I Quit!

I quit. I’m done. No mas. I’m turning my back on the world of Influence. No photos please! I started this blog and my Instagram 3 years ago. I’m done being an Influencer. It’s a dirty word in a dirty world. I won’t engage in the deceit required. I won’t buy likes, buy followers, post … Continue Reading

Moxie On Monday – The Mirror

  It was Thursday morning. Last week. I woke up after a night tossing and turning. The evening before, I returned home after experiencing my very first laser treatment. Or laser treatments. Lots of them. I had 4 lasers combined with lots of needles pricked all over my face. I’m a virgin at all of … Continue Reading

Three Sisters, Three Brands!

Right on the heels Forever Fierce Day Celebration and an entire month dedicated to women at Midlife & Beyond, let’s spotlight three brands with three Fierce sisters at the helm: Jaclyn Jones – The Founder of Jaclyn Jones USA, Will Leather Goods – with my dear friend, Shannon Gunderson, the new General Manager and Miriam … Continue Reading

Moxie on Monday: Belonging

Belonging. It truly matters. Feeling we belong. Feeling connected. A Tribe who understands you. That’s the essence of Fierce. Belonging. Yesterday was a day of celebration, connection, friendship…Sisterhood. Women coming together. Women lifting women. We were talking about how Forever Fierce has changed us. How it’s made us better, fiercer, stronger, kinder when Angie Weihs, … Continue Reading

Moxie on Monday: How the Light Gets In

We were sitting in my home studio filming a talk show. Michel Pascal is a Modern Master in Midlife. He’s a Transformational Meditation Teacher. He lived in a Buddhist Monastery, authored 20 books, including one with the Dalai Lama. He’s deeply spiritual, blissfully content, fully immersed in the present moment. His peace is palpable. I asked … Continue Reading

Moxie on Monday: A Modern Midlife

I spent the weekend with my daughter. We were busy creating lively vision boards…talking about our dreams…big dreams…manifesting and setting intentions. We were also talking about Midlife. A new Midlife. A Modern Midlife. The conversation took an interesting turn as we began to talk about a shift taking place. The shift happening on the inside … Continue Reading

Forever Fierce Month – A Midlife Celebration!

The Evolution of the Revolution It was December of 2016. I was sprawled in yoga class following savasana when inspiration hit like a tornado! The message was crystal clear. On the 50th day of the year, bring together 50 women over the age of 50, to celebrate together and to create a collaborative, supportive community. … Continue Reading

Moxie on Monday – Grandma Can Wait

It was Sunday. We were sitting on the sofa immersed in conversation. Lana of My New Happy was in town for a visit. We were talking about Midlife Reinvention. Not long ago, we were mothers raising our kids. Being a Mother was our whole identity. Empty nests rocked our worlds. In our mother’s generation … … Continue Reading

My Alter Ego,My Phoenix Rising – Capturing Grace

Catherine McCormick left her body on 11/11/14, to create space for the birth of Catherine Grace O’Connell and ultimately the rise of CatherineGraceO, my alter ego, a woman I’m just getting to know a little more every day. She is my Phoenix Rising, buried deeply under layers of pain, trauma, wounds – but most of … Continue Reading

Moxie on Monday – Hiding No More

  I remember my 20’s. Some of it wonderful. Some of it painful. Anorexia. Bulimia. No one noticed. No one seemed to care. The familiar demons, the voices of my childhood, my teens…the “never enough’s”…ensuring I knew everything that was wrong with me…not what was right with me. The waves of self-hatred rising up… smacked … Continue Reading