A Tale of Two Selves – Moxie On Monday

Midlife. A Tale of Two “Selves.” One Real. One False. One with a Purpose to be fulfilled. One whose time has passed. A time of goodbyes. A parting of the ways. Goodbye to the Self that no longer serves us. Welcoming the Real Self that’s been there all along. We carry two separate selves within. … Continue Reading

When Mean Girls Attack! – Moxie On Monday

Mean girls. We all know them. Most of us don’t want to be them. How do we deal with them? The thing about mean girls is, if they don’t wake up – take a good hard look in the mirror – they grow up to become mean women. It was Sunday morning. The sun was … Continue Reading

Style Your World with Savvi!

My Dad was an entrepreneur – a savvy entrepreneur! I suppose, looking back, I’ve always had that entrepreneurial spirit in me. I didn’t want “to work for the man!” I’d much rather work for myself – as Frank said it best, and “do things my way.” Fast forward five decades and that entrepreneurial spirit is … Continue Reading

Mother Earth: Do You Feel What I Feel? – Moxie On Monday

You can feel it too, can’t you? We are witnessing the ultimate paradox unfolding before our very eyes. Our beautiful Mother Earth is finally being allowed to pause, to exhale, to heal while humans are suffering and succumbing to illness in massive numbers around the globe. The question that arises for me, and perhaps you … Continue Reading

Kicking Ass to Music: Your May North Node Horoscope

Life’s a choice: To have our ass kicked or to go out there and kick some ass! How would you like some help with kicking some ass … and do it to music?! That’s right! This month’s May North Node Horoscopes will get you on the ass kicking track with your very own soundtrack to … Continue Reading

To Sleep, Perchance to Dream – Moxie On Monday

Sleep has eluded me for much of life … that was, until now … until I tumbled off the proverbial treadmill I’ve been on, going a million miles a minute, into a new life at a much slower pace during quarantine and social isolation.  I was born an insomniac or, more truthfully, into an environment … Continue Reading

My Frank Choice: Flexible Fashion for the Future

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a fashion post- actually any post at all other than for pure inspiration and upliftment during our time in this modern quarantine.  As we began our global time out, I also placed a time out on any and all sponsored posts along with fashion posts. From what I was … Continue Reading

Convergence – Moxie On Monday

  I’ve been attracted to the mystical for some time – decades really – to those unseen forces, the ones we can’t see with our eyes yet we can feel with our heart.  It felt more real to me than anything I could see or touch. My first foray into the spiritual path was during … Continue Reading

My Shocking Choices for Binge Worthy Shows!

You are stranded on a deserted isle with an iPad and solar battery that will only hold 8 shows … WAIT! It doesn’t need to start like that anymore! COVID-19 has us locked down in our homes so let’s entertain ourselves with CGO’s Top Binge Worthy Shows! I’ll let you in on a secret. I … Continue Reading

Sheri Salata – Be the Star of Your Own Life!

A budding talk show host doesn’t often get big chances. But what if you get to interview the former Executive Producer of the Oprah Winfrey Show and the President of both Harpo Studios and the OWN Network? You take it! Sheri Salata may be the author of the fabulous bestseller The Beautiful No, but for … Continue Reading