We All Need a Sister We Can Lean On – Moxie On Monday

  There are moments when I just don’t want to do what I do anymore.  It’s draining. I desire to make a difference, a meaningful difference in this crazy world, but I’m tired of feeling like I’m failing. One of those moments took place this weekend. I’m almost embarrassed to share yet feel called to … Continue Reading

We Are Awake to Racism. We Must Never Go Back to Sleep. – Capturing Grace

I’ve been struggling this past week along with all of you. At times, I’ve been overwhelmed by emotions. Other times, just horrified, in shock. This past week has woken us up to many realities: the reality of racism, the reality of white privilege, and the reality of what it means to live as a black … Continue Reading

Searching My Heart Amidst Racism – Moxie On Monday

I’m a child of the 60’s. Too young to remember the protests. I was raised in the suburbs of Chicago. Carefully cocooned from reality. My charming town began as a village. Peaceful. Quiet. Idyllic. On the shores of Lake Michigan. Mostly white. I knew little of the inner city. My Father knew it well. He … Continue Reading

June’s North Node Horoscope Readings! Eclipse and Transformation

Summer is finally here! It’s divine timing with this month’s extra special North Node Horoscopes from Master Astrologer, Laura Bruno. June’s North Node Horoscopes arrive in the midst of cosmic synchronicity with a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on June 5th, followed by a Cancer New Moon Solar Eclipse on June 21st, just one day after … Continue Reading

The Little Change For a Big Boost in Self Confidence! – Moxie On Monday

Why is it that self deprecation comes so easily for most women? It’s almost like a rite of passage from youth into adolescence and beyond – an unconscious cultural agreement that’s silently passed down from one generation to the next. Why is it that self deprecation feels natural while self confidence remains far more elusive? … Continue Reading

A Tale of Two Selves – Moxie On Monday

Midlife. A Tale of Two “Selves.” One Real. One False. One with a Purpose to be fulfilled. One whose time has passed. A time of goodbyes. A parting of the ways. Goodbye to the Self that no longer serves us. Welcoming the Real Self that’s been there all along. We carry two separate selves within. … Continue Reading

When Mean Girls Attack! – Moxie On Monday

Mean girls. We all know them. Most of us don’t want to be them. How do we deal with them? The thing about mean girls is, if they don’t wake up – take a good hard look in the mirror – they grow up to become mean women. It was Sunday morning. The sun was … Continue Reading

Style Your World with Savvi!

My Dad was an entrepreneur – a savvy entrepreneur! I suppose, looking back, I’ve always had that entrepreneurial spirit in me. I didn’t want “to work for the man!” I’d much rather work for myself – as Frank said it best, and “do things my way.” Fast forward five decades and that entrepreneurial spirit is … Continue Reading

Mother Earth: Do You Feel What I Feel? – Moxie On Monday

You can feel it too, can’t you? We are witnessing the ultimate paradox unfolding before our very eyes. Our beautiful Mother Earth is finally being allowed to pause, to exhale, to heal while humans are suffering and succumbing to illness in massive numbers around the globe. The question that arises for me, and perhaps you … Continue Reading

Kicking Ass to Music: Your May North Node Horoscope

Life’s a choice: To have our ass kicked or to go out there and kick some ass! How would you like some help with kicking some ass … and do it to music?! That’s right! This month’s May North Node Horoscopes will get you on the ass kicking track with your very own soundtrack to … Continue Reading