The Cyndee Special: How I Found the Greatest Deal on Skin Rejuvenation in LA

It’s time to head back to Pier Medical Aesthetics with Dr. Doug Mest and Cyndee Spear, RN to continue my quest to turn back the clock with one of the most effective procedures in skin rejuvenation, “The Cyndee Special.” This is, hands down, the best thing I’ve ever done for my skin! I hope you’ll … Continue Reading

A Decision To Be Well: Moxie On Monday

It’s Lyme Disease Awareness Month. Today’s Moxie on Monday is dedicated to Lyme warriors all over the world and to anyone struggling with a chronic illness. Lyme is a bitch. But this post really isn’t about Lyme. It’s about choice. In 2014, Lyme Disease was my personal question of Life … or Death? Moxie was … Continue Reading

Going Out to Joshua Tree to Go In!

When I was a young girl, we’d pack 5 children, 2 parents, and a large German Shepard into a broken down wood-paneled station wagon piled with suitcases on top and traipse across the country to visit national parks. Think Brady Bunch meets Beverly Hillbillies. I was much too young to understand the allure of Mother … Continue Reading

You Don’t Have To … You GET To! Moxie On Monday

  What’s the easiest way to begin your mornings with Moxie? By becoming aware of the power of your words. Do your mornings begin with a litany of “I have to’s?” I have to get up. I have to go to work. I have to get the kids to school. I have to work out. … Continue Reading

Sixty Years of Fierce! Happy Birthday Loretta!

Today is a very special birthday blog post in honor of a very special person, Loretta Sayers – formerly known as “Countdown to 60.” The countdown officially ends today as the Forever Fierce Community celebrates 60 years of Loretta as she reinvents herself as the Introspective Adventurer! I feel as if I’ve known Loretta forever. … Continue Reading

Mind Wellness at Midlife: Moxie On Monday

May is Mental Health Awareness Month. Depression has been an insidious part of my life that can take hold when I am unaware. Moxie is my way out. I’m not an expert on mental health. I’m an expert on “Mind Wellness” … at least in my mind! It wasn’t long ago I found myself not … Continue Reading

Crushing It at Midlife: Rivahil Winery

Remember that famous episode of “I Love Lucy” stomping grapes? Today, I’m taking you behind the scenes on a wine adventure to Los Olivos, CA and Rivahil Winery to share in my Lucy moment. Let me introduce you to a gentleman who’s crushing it at Midlife! While perusing Facebook last summer, and in hopes of … Continue Reading

Midlife Is A F**king Superpower – Moxie On Monday

  What if Midlife is our greatest superpower? What if we began to view each passing year as a gift? The gift of life, the gift of wisdom, the gift of experience, the gift that allows us to view life from an entirely new vantage point? Hindsight allows for insight. The longer the life, the … Continue Reading

Finding Gold at Midlife

Gold is the perfect metaphor for Midlife. Gold is buried treasure that’s difficult to come by and hard-won when it’s found. It’s forged in the deepest fires and its impurities have been burned away. Within every single Midlife & Beyond woman lies an inner world filled with treasure, much of it lying unseen until she … Continue Reading

The Power of Now – Moxie On Monday

I’ll never forget the first time I met Davidji. I was in Whistler, Canada for a Deepak Chopra retreat. I thought I was going for Deepak. I quickly learned I was there for “Ji.” Ji is cool. Ji is a rockstar in the world of meditation and beyond. Ji is the essence of Moxie. Ji … Continue Reading