"Everyone gets stuck. It’s the great among us who religiously practice getting unstuck.”

It’s 3am.

My alarm just went off.

I’m on my way to LA for a wee bit of kitty sitting and spending time with a few close friends.

If you read last week’s Moxie, you’ll know that my girl recently landed a huge role. She’s been acting for 27 years. Yup, from the cradle to the stage.

Acting isn’t an easy career. The hardest part my girl would tell me is the constant rejection. It’s not so much the rejection itself that drives you crazy but not knowing why you’re rejected.

A few months ago, Maddie decided it was time to shake things up – to change the energy around her career. She was with a big time manager at the time. A manager with a roster filled with A list clients.

She did her homework. She always does. She had a friend who was with a manager who was far less well known. She didn’t have a never-ending roster of Hollywood stars. What this manager did have was gumption. And gusto. And Moxie. Loads of Moxie.

Maddie listened to her gut. She decided to leap.

She said sayonara to the big-time manager and hopped on over to the teeny tiny firm.

Almost immediately, things began to change. Everything began to change. The new energy was palpable. Maddie was elated. Invigorated. Before she knew it, she was landing huge auditions. And she was landing roles. Big time acting gigs, including the lead in a series.

This made me think.

How often do we stay in situations that don’t feel right? How many times has the shiny packaging dazzled me, forgetting about what’s on the inside? How many times have I been afraid to take the leap – to leave the safety of the known for the scary uncertainties of the unknown? How often have I trusted a big name, a fancy schmancy something or someone over a smaller, little known someone with loads of Moxie?

I may be 61 but I’m never done learning.

All that glitters isn’t gold … and all that is gold does not glitter.

Screw the shiny packaging.

My girl and I have had a lot of conversations over the years about energy – how energy works and how to change our energy to change our lives.

How to change a life from the inside out.

Maddie did just that.

She’s in heaven.

Heaven on earth at the moment, which happens to be Atlanta and why I’m kitty sitting!

Most of us get stuck. I know I have. Way too many times. We get stuck in relationships even when we know they’re not good for us. We get stuck in marriages long after we know it’s time to leave. We get stuck in jobs and careers we don’t love. We can get stuck in just about anything.

Because …

Life is sticky.

It takes a whole lotta Moxie to get unstuck.

Changing your life takes courage.

It also takes energy.

The thing is that once you get unstuck, once you summon up all that energy inside of you and take the leap, life gets behind you – the universe moves behind you – with the wind at your back pushing you forward toward your dreams and desires.

Taking a leap allows you to find your wings.

Is there something in your life you wish to change?

If you’re stuck in something, anything, long after it’s time to go, perhaps it’s time to take that leap.

Here’s the thing about energy. And kooky humans.

Humans, kooky and all, are powerful generators.

Yes, we are human generators, capable of generating massive amounts of energy.

Stickiness drains energy. It holds us in place. You know, think George Jetson on that never-ending treadmill.

Letting go – leaping – powers us – propels us forward.

Cheers Beauties! Are you ready to take the leap into that big, beautiful unknown?

I know where I’m headed.

Onwards and upwards with the wind beneath my wings.

Kitties first though. Wish me luck!

Looking for a meditation to help you get “unstuck?” Here’s one of my fav’s from Davidji.

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Great post. I’m going to share it in one of my emails this week.
Now don’t forget we need lots of photos of the kitties,



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