The Cosmopolitan Village of Yorkville – Part I

A visit to Toronto isn’t complete without a stop in the charming enclave of Yorkville. It’s almost hard to imagine it’s original bohemian roots as the capital of Canada’s hippie counter culture, as today it’s  the epitome of cosmopolitan style. With charming streets that have a bit of the European vibe, it’s an absolute can’t … Continue Reading

The Four Seasons Toronto – Living the High Life in Yorkville

I fell in love with Canada long before ever setting foot there. My Grandmother, an Irish lassie who never left the house without her nails, lips, and eyebrows carefully done, always spoke fondly of this beautiful country. And she was right. When you arrive in Canada, the air feels different and the energy is vibrant and … Continue Reading

CGO Style

What is #CGOStyle?  First and foremost, it’s about throwing the fashion rule book out the window! To me, fashion is meant to be fun without any rules or social mores.  Fashion is creative self expression at it’s finest. The core of #CGOStyle is being comfortable in your own skin and rocking your inner beauty and confidence. It’s … Continue Reading

Venice Part II – Venice California Style

There’s so much to do and see in lovely Venice, California that it’s difficult to cover in one post. I decided to do an additional one which allows me an opportunity to share another look with you. The enclave of Venice is bustling 24/7…  always overflowing  with quite a colorful mix of people from every walk of life.   You … Continue Reading

Part I – Welcome to Venice, California

Does the idea of Venice beach in California conjure up images of hippie surfer dudes with a weed shop on every corner? Well, that’s definitely one side of Venice. If you happen to have a bit of boho in you like me, you will absolutely love the quirkiness of this beach town. With it’s quaint … Continue Reading

Pieces of Inspiration – Jewelry by Trisha Dunn

Spotting Trisha’s jewelry on a weekend getaway to the charming enclave of San Luis Capistrano, was the beginning of a fabulous collaboration with a kindred spirit. As a fashion blogger, weekends are an opportunity to venture out and find wonderful backgrounds for photo shoots. One particularly beautiful weekend this spring was spent in the town … Continue Reading

A Shoe Obsession

Ok, I admit it.  I’m a reformed handbag addict. I couldn’t walk into a store without heading straight to the accessories department and combing through the latest handbags. The handbag clearance table was a bit of a magnet that I couldn’t resist.  Over time, as my journey led me down the path of becoming a … Continue Reading

Mr Self Portrait

Rarely, does a brand come along with such an incredible array of gorgeous designs. I’m a bit of a kid in a candy store when it comes to beautiful design and Mr Self Portrait always delivers. His dresses are world renowned for their incredible intricacy in the details. Using the finest lace and weaving the … Continue Reading

The World According to Paul Andrew

One of the best parts of my new life as a fashion/lifestyle blogger is the opportunity to partner with fabulous brands and Paul Andrew is at the top of my list.  There’s nothing more exciting in the blogging world than coming home to a box filled with shoes courtesy of this fabulous designer.  Paul Andrew … Continue Reading

Lady in Red

There’s something special about the color red.  It’s daring, vibrant, and so very alive.  It’s my go to color to lift me up when life gets me down.  Red is the color of passion, love, fire, desire and heat.  It’s the color of the root chakra, representing safety and security.  It’s a color that always … Continue Reading