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"The Midlife crisis is someone else's fantasy. MODLife is what you create every day to celebrate who you are ... at any age. ”

The straight A student over achiever in me would be horrified at using such an undignified and crass word as “ain’t” if she weren’t equally horrified by the connotation of midlife as a crisis.

Honey, don’t you worry, as I promise “Midlife Ain’t No Crisis!”

That is, unless you choose to view the word “crisis” in the more enlightened Eastern perspective where crisis equals opportunity! And, yes, my dear Fierce Sisters (and you brave bold men) – that it is – one gigantic opportunity!

So, why am I delving into the whole Midlife Crisis conversation? Let me digress for a moment. My dearest friend in the world, Jodie Filogomo, and I spent an ungodly amount of time on social media last November. It was an experiment of sorts to understand the various social media platforms including TikTok and YouTube. I have to admit that what I learned in my month long foray on TikTok was mind blowing. I learned more on that platform in one month than I have in 7 years on Instagram and Facebook!

One of the biggest things I learned was how all these platforms are now operating as SEO or search engines. What does that have to do with a Midlife Crisis? Well, take one moment to pop in the word Midlife to any search engine and you’ll find an endless array of connections to Midlife being a CRISIS! What?!?!

And, we wonder how Midlife became a dirty four letter word.

Well, it’s 2023, and it’s time to bring Midlife out of the dark ages. That’s where MODLife comes in!

Sayonara Midlife! Hello MODLife! Welcome to a Modern Midlife, one where crisis hit the road and opportunity takes it’s place.

These years at Midlife & Beyond are juicy, delicious, delectable and damn awesome … if you let them be … and, if you believe them to be. After all, mindset – our thoughts, beliefs and attitudes – determine our perception. And, our perception of aging impacts how we age.

When I see 20 year olds on TikTok plumping their lips and their faces with fillers and freezing their expressions with Botox, there’s something nutty going on. What we know from research is that a fear of aging takes 7 years off our life! What I’m seeing is a ginormous fear of showing signs of aging!

I’ll let you in on a little secret. Aging is normal. Wrinkles are normal. Smile lines mean you’ve smiled a lot. You can see why Midlife has a bad rap. I’m here to transform Midlife into MODLife and help you to age proudly, boldly, fiercely while disrupting the heck out of the aging process so you can live as long and as well as possible! That doesn’t mean we don’t take care of our skin or get some help here and there! Heck, I wouldn’t go a day without my Herbal Face Food! (“CATHERINEGRACEO20” for 20% off and feel free to DM or email me for my thoughts on how incredible it is!) But the goal isn’t to make you 80 and wrinkle free. It’s so you can be 80 and healthy and vibrant and feeling oh so lucky to be alive!

So, Goodbye Midlife! Hello MODLife! Sayonara to the Crisis and Welcome to the Opportunity!

Stay tuned as I plan to share everything that’s helped me to transform my life both inside out and outside in and to still get carded at 61! My greatest secret is in Energy. Yes, Age Is Energy! And I can help you fine tune and fire that up too, like the fabulous fierce Phoenixes that you are!

Are you with me?

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You go girl!! We need to show how aging is the greatest thing ever. Who decided that wrinkles are bad in the first place??

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