Why You Shouldn’t Listen to Me – Moxie On Monday

Do you trust me? Will you listen to me? Maybe you shouldn’t. At least, perhaps, not yet. With social media exploding and the internet available 24/7, almost everyone you turn to seems to be another “expert.” Did you know that on Instagram alone, there are over a half a million so called “Influencers?” The truth … Continue Reading

Seeking Balance? Stay Tuned! – Moxie On Monday

  I’ve always loved music although I am not musically gifted in any way. In fact, if you heard me sing, you’d probably run the other way. That is, if you could stop laughing long enough. I grew up around music. I remember watching my brothers when I was young, tuning their instruments. They would … Continue Reading

How To Be A “Wonder” Woman! – Moxie On Monday

It’s the New Year. Time to change your life, right? You know the drill. This year, you’re really going to do it. Not like last year. Or the year before that. Or the last 10 years before that. This year is gonna be different. Guess what? You’re right. It is. Why? Because I’m going to … Continue Reading

2021: Forget Change … Transform! – Capturing Grace

Are you ready to slam the door on 2020? I don’t know when I’ve been more delighted to close out a year and welcome in a new one. Although, I’ve had some brutal years before, 2020 definitely takes the cake. It kinda felt like childbirth! It was a doozy, a humdinger of a year, one … Continue Reading

The Answer to 2020? Love, Actually – Moxie On Monday

I’ve been thinking a lot lately. Thinking about life. Thinking about LOVE. One of my favorite movies during the holidays is “Love Actually.” You can’t help but think about love after watching that movie. The movie opens with a narrative about the end of our lives – our last words, our final moments … and … Continue Reading

A Velveteen Midlife – Moxie On Monday

I loved to read to my children. My favorite books were those that would touch my children’s hearts, and mine as well. I’ve always marveled at how some of the greatest life lessons can come from children’s stories! 2020 has been a year of massive evolution for many of us. I know it has for … Continue Reading

The “Buzz” On Women Over 40 – Capturing Grace

Don’t you just love surprises? I mean beautiful, out of the blue, heartwarming surprises!  One of those arrived this past week from a woman I deeply admire, Erin Busbee, the brilliant creative behind the force for women over 40 that is “Busbee Style.” Erin is not only kind, heartfelt, and courageous in her vulnerability, she’s … Continue Reading

The Chick Abides – Moxie On Monday

  Did you know that I used to love White Russians? Yup. This green juice loving, yogi puritan, used to think it was pretty cool to head out for a night with the girls – the chicks – cozy up to the bar and happily guzzle a White Russian – or two. Overtime, I graduated … Continue Reading

If Not Now, When? – Moxie On Monday

Have you ever felt this lingering sense of urgency, this inner tug that seems to take place, organically, from deep within as a woman reaches Midlife? Over time, that tug becomes stronger and stronger. Even if we aren’t paying attention, that itch does everything possible to get our attention – to wake us up, if … Continue Reading

Was It a Facelift … or Meditation?!

“Come on. Tell us the truth. You weren’t at a meditation retreat. You snuck away for plastic surgery!” That was a real conversation with some girlfriends – not after returning from some luxury spa or Hollywood Hideaway with a famous plastic surgeon. It happened following one of the most transformational experiences of my life. No, … Continue Reading