Sitting Pretty

"When we’re young, we look to others to love us. When we reach Midlife, we look within. We learn to love ourselves - as the love was right there waiting for us all along.”

Self Love.

We’re born with it.

Oodles & oodles of love.

Over time …

We learn to look to others to love us.

We look to our parents.

We look to our teachers.

We look to our friends.

We look everywhere but inside of ourselves.

Later on in life, many of us become mothers.

We love our children to bits.

We forget the most important love of all is to love ourselves.

And then, we wake up at Midlife, wondering what happened to us.

Where did we go?

Well, we were right there all along.

The real us – the Authentic part of ourselves was simply squished and squeezed down, compacted so tightly in the shadows, we thought we lost ourselves completely.

We can never lose who we truly are.

From that point on, we begin to love ourselves back to life.

We begin the journey home.

They say that home is where the heart is.

On this Valentine’s Day, my wish for you is in coming home – coming home to your big, beautiful heart – the one that’s overflowing with love for you – that’s been right there waiting for you to return all along.

Cheers Beauties. Happy Valentines Day & Welcome Home.

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You always know how to speak from the heart!!


I do try, sister! Thank you, always!

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