Take the Midlife Elevator – Moxie On Monday

Have you ever been at one of those fancy-schmancy hotels where you enter the elevator and the highest floors, the penthouse floors, are only available to a select few with a special key? Weren’t you dying to visit those floors?  Consciousness is like an elevator, and higher consciousness, is a key in and of itself.  … Continue Reading

A Midlife Woman’s Simple Guide to the Law Of Attraction – Moxie On Monday

I like to think of consciousness as a light shining from the heart.  The brighter our hearts, the more love, compassion and kindness we hold, the higher our consciousness and the brighter our being. The brighter our being, the brighter our spirit. The brighter our spirit, the brighter our energy. The brighter our energy, the … Continue Reading

Should I Bare My Necessities? 60 Days to 60! – Moxie On Monday

Many women dread the thought of turning 60. Not me. It thrills me! Excites me! Delights me! Drum roll … July 7, 2021 … a day that may live in infamy. But I need your feedback on a crazy idea. Can you give me a YAY or a NAY! Because it scares the pants off … Continue Reading

Hey Baby, What’s Your Sign? – Moxie On Monday

Hey Baby, what’s your sign? Not your Sun sign! I mean the one that speaks to the Universe. The one on your back. “Kick Me” or “Love Me” … The answer is always one of Faith.  Is there really someone or something on our side, a mysterious power we can’t see? Or, could this simply … Continue Reading

Meet Agency: Ageless Skin on Your Terms

The moment I discovered Agency is the moment I began to simplify my daily skincare routine. Who doesn’t need to simplify their life and their skincare regimen?!? I believe the evolution of skincare is here. Meet that evolution: Agency. Agency is unique. As women mature, their skincare needs to evolve. That’s what makes Agency special. … Continue Reading

The Language of Midlife: It’s What We Don’t Say That Matters – Moxie On Monday

I’ve been spending A LOT of time over on Clubhouse lately. From what I can see so far, it feels like time well spent. It’s a bit ironic for a woman without a voice for most of her life to spend so much time on a medium that’s all about VOICE! For the first half … Continue Reading

All the “Deets” on Clubhouse: Join Midlife Matters! – Moxie On Monday

Unless you’ve been living under a rock lately, you’ve most likely heard about Clubhouse. In the world of social media, it’s the hottest ticket in town.  I was talking to a new friend, Jennifer Pate, recently. We were on a Zoom call. She was in Barbados. And I was … jealous! Jen is building a … Continue Reading

Make Your Midlife a Rocket Ride! – Moxie On Monday

I’ve always loved the metaphor of Midlife as the Phoenix Rising. The other day, another powerful metaphor came to mind. The metaphor of Midlife as a Rocket Ship. I was 8 years old when the crew of the Apollo 11 landed on the moon. Do you remember that day like I do? I’ll never forget … Continue Reading

Take the Fear Out of Aging …. Age Fearlessly! – Moxie On Monday

The only way to take the fear out of anything is to do it. That includes aging. I say screw the preconceived notions about aging. Oh sure, I had a lot of my own – many of which I learned from my Mother, an actress who adored the spotlight. She detested getting older, especially the … Continue Reading

You Gotta Fight, for Your Right … to Midlife! – Moxie On Monday

You’ve probably been hearing about Clubhouse, the new invitation only audio app currently only available on iPhone? It’s taking the world by storm and I love it! I consider myself an expert on Midlife, but I learned something new there, a huge awareness, that I’d love to share with you! I was in a Clubhouse … Continue Reading