Seventeen Fierce Reasons You Should Attend FierceCon LA 2018

Sisterhood: The reason Sisterhood is at the top of the list is that FierceCon is centered around fierce connection. As women get older and cross the threshold of Midlife, it can be harder to meet women who share heart-centered values and truly care about supporting one another. FierceCon is designed with YOU in mind. Our … Continue Reading

Ballgowns, Beaches, and Boho

You know those Vogue Editorial shoots with the gorgeous models in the most to die for and unexpected settings? I had a vision come to mind to create my own version, let’s just say a FIERCE version of an editorial spread! The inspiration came through as I envisioned an elegant ball gown in the most … Continue Reading

Buki: Slipping on a Slice of Heaven

Having just celebrated my 57th birthday, I’m counting my blessings as there are immense benefits to being a woman at Midlife & Beyond – most of which are found on the inside. I’ve also skidded into menopause over the past year and as the saying goes, “Menopause ain’t for sissies,” I would have to agree! … Continue Reading

Children Need Love … Not Borders

It’s been awhile since I’ve opened my heart to write a Capturing Grace post. It’s also been a while that it’s been such a deep, internal struggle to allow the words to flow. I’ve sat here day after day, with pen to paper or mouse to mac, while the words have steadfastly refused to come. … Continue Reading

Floating On Air With Jaclyn Jones USA

I plead guilty to making frequent doorstep checks in anticipation of the delivery of a pair of Jaclyn Jones USA shoes. I could barely contain my excitement when the gorgeous floral box arrived with a lovely handwritten note from Jaclyn herself. I felt like a young girl again! Entering my Mother’s closet as a young … Continue Reading

Max to the Min

You will almost always find me in some form of activewear but sometimes there’s nothing like a flowing maxi dress and heels to make me feel Fierce! What does it mean to be FIERCE? The word has a traditional connotation of aggressiveness, and that’s just the opposite of the mission of The Forever Fierce Revolution. … Continue Reading

Moxie on Monday: Side Stripe Jeans in NYC

Growing up in the 70’s, racing stripes and fashion were mutually exclusive. Back in the day, the only brand known for its stripes was Adidas. Those stripes were relegated to the soccer field, far away from the fashion runway! Times have certainly changed as just about anything goes when it comes to personal style. That’s … Continue Reading

Ageless Style Link Up to the Max-i

I’m delighted to be a Co-host in this month’s Ageless Style Link Up with my dear friend and Fierce Sister,  Jonet Wooten of Fabulously Chic Over 50. My other bestie, Jodie Filogomo of Jodie’s Touch of Style, has piqued my curiosity with her fabulous Link Up posts while this tech newbie was trying to figure out … Continue Reading

Chico’s Bold Event with Janet Gunn!

Growing up, my idea of Midlife wasn’t something to look forward to! The 50’s were the beginning of the golden years and birthday parties were limited to “Over the Hill” themes. As my 57th birthday is in a few weeks, I’m grateful to find brands evolving along with the times. Chico’s has been celebrating and … Continue Reading

Nanine McCool: Standing Up to Tony Robbins for Women and #metoo

Two weeks ago, a friend of mine sent me a video from a Tony Robbins Unleash the Power Within event. It became a powerful pivot point in my life. As Tony Robbins shares in his “I’m Not Your Guru” Documentary, he likes to “shock” people out of their comfort zone to help them awaken. Mission … Continue Reading