Midlife: It Ain’t No Crisis, Baby!

“The Midlife crisis is someone else’s fantasy. MODLife is what you create every day to celebrate who you are … at any age. ” Catherine Grace O’Connell Tweet The straight A student over achiever in me would be horrified at using such an undignified and crass word as “ain’t” if she weren’t equally horrified by … Continue Reading

Pizza, Wine, Cupcakes & My 30 Day Challenge Complete!

It’s over. It’s done. I love the sense of completion. I’ll admit, at the start of the 30 Day Challenge, I wasn’t sure I had the fortitude to see it through until the end. I was recovering from a bout with the flu along with some serious exhaustion dealing with some stress in my life. … Continue Reading

I’ve Found the Secret to Get Magic In Your Bones!

Ever hear “Milk builds strong bones?” Of course you did! Alas, it wasn’t true. Guess what? There’s a real solution for stronger bones: AlgaeCal! And as we age, it couldn’t come at a better time! I grew up drinking milk. Lots and lots of milk. So did my four brothers. Back in the day, we had … Continue Reading

Feeling Schlumpy or Groovy?! – Moxie On Monday

“The more you lose yourself in something bigger than yourself, the more energy you will have.” Norman Vincent Peal Tweet Beauties, I’ve been in a slump for some time now. Feeling Schlumpy! (Is that even a word?!) Feeling schlumpy is anathema to an energy worker like me. I’m sensing, it may be for you as … Continue Reading

Halloween: How To Be A Kid Forever! – Moxie On Monday

“There is a child in every one of us who is still a trick-or-treater looking for a brightly-lit front porch.” Robert Brault Tweet Cheers Beauties & Happy Halloween! This Halloween got me thinking. I know. I know. It seems as if everything gets me thinking these days. In case you didn’t know, I’m a kid … Continue Reading

Triple Positive About Breast Cancer: Cathy Williamson

As October comes to a close, as does the end of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Breast Cancer is so prevalent in our society with ⅓ of all new cancer diagnoses being that of breast cancer. Awareness must be 24/7. That is not to keep us in fear but to help us to stay mindful and … Continue Reading

Meet Julie: A Breast Cancer Survivor’s Journey: Grit, Grace and Gratitude

Beauties, today’s post is a very special one with a fierce and fabulous woman who I’m fortunate to call my dearest friend, Julie Liams. As we come to the end of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I’m honoring two very special women this week who are incredible warriors and survivors of breast cancer. Each of these … Continue Reading

How Much of Your Life Have You Missed? – Moxie On Monday

“Your mind is the basis of everything you experience and of every contribution you make to the lives of others. Given this fact, it makes sense to train it.” Sam Harris Tweet How much of your life have you missed? How much of life has passed you by when you weren’t present – when you … Continue Reading

Day to Night Fashion in NYDJ

Two things I know for sure. I have damn good taste in fashion, and I’m not easily impressed. I came across the fashion brand, NYDJ many years ago. It popped up on my radar on my Instagram feed and I couldn’t help but be mesmerized by what I saw. Jeans that fit a multitude of … Continue Reading

Grief and Gratitude – Moxie On Monday

“Nothing is only negative or only positive. Pain and gratitude can exist in the same experiences, and at the same time. Allow space for both of them.” Vex King Tweet Have you ever thought about the connection between grief and gratitude? They go hand in hand. Several months ago, I was scrolling through Instagram and … Continue Reading