I Got Naked in Austin – Don’t Mess With Texas

It’s funny how often I stressed over the thought of taking my clothes off. When it came down to the moment – the moment to actually strip and drop my robe – to be utterly stark naked in front of a mostly male crew, including two men I barely knew, it felt completely natural. “60 … Continue Reading

My New Favorite Color is Nude – Moxie On Monday

“I always say: To be well dressed you must be well naked.” Oscar de la Renta Tweet Why is taking your clothes off considered such a big deal in our culture? Just look at young children. They do it all the time. Naturally. Freely. Not a care in the world. As the years go by, … Continue Reading

Friendship and Midlife – Moxie On Monday

“Midlife is like a bridge, a bridge into a new world, a world previously unknown, except to your Authentic Self.” Catherine Grace O’Connell Tweet You know those times in life, the times when your heart is busting open, so full of gratitude, that you think it just might explode? This past weekend was that kind … Continue Reading

My Bodyguard! How StriVectin Gave Me the Confidence For a Semi-Nude Photo Shoot!

I used to believe that skincare was about the surface, the outside of a woman. Now, I know that it’s so much more. When we take care of the outside, we change the way we feel on the inside. Exceptional skincare is a form of Self Love. When it comes to exceptional skincare, StriVectin, my … Continue Reading

Freedom – Moxie On Monday

“Freedom, gotta win it Gotta put yourself smack dab in it.” Bread, Mother Freedom Tweet Freedom. Liberation. Independence. This is a week when we celebrate our nation’s freedom and independence. It’s also a week where I’m celebrating my own. I’ve just experienced a week in Austin, TX that liberated me, strengthened me, and changed me … Continue Reading

What If … I Don’t Look Good Naked Anymore? – Moxie On Monday

No quote today! Just a contest … who is the other woman in the photo? Catherine Grace O’Connell Tweet Have you ever thought about posing nude? I never did. Like, never ever, ever, ever! Never in a million years would I do a nude photo shoot, not even one that wasn’t for public consumption. That … Continue Reading

The Universal Menu: Have You Placed Your Order? – Moxie On Monday

“I am always in quest of being open to what the universe will bring me.” Jill Bolte Taylor Tweet What’s on your menu? What menu, you may be asking? The Universal Menu! That’s right. This wild and wonderful Universe has a menu! Yes, you can order from that menu each and every day. Whaaaat … … Continue Reading

Calling On A Friend – Moxie On Monday

“Clavicles up Baby!” Jacqueline Depaul, Yellow Brick Runway Tweet What does it mean to have Moxie? It means you’re a force of character. It’s also synonymous for all these badass words for Moxie: gallantry, spunk, courage, bravery, heart, courageousness, guts, spirit, skill, braveness and grit. Do you have Moxie? Jacqueline Depaul does. Let me tell you why! … Continue Reading

Body By Kacy – A Sneak Peek at My Workout!

I’ve always wanted a personal trainer. It’s funny. As a mom, I didn’t hesitate to fulfill any of the whims and wishes of my children. That included personal trainers for my kids but not for me! That’s the beauty of being an older, wiser woman, I’m no longer afraid to ask for what I want. … Continue Reading

Seeing the World Through Rose Colored Glasses: Randolph USA – My Favorite Sunnies!

What would life be like if you could pop on a pair of rose colored glasses every single day? Guess what, you can! Meet Randolph USA, my latest obsession in the sunglass arena. This one’s a keeper! I live at the beach which means I live in sunglasses. It also means I can be really … Continue Reading