Hope Springs Eternal at Midlife: The Desert Series

The desert is the ideal metaphor for the journey of a woman at Midlife. Hope does spring eternal! And so ends this year’s Desert Series in Joshua Tree National Park. Amidst immense adversity, plants and wildlife spring forth from the arid soil while the rare Joshua Tree twists and turns, growing and adapting in the … Continue Reading

The Art of Spiritual Bypass – Moxie On Monday

There is only one way out of the darkness and into the light. There are no shortcuts. There are no bypasses. The only way through … is through. The spiritual path is a challenging path, a path designed to humble you and dismantle your ego into little bits and pieces. It’s a path that will … Continue Reading

58 Years of Fierce – Capturing Grace

I’ll let you in on a little secret. I was never one to celebrate birthdays. At least not my birthday. I loved making a huge fuss over my children’s birthdays. I got a kick out of planning over the top parties for friends and family. Yet, when my birthday came, I always felt a little … Continue Reading

The Gift of Friction – Moxie On Monday

What if our obstacles are our greatest gifts? What if we were to see life’s challenges in a whole new way, through an empowering lens of growth and opportunity? I believe Midlife is our greatest gift because it provides a lot of friction! Friction is a Catalyst. Friction comes from bumping up against obstacles. Obstacles … Continue Reading

Your Best “Mid” Life! Find Your Voice, Fill Your Shoes!

Midlife gave me a great gift. It not only gave me a new life, Midlife also helped me to find my Voice, a Voice that was silenced over five decades ago. I’ve learned that Midlife is a Catalyst. Midlife is the impetus that allows the Phoenix to rise and the Midlife woman to blossom while … Continue Reading

I Dare You! Moxie On Monday

Be prepared! This Moxie is interactive! It’s a dare. You have a role to play and report back! We are born to be unconventional. We aren’t born to squish and squeeze our expansive souls into perfect little boxes; you know, the ones society and grown-ups begin to construct for us – to mold and shape … Continue Reading

Ginger, Joshua, and a Boa. Who’s In?

You may be thinking, what on earth is CGO doing in the middle of a desert with a sequin gown and a boa? I’m with ya! Remember when you were a little girl? You may have loved to play dress up. Or, perhaps, you loved coloring books and didn’t worry about coloring outside the lines. … Continue Reading

Be Your Selves – Moxie On Monday

Did you know within you lies a collective of all parts of you – all aspects of the life you have lived and the life you have yet to live? Did you also know that the only time you can ignite the potential of your future self is by immersing yourself in the present moment … Continue Reading

WTF is Functional Fashion? It’s Fierce, That’s What!

There’s always been a debate about what’s more of a priority: form or function? And I’ve always been a sucker for form and beautiful aesthetics. I would choose form over function any day. I’m so glad I no longer have to make that choice! Neither do you! The Wardrobe Revolution has arrived and it’s all … Continue Reading

Human Spirit Has No Age – Moxie On Monday

Did you know when you judge someone, including yourself, you immediately separate from that person? Judgment is the opposite of connection. Recently, I met a very special woman. Her name is Erin Gemma. It was during an equine therapy weekend retreat with my daughter. The retreat was centered around the intention of connection and reconnection. … Continue Reading