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"If you become aware of your automatic habits and you are conscious of your unconscious behaviors so you can not go unconscious again, then you are changing.”

I remember when I first discovered Wayne Dyer’s teachings. It was like a lightning bolt from the heavens speaking truth. Real truth. Divine truth. Universal truth.

Not your truth or my truth.

Just truth.

Just the facts, ma’am.

Wayne Dyer and, ultimately, the spiritual path began changing everything for me. Spiritual teachings helped me transform my life from the inside out.

Having traveled down this road over three decades, I continue to stumble upon new teachers. Teachers who blow my mind and my world wide open.

Two teachers who have rocked my world are Gregg Braden and Dr. Joe Dispenza. They often teach and travel the world together. Their methodologies are vastly different: Gregg is a longtime scientist who began delving into the spiritual teachings later in his career while Dr. Dispenza was more of an ordinary human who learned  to tap into extraordinary superhuman powers. He was so astonished by what he learned, he began to test everything he discovered through a scientific lens.

Where these two connect is on the power of the mind, as well as on our thoughts, behaviors, and patterns.

The life you’re leading today is a culmination of your thoughts which lead to your behaviors which become your patterns and ultimately, your life.

Many of us want our lives to change. We just don’t know HOW.

We tend to get stuck in the how.

We become overwhelmed.

We don’t know where to begin.

I get it. I’ve been there. I still get stuck in certain areas of my life.

Change is always easier in some areas than others.

I’ve been fascinated by what I’m learning from these two phenomenal teachers. To truly change your life, you must break the pattern of being yourself.

Where you are today is the result of habitual thinking leading to habitual habits that lead to habitual patterns that lead to … well … YOU! 

As Einstein taught us: “The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.”

That was also the essence of Wayne Dyer’s teachings.

If you want your life to change, you must begin with your thoughts. The key lies in learning to consciously disrupt habitual thought patterns.

Now, you might be thinking, well how do I do that? Where do I begin? What thoughts do I begin with?

Davidji teaches us that we have 50,000 to 80,000 thoughts a day.

That’s a lot of thoughts!

But let’s break that down. These aren’t single thoughts. These are connected thoughts. These are patterns of thoughts. Most of these thoughts are habitual thoughts.

Most thoughts begin with a certain stream of thinking and they go from there.

Let’s take a real world example. Let’s say you struggle with weight loss. You wake up in the morning and you get on the scale. You find that you gained 2 pounds this week. Now, the thoughts begin. It goes something like this:

Ugh. I’m so fat. I did it again. I’m lazy. Why can’t I be like so and so. She has it all together. She’s so thin.

Now, you go into the kitchen to make breakfast. You want to eat something healthy but today you’re tired and feeling down from gaining weight, so you grab a bagel and smear it with gobs of butter and jelly. Now, you begin beating yourself up. The negative talk begins and keeps on going throughout the day … and the next day and the next day. And, down you go, slip sliding away.

Can you see how easy it is to keep living Groundhog Day over and over again?

Want the good news?

The good news is that you don’t have to tackle all your thoughts. This isn’t a linear process.

You only have to tackle the root thought. The first thought. You know, the one that takes you down the rabbit hole!

Now, you’re saying, well how do I do that?

Dr Dispenza has an entire book with all kinds of incredible information on how to break the habit of being yourself. I highly recommend his book and his work. And, Gregg Braden has some of the most insightful videos on YouTube that also explain the process and the science behind it. 

Now for the HOW. Here is the exact process I used to break my own negative thought cycle that saved my life from Lyme disease.

  1. The moment you wake up (after RPM – rise, pee, meditate) – be sure to meditate to set your brain and your thoughts on a positive note.
  2. Set an intention for the day on how you want to feel. Keep everything positive.
  3. Remember that your future self is created in the present moment. Your thoughts NOW are creating the future YOU!
  4. Go to your bathroom mirror. (I do this when I’m brushing my teeth to make it a ritual or automatic habit.) Look into your eyes and tell yourself beautiful things about yourself. Things like: I love you. You are so beautiful. I see you. You are powerful. You are healthy. You are happy. And on and on.
  5. Check in: did your energy change?
  6. Now, choose a mantra to use during the day. Your mantra is the key to breaking negative thought patterns. I use, OM NAMAH SHIVAYA. It means, “I am consciousness.” Every time I have a negative thought, I say this mantra to disrupt the thought pattern. Choose any mantra or positive affirmation and commit to using this every time you have a negative thought throughout the day.

Now, know that you will mess up. You’re going to get caught in negative thought patterns and that’s ok.  It’s called being human. Just begin again until it becomes a natural, automatic subconscious program where you don’t have to remember to consciously do it. It will start to happen all by itself if you keep on practicing. Remember, it’s so important not to beat yourself up if you slip up. You’re going to slip up. As kooky humans, we are wired to think negatively. Just pick yourself up and dust yourself off and do it again and again and again. Do it until you see your life and your thoughts beginning to change.

What’s really important is to begin tackling one area of your life at a time. For me, it was my health. Now, I’m working on other areas of my life.

Breaking the pattern of being yourself takes time. It’s simple but not easy. It’s done by simply changing one thought at a time – or, one root thought leading to a stream of automatic thoughts. Remember, it’s taken a lifetime to create the you that’s you today. The good news is that it doesn’t take a lifetime to undo YOU. It just takes patience and practice.

If I can do it, anyone can!

All it takes is a little Moxie!

And we know you have loads of MOXIE!

Will you join me TODAY?


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You amaze me Catherine. You are so wise. You are an excellent writer. I loved reading this ♥️


That is why I love you so much, my friend. You are always so kind and supportive!

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