Back and Forth Into the Future – Moxie On Monday

  Breathe in. Breathe out. Contraction.  Expansion.  Forward. Backward. Have you ever thought about how we come into this world? We arrive through a process of contraction and expansion.  This got me thinking – thinking about life – the game of life. About what it means to live our best life. About what it means … Continue Reading

True Colors: Your Fierce Feb North Node Readings

Did you know that inside of you lies a colorful world filled with the most beautiful, undiscovered treasures? Treasures that are more valuable than the finest gems on the planet! Ah, but treasure chests are, by their very nature, hard to find! How would you like a treasure map: a map that will guide you … Continue Reading

Celebrating Forever Fierce Day: New Show and Giveaway!

Who would have believed that when this all started, Forever Fierce and its mission to celebrate women at Midlife & Beyond would be entering into its 4th year?! Dreams have power and women in their second and third acts have a whole lotta willpower to take those dreams and shape them into a new reality! … Continue Reading

The Present Moment is Your Heaven On Earth – Moxie On Monday

Is there such a thing as Heaven on Earth? I wasn’t so sure. Until Midlife. Until I smelled the roses. I was watching an interview the other day. It was with Jennifer Aniston. I’m a fan girl. OK – HUGE Fan Girl! It’s hard to believe she just turned 51. She was sharing an experience … Continue Reading

A Valentine’s Confession – I Didn’t Have Moxie

It’s time to come clean. I’ve been lying to y’all!!! I told you I had Moxie. Ok, I didn’t have Moxie. Not this kind of Moxie. But, I do now!!! Meet Moxie! She’s my Valentine and the latest addition to the CGO family. (and follow her in IG!) It’s been so hard for me to … Continue Reading

Fierce Friendship and Valentine’s Fun

You know those women in life, the women who let you be you, those friends that are like the most beautiful Kismet, friendships created through the heart and linked through the soul? Those friendships are few and far between. I am blessed to have a few of those kind of friendships, friends who are far … Continue Reading

My Name is Catherine Grace – Moxie On Monday

Freedom. Finally free. Feeling free. Free to be me. I am Catherine Grace O’Connell. Me. A name I call myself. Not my birth name, A name that I have chosen, My new name, LEGALLY! My divorce was finally over in 2009. I believed I was free. I had a lot to learn about freedom. I … Continue Reading

Finding the Perfect One Piece Swimsuit – And a Billabong Challenge!

Why is it that shopping for swimsuits seems to be one of those things that tends to go on the back burner? It’s been a long time for me since I shopped for a suit. I hadn’t been feeling my best last year between menopause and lack of time for some well needed Self care. … Continue Reading

Let’s Get Past the Past – Moxie On Monday

The Past. What is it? We can’t see it. We can’t feel it. We can’t touch it. Yet, we can hold it. And, it can hold us, For a long time. We tend to carry it with us from the past into the present. The past is nothing but a memory. A memory with a … Continue Reading

Slow is the New Strong – Moxie On Monday

What if slow is the new strong? Just like Fierce is the new Kind. I was taking a yoga class the other day. After two weeks off the mat and flat on my back in bed from the flu, I couldn’t wait to return to my practice. 6 days in a row back on the … Continue Reading