frank … Continue Reading

The Shield Between You and “You” – Moxie On Monday

Everyone of us has a powerful, authentic story. But many of us don’t actually know our own story! We haven’t taken the time to get to know our story and embrace it. I invite you to sit down with a mug of tea and warm blanket and really read your story! You just might be … Continue Reading

I Move For What I Love. So Does Easy Spirit. It’s Women at Midlife & Beyond!

Can you feel that change is in the air? Can you tell it’s finally time for women over 50 to be celebrated and seen in an entirely new light, one that’s free and easy, with a whole lot of spirit and spunk?!? I think we’ve waited long enough, don’t you? When Easy Spirit approached me … Continue Reading

Moxie on Monday: Belonging

Note from Catherine: After 10 days on the East Coast and in the run-up to the most incredible FierceCon yet, I thought I’d repost this wonderful experience for today’s Moxie On Monday! It was originally published on Feb 18th, 2019. Belonging. It truly matters. Feeling we belong. Feeling connected. A Tribe who understands you. That’s … Continue Reading

My Top Street Style Looks at NYFW!

New York Fashion Week is a fashion lover’s dream come to life! It’s a world where women come from all walks of life come to revel in the fun and fantasy found both on and off the runway. This was my first experience at NYFW. I was absolutely floored when I was chosen to be … Continue Reading

Inclusion, Diversity, and the Powerful Rise of the Authentic Self – Moxie On Monday

We were sitting in a beautiful room at the top of the Redbury Hotel overlooking New York City. It was New York Fashion Week and here I was, once again, the “Mother Hen,” 3 decades older than the inspirational group of young women, a disparate crew, I was quickly getting to know.  This beautiful universe … Continue Reading

Life is a Runway! – Moxie On Monday

What if we began to see life through a new set of eyes? What if every day was as exciting as walking the runway? What if you slipped on the persona of your best self each day, that ideal future self you desire, and hit the daily runway with Fierce energy, confidence, and determination? I … Continue Reading

Fall Outfit: Champagne Tastes on a Beer Budget!

Changing seasons means freshening up your current wardrobe with a few key pieces! I’ve found a jacket that’s classic and timeless and can be worn year after year. It’s also a super affordable find that looks deceptively expensive. One of the greatest tricks I’ve learned over my many decades honing my discount shopping skills is … Continue Reading

The Universe is Listening. Make Your Call! – Moxie On Monday

Do you know there’s a conversation that’s happening 24/7 and you’re part of that conversation? The Universe has big ears – ENORMOUS EARS! We’re talking Dumbo the Elephant here! There’s one gigantic Universal Mind that’s tuned in to us. You’re always talking. It’s always listening. But the intent must come from you. I was doing … Continue Reading

Who’s the Boss of Boho? We Are.

Who owns Boho? We do. That’s right. Women at Midlife & Beyond were rocking Boho before the younger generations were just twinkles in their Daddyo’s eye! The 60’s, the 70’s, Woodstock, the Beat Generation, sex,  drugs and rock n’ roll … We were there first! No one knows how to style Boho better than we … Continue Reading