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"In every moment of life, you have a choice to add to the chaos or to the coherence of the universe. You can choose love or fear. One heals. One harms. What do you choose?”

We live in a world of polarity. 


Polarity breeds chaos by its very nature.


When there is a refusal to compromise and polarity rules, war is almost always the result.


Right versus wrong. 


Dark versus light. 


Fear versus love. 


Red versus Blue.


Blonde versus Brunette.


Levity aside … a real war is raging and innocent people are being killed and harmed, and it’s so easy to get pulled into the fear and darkness. 


I’m sensitive and an empath like many of you. 


I’ll admit my heart’s been hurting as I feel helpless and hopeless watching the devastation in UKRAINE.


I’m also deeply inspired watching people come together, uniting through their hearts to fight the good fight for democracy. 


I came across a video the other day. I’m a huge fan of Gregg Braden. Just before Covid hit, I was at a 3 day event where Gregg was one of the featured speakers. He’s a scientist first and foremost. His inspirational teachings are always grounded in solid science. 


I was in search of practical ways to keep myself centered and out of fear, anger and judgment while watching the events across the world in UKRAINE. 


Maybe you are too. 


I wanted to share Gregg’s video and message with you along with some powerful tips I’m using on a daily basis to do my best to manage my emotions during this difficult time. Most of all, to ensure I’m not feeding the chaos but rather feeding the light or the coherence. 



In the video, Gregg shares his work with HeartMath, a wonderful organization with an entire mission devoted to educating us on the power of heart coherence. 


There’s a lot of chaos in the world right now. 


It’s so easy for to be pulled into it. 


It’s much harder to stay in the middle lane – the space between right and wrong Rumi talks about – the field where heart coherence and love exist. 


The place where compromise is possible.


Judgment keeps us stuck. 


Our beautiful hearts hold the key to our freedom. 


I’ve been using HeartMath for many years. Their techniques are simple and highly effective. 


The HeartMath tools allow us to see our hearts going into coherence in real time. 


Their tools show us whether we are adding to the chaos or the coherence. 


What the world needs now isn’t more chaos. 


It’s more love. More coherence. 


The essence of the HeartMath method is the “Heart Lock In” Technique. Here is how I do it:


  1. Find a quiet place and get comfortable. 
  2. Take a couple of long slow deep breaths and let your eyes gently float closed. 
  3. Place your hand on your heart. 
  4. Breathe in and out of your heart space. 
  5. Now, picture a time or a memory that brings up feelings of love, joy or happiness. Allow the love to wash over you and to fill your heart. 
  6. Breathe in and out through your heart as you “lock in” this memory. 
  7. Continue to breathe through your heart while your heart enters coherence. 
  8. When you’re ready, open your eyes and carry this feeling with you throughout the day. 


That’s it, Beauties. 


Easy Peasy. 


Chaos or Coherence. 


Fear or Love. 


Changing the world begins by changing ourselves.

Inner wars lead to outer wars.

Inner peace leads to world peace. 


What I know for sure is HeartMath works. 


Sure, you can invest in their books or biofeedback devices. But, you don’t need to. Their website has lots of free information to keep your beautiful heart beating with healthy coherence. And, no, I don’t receive compensation from HeartMath. It’s what I love. I’ve experienced the brilliance of these simple yet powerful techniques. 


You can find more information here:

Life is really simple. It’s us humans that make it all kooky and chaotic. 


But we don’t have to. 


We can simply choose love. We can choose to breathe through our hearts and heal ourselves and our world together. 


We don’t have to let one tin soldier ride away.

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Love the add on of the Tin Soldier song – so cool.


Thank you sister!

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