Going to a Go-Go

“Sometimes you have to go crazy to be sane.” – Chef Katie Chin

Midlife gets a bad rap.

Oftentimes, Midlife and Crisis go hand in hand.

But, what if going crazy is the best way to become sane?

In the Eastern philosophy, crisis means opportunity.

I was preparing for a new season of the podcast. I was spending time listening to some interviews with my guest, Chef Katie Chin.

Katie was talking about a time in her life when she was a high powered entertainment executive.

By day, she was a stressed out, super busy corporate VP.

By night, she was a GoGo Dancer in a gay men’s bar.

Crisis or Opportunity?

Just plain crazy.


Crazy to Become Sane.

I’ve gone through lots of crazy times in my life.

What I’ve discovered is that those crazy times can help us to become more sane.

Or, more truthfully, what appears to be crazy – or others may judge as crazy – is simply a natural part of the process of being sane.

Tapping into our crazy, zany side – the part of us that doesn’t need to conform, the right brained creative part of ourselves, is actually a gateway – direct portal to our authentic self.

As humans, we’re born unconditioned.

We’re born with our “wild” intact and alive.

Overtime, we learn to conform and tone down our wild side.

We squish and squeeze it down.

And, then, we hit Midlife, and all those squished squashed parts of ourselves naturally arise.

Our natural inner wild may look a little crazy to others.

We begin to let our hair down and our inner crazy to break free.

What looks like a Midlife crisis isn’t a crisis at all.

It’s simply an opportunity to let loose, to tap into our inner wild child and to let her free.

It’s going a little crazy to be a lot more sane – to be a lighter, brighter human.

Cheers Beauties! Here’s to Midlife and to going a little bit crazy together.

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Awesome! Thank you, Catherine!!


Thank you sister!

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